March 24, 2017


hey look! we really do have a new button. yay! no more tacky kissy-kissy. i felt like it was killing my vibe. my blogging vibe...


this week i took sawyer and kaye to their very first swimming lessons...ever. and talk about cuteness overload. i wish i had pictures, but sawyer's class is a parent-tot class so i actually have to be in the water. lame.

but let me tell you - classes where you just get to watch (like gymnastics)...way better. i'm that dumb mom with the ear to ear grin thinking to myself - did you see how much better my kid was than your kid?!

remember when i wrote about how competitive i am a few weeks ago? yeah - that has most DEFINITELY transferred over to being competitive for my children. it's a problem, but i don't think it's fixable.

but one thing i'm not competitive about is oh hey, friday! - mostly because i haven't figured out how to turn it into a competition. but anyway...

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you guys...did you see my post from monday? oh mercy...i'm absolutely loving this and i've only done one feature. 
here's what it is - basically i've been reaching out to some different stay-at-home / work-from-home moms (who are in the same boat as me). they are balancing their family duties (kids, laundry, cleaning, meals, etc.) at the same time as starting their own business!
the first monday mama feature was all about maegan from the modern tulip who also runs mimi's creamery. if you want to go have a look - you totally should! maegen is a doll and her business is delicious! 
also - if you know of someone (or you are someone) who would be a good fit for a monday mama feature, please E-MAIL me your interest!
2. new office

oh mercy, friends. i need an office space. i've been holding off on doing this mostly because we need to build a garage so i can move the furniture that's in our future office. either that, or sell it. ha. in the meantime, i really just want a small spot where i can get some of my sh*t organized, not to mention things like baby books, important family documents, appliance manuals, warranties for those know. things you have to keep but you don't want to keep but definitely need put somewhere so when you really do need can grab them. guh. and then all my work stuff and blah blah blah. 
all this to say...what do you think? everything is from cb2, so it's not super expensive, it's simple, i think it'll get the job done...without taking up too much space. hmmm...i'm so bad at this stuff.
3.  sneaky sneaky
you may have seen on instagram a few days ago a little story about kaye being sneaky.'s how that went down. on the farm our acreage spreads out over...several square miles or something like that. we have a blanket in the very back of my sequoia and when we are driving around on our farm roads looking for tractors or our farmer or just whatever the girls are welcome to roam about.

well...a few days ago sawyer was just sitting in her seat, but kaye was being awfully quiet. i called back to her, "what are you doing back there?" because i couldn't see her. and she sat up and said, "i'm just laying down on the blanket."

a few minutes later we parked, got out, and started kicking a ball around. naturally i wanted to snag a picture of kaye holding the pink ball in her pink boots. well, after snapping those pictures i showed them to kaye and noticed chocolate on her breath. it was then that i asked her, "where did you get chocolate?"

she was FLOORED that i knew she had been eating chocolate. she found a random bag of m&m's in the back of the car and was sneakily eating them when she was "laying down" on the blanket.

now, i don't love that she was eating chocolate before lunch...but what i REALLY don't love is that she was being sneaky. not cool. it's like a gateway to bigger and bigger lies. i'm going to need to pull out some super-mom parenting / ninja / jedi mind-tricks to somehow help her realize it's okay to eat chocolate, it's okay if i say no she can't have any chocolate, but it's not okay to be sneaky...please please please don't be sneaky.

4. obligatory sister picture
you know...because they are playing together in front of a green field and they look so darn cute.
5. outlander

i know i've talked about this way way too much, but come on. so...they outlander series itself has eight books. and each book is insanely long. but...after some intense dedication...i've finished all of them. and now i'm depressed about it. like...really torn up. the good news...the author is writing a ninth book. the bad won't be out until late 2017 - i'm speculating. the meantime...if anyone has some seriously good books to recommend please send them my way!

happiest weekend! i hope you all have all sorts of wonderful plans! (or maybe just a lot of relaxing!)

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  1. I love the idea of Monday Mama! Maegan's business looks so yummy!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. Goodness the chocolate eating was a little sneaky. It's a little funny, but then again, I don't have a kid to worry about haha. I'm sure that you knowing that she ate it will keep her in check for a while. You should have said you know because Mom's just know everything hehe.

    - Claudia

  3. Meagan's business looks so yummy! Also, I love the idea of Monday Mama! I am excited to see who you will feature. Have a wonderful Friday!

  4. I actually bought my chair and desk from Target!

  5. I'm the same way when I finish a series of books or a tv show - it's like I've lost my friends. How will I know what happens to them now?! :(

    And I've also done the parent/toddler swim lesson. I'm not a fan. It's hard enough getting a toddler ready for the pool - I don't want to have to worry about getting myself ready too. Especially in the winter, when I' things go...if you know what I mean. #wheresmyrazor

  6. Oh man, my little one can be sneaky sometimes too... She gets this look, and I just know.

  7. You might want to check out Booktube for book recommendations. I linked my channel and one of my recent videos where I showed some of the books I just acquired. You might see something you like and if you want to chat about one of them, just let me know.

  8. Mmm I crave sweets every time I see her snaps! Love the sister pic and hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

  9. Love the new feature for working mamas! Last holiday, we put SJ to bed and heard her making a noice - when we walked in, she had hid something under the blanket - a packet of gummy sweets!!! And she had taken them from on top of the cupboard and then hidden them the night before and eaten the whole packet! We were horrified! x


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