April 24, 2017


and here we are. another round of monday.

i have to say, i'm pretty jazzed sunday is over. not because it was a bad sunday. in fact, it was a great sunday. the weather was absolutely amazing, i may have gotten a little sunburn on my shoulders, and girls and i spent lots of time outside.

so much in fact, i was SURE they would be exhausted for bedtime.

i grilled chicken and shrimp skewers for dinner. i baked sweet potato fries and sautéed mushrooms as delicious sides. a side of delicious strawberries rounded out dinner. and guess what...the girls gobbled it down. it was really shaping up to be a fantastic evening.

until that bedtime i was so sure was going to go so smoothly.
i say smoothly because things haven't been going smoothly. for this reason or that kaye and sawyer seem to amp up like crazy as soon as i close the door to their shared bedroom. they are definitely conspiring against my sanity.

on saturday night i had to trudge downstairs at least five times over and hour's time telling them to be quiet and stay in bed and no more talking...or screaming.

then last night...last night was a doozy. i finally lost my cool after four solid days of no yelling (remember...i'm a yeller). i had already been downstairs several times and they had been upstairs twice and you know what...it was 9 pm and i was SICK of it. their job was to stay i bed. i did my job all day and now...it was mama's night off.

so during their last round of screaming i marched downstairs and caught sawyer sprinting back to her bed with a flying leap...trying to make it back, obviously, before i caught her. and kaye certainly wasn't innocent. i'm nearly positive kaye coaxes sawyer out of bed for stuffed animal conversations or wrestling or...just whatever.

so i lost it. with two blue, wide-eyed gals staring up at me with blank, shocked faces i yelled and pleaded and explained that mommy was tired. mommy just wanted you girls to go to bed, stop talking, close your eyes. mommy doesn't want to hear any more screaming. mommy doesn't want to have to come downstairs anymore.

i left the room but stayed outside the door - and you know what i heard? i heard kaye giggle and say, "i'm lucky mommy didn't catch ME out of bed."

i burst back into the room and really lost it - NOT ANOTHER PEEP!

i proceeded to stand outside the door for an additional 20 minutes and knocked every time one of them started to whisper.

friends - i'm literally at a loss. what else do i do to get them to stop? their bed time is already 8pm...which in my opinion is late for the ages of 2 and 4. especially considering sawyer is nap-free most days AND they wake up at 7am.

and now, look at that. the girls have ruined a perfectly good monday which is supposed to be reserved for monday mamas. and i had a great one scheduled too. it's jessica from the blog formerly known as the newly. now this gorgeous gal runs her business called pearl & monroe boutique.
so get a jump start and go visit her instagram and check out all her cute clothes. you'll be spring and  summer ready in no time. then, tomorrow, i'll bring you a very special interview with jessica - all about how she's married to a surgeon in his residency, runs her business AND has three super duper darling kiddos. hello superwoman.

in the meantime...send me your bedtime sympathies, advice, or just general niceties. i'm already pep talking myself about tonight's bedtime...and just general day-survival.


  1. I wish I could help! My girls are awful and I mean awful at bedtime. As in I either have to lay with them in their bed until they are fully asleep and/or give them a melatonin to knock them out (mom of the year, I know!). This doesn't include all the tactics they use to delay bedtime to close to 9 everynight...ugh!

    On top of this, they are 5 and almost 3 and my husband thinks they should share a room -- your post just confirmed my position. They will not. Not until at a minimum they can go to sleep without cuddling at a decent time.

    I'd have yelled too. I do at least once a week.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Start a penny jar. Let the girls tell pick out something they want and explain that when their jars are full, they get the thing they picked out. Or make it a treat of your choice. Then, when the girls are good a penny goes in. Bad a penny (or more) comes out. Sometimes I would let a penny sit on the lid to see if it would go in for good behavior or out for bad. It sure didn't take long for my son to figure out that being good paid off! Good luck!!

  3. Oh friend, those nights are a killer!!! We have had so many of them, and our girls are in separate rooms so it is separate episodes! Staying firm and carrying out threats has worked for us - they are devastated the next day when they miss a play date, don't get their toys or lose a treat because of their behavior the night before! x


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