January 04, 2018


new year...new currently.


i'm totally wishing...i could just kick this sinus infection. the good news is i'm definitely feeling better than i was two days ago, but i just want my breathing back. and my throat. and my ear. it's all pretty painful.

kaye...pardong the blur, but this girl is just something else. she's artistic, driven and growing up way too fast right before our eyes. she's a complete joy to be around. i love it and hate it. yesterday she spent over an hour practicing cartwheels...she's desperate to stick the landing. i also think she might be in the midst of a growth spurt because she went from telling me my dinners were disgusting to cleaning her plate every night. it's been a nice change. 

sawyer...girlfriends is still suuuuch a whiiiiiiner. it's definitely her new year resolution to at least decrease her tone by...25%. really, anything is an improvement. any tips on that, let me know.

elli...my sweet baby! she'll be four months in two days. WHAT?! where did time go. that update will be on the blog next week, but in the mean time, can we just bask in all her sweetness?! 

sipping on...some glorious coffee. i love waking early to enjoy a warm cup, but lately elli has been waking at 4:30am for a little nursing session and by the time i'm done it's nearly 5am and i feel like at that point i should just wake up...right? ugh. let's just say i've been falling asleep right around 8pm. my farmer and i are living the hot life.

super jazzed for...we're headed to arizona tomorrow! my farmer's parents bought a house there last year and we have yet to go see it. (farm problems.) the cherry on top is i also have family there so we'll be visiting them as well...including my brand new baby boy second cousin three times removed on my dad's mother's uncle's brothers side. technically we're some sort of cousins. the important thing to know is he's just a few weeks old AND family is family...right?!

trying to get motivated...i've been wanting to start this new year with a bang. especially in all my post-partum glory, i need to whip my bod into shape. when you can see the cellulite through your black leggings...it's just not a great thing. but the fact that i start the new year with this damn sinus infection, it's just killing me. i guess i'll wait until we're back from our AZ vacation.

this winter...come on idaho! where is your snow?

watching...nothing. however...i'm getting super jazzed for a few shows: the man in high castle (s3), sneaky pete (s2), the handmaid's tale (s2), call the midwife (s7), victoria (s2)...the list probably goes on and on. i'll throw this question out on instagram stories, but what series are you watching and loving?

considering...a blog redesign. did you know you can find templates on etsy for like...$6. so cheap. currently my blog matches my business branding, but maybe i need to change that up? maybe i need to refresh everything? i don't know.

and lastly...

designing...did you know i haven't updated karli bell branding & design since i designed it a few years ago? that's because business has been so busy there has been exactly zero time. i've completed over 20 branding projects for small businesses since i launched my site less than two years ago. i need a fresh portfolio. i need to update my pricing list and services. i need i need i need...time. #mommingsohard

however...i did whip up a cute, little design for my gals' valentines! i'm going to take this little card, cut it out, and tie it around a little bag of popcorn. i'm going to add it as a free printable here on the blog in a couple of weeks. so...if you need a valentine for your kiddo, i have you covered!

happy happy thursday!


  1. Could your girls be any cuter?! Hope you guys have a fabulous time in Arizona! Enjoy those baby snuggles!

  2. That is such a cute tag for V-day! Going to use it too! Thanks. And oh my goodness, your girls getting so dang big!

    1. OH and I am getting over sinus stuff, not an infection, but Advil Cold and Sinus is a miracle drug...take it, you'll thank me later.

  3. Oh my gosh, Sawyer. She's a lil spitfire, that one. I cannot believe that Elli is gonna be four months already! It just seems like you announced that you were pregnant! Time flies...

  4. Oh friend, there is nothing worse than a sick mama. Praying for you!
    I think second child comes with built in whining - our little Ellie is a pro-whiner :)

  5. Love following you girls! What part of Arizona...we went to Scottsdale in October and it was amazing. I just finished watching 3 seasons of Jane the Virgin...if you haven't watched it and need something mindless with some laughs and soap opera like vibes this is your show. haha

  6. Have fun in Arizona and I hope you feel better soon!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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