March 02, 2017


my farmer and i often tease each other about our strength in the gene pools we come from.

he always insists his gene pool is much stronger than mine because, as he says, "just look at me." then he'll usually flex and say something about how much taller he is. well duh...i mean...i'm a 5'5" girl - which is actually above average. but yes farmer, you're substantially taller than me.

then i say something about how i never get sick, i don't have glasses, and i never had to have braces. see...totally a superior gene pool. i mean...i must come from some seriously good stock.

(amendment - i recently got my first pair of glasses AND i had adult braces a few years ago, so those arguments are null and void now...)

we even went so far as to discuss our more recent ancestors.

my farmer - his grandpa and grandma come from a large city in the midwest. his grandma owned a dress shop and his grandpa dabbled in many different professions including, but not limited to - insurance agent, restaurant owner, still photography, interior decorating...the list goes on.

so see - city folk. my farmer isn't the rough and tumble, dirty-hands, salt of the earth guy you might think. well, he is...but he's more or less a first-generation farmer. i mean...he grew up helping on other people's farms in his small town. but farming isn't something that's been handed down and handed down and handed down in his family.

me on the other great grandparents were farmers! here in idaho! wouldn't you know it. and more than likely my great great grandparents were farmers in ireland or something. i should probably research that. great grandparents had four daughters in the 1910's (no sons) who inherited the farm. so i think it's safe to say i come from some seriously good farm-genes. i grandma (and her sisters) helped on the farm. they did the plowing, and the animal care, and the repairs, etc. strong farm gals for sure. grandma (and her sisters) went on to get married, sold the farm, became members of a country club as well as avid golfers...but hey...she could still totally shoot a gun.

(you can clearly see how farm-ish and tough my dad was from his red cowboy hat and matching red shoes in the picture above...)

so what i'm saying is this - my farmer came from city folk and is now a farmer. i come from farm folk who became city folk and now i'm back to living on a farm. isn't life funny?

okay, back to that gene pool stuff - so my farmer and i always teased each other about having superior genes to one another. i'm much healthier - no, i'm much healthier...blah blah blah. well, come to find farmer is totally winning. two weeks ago i was knocked down with a hellacious cough and managed to get over that just a few days ago...then two days ago sawyer and i got slapped in the face with the stomach flu. and while sawyer seemed to recover within hours...i slept for about 12 hours on tuesday night, then napped for an additional six yesterday. not to mention i'm pretty sure i had my first migraine. you guys - those are no freaking joke.

i met a girl a few years ago who claimed she couldn't go to regular high school because she had chronic migraines, about two or three a week. and i remember thinking, yeah...okay.

now i'm thinking, holy sh*t...that poor girl.

thank god i'm feeling better. i'm happy to let my farmer know that he more than likely comes from the stronger gene pool full of city folk...but i'm happy to revisit this assessment in a few years.

all this to say - here's to health as spring approaches. sunshine and outdoor time and grilling and all those good warm-weather things. happy march.


  1. Sorry sweet friend - getting sick (as a mama) is no joke!!
    To make you feel better - I had glasses and now contact lenses, I had braces for 2 years, I have had my wisdoms, appendix and tonsils removed, I;ve had uterus and stomach cysts and bacterial meningitis, suffered IBS and migraines my whole life.
    My gene pool sucks.

    Husband has had one cold and one stomach flu in the eleven years we have been together. no glasses or braces and all the other things still in tact!
    He is winning.

  2. So sorry you've been sick! I think this whole argument is hilarious, though, TBH. :P

  3. I hope you feel better and they don't come back any time soon!

  4. Sickness!!! And going to work when you're sick is terrible! Which you know because you can't call in sick when you're a mom!

  5. I am glad that you are feeling better. I have been a migraine sufferer since about 14, they are horrendous! I remember getting my first one & just crying on the living room floor because I couldn't see & my head hurt so bad. They have not gotten any better & I have them a couple times a year. Blah!

  6. I don't get sick near as often as I used to, but when I do it takes me out for the count. Right now I am fighting a sore throat and am hoping to get rid of it asap.


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