February 10, 2017


happy valentines weekend! do we all have something fun planned? and by fun i mean - did i rent myself a hotel room so i can go there and sleep in and order room service and then maybe go get a massage? and when i say "myself" i literally mean by myself. my farmer would need to be here on the farm tending to his little ladies.

romance...we really nail it.

kidding. there's no individual hotel room. but we do have dinner reservations with friends at a restaurant that serves a mean steak. i've been dreaming of surf and turf...which is exactly why today is a treadmill day.


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1 | i made it back from california in one piece.
if you read monday's post or you saw my instagram story...then you know i was flying to california for a little job interview. not to like...move there (although it is super lovely)...but to work from home. perfect for my little farm situation! it's part time and pretty flexible and the more i learned about it the more i wanted it. so...

so i flew down there and that same morning we just happened to get three inches of snow so my drive on the freeway was an absolute slush pit. death defying to say the least. then, once on the plane, we were connecting in reno. well...apparently reno was having abnormally high winds and the turbulence was unlike anything i've experienced. and then flying into orange county was no better. they couldn't even do the beverage service because the flight attendants would have been slamming into everything. ANYWAY...we finally landed in orange county and it was at that perfect moment that i decided i'd like to puke. hello motion sickness. i've always known i was pretty sensitive, but i think it's gotten worse with age. 

does anyone else deal with this? any recommendations?

2 | yes...i got the job
duh, you guys. it's me! of course i got the job! i was like BOOM. and they were like WOW. and i was like TADA! and they were like - YOU'RE HIRED. 
actually...i wish it was that simple. 

so...the position i was interviewing for was Project Management with Pollinate Media Group. you may have seen me write for them in previous posts. basically - it's sponsored content. they work with the client to select bloggers to write about their product - that's me describing it in the simplest of terms. 

anyway - so i'll be working in that capacity and they've also asked me to do some design work as well - it was like a win/win all over the place. i'm so super thrilled.
i'm also super thrilled that alissa took me to a place called sidecar donuts - literally the best donuts i've ever had. we have a local shop here in boise that has really yummy donuts...but sidecar's were about 100 times better. i'm still dreaming about the huckleberry donut above.

3 | peloton bike
have you guys heard of a peloton bike? it's basically like brining a spin class right into your home. it's a super nice bike and then you have a monitor where you can either participate in a live / streamed spin class or participate in a recorded spin class. it keeps track of all your stats and you can even compete agains people in your class by looking up their live stats.
i neeeed a peloton in my life.

so i looked up one of these bikes a few months ago and now all my targeted ads on facebook / google / instagram...everywhere i go is for a peloton bike. DAMN YOU GOOGLE! so every time i see an ad i'm like - must have peloton.

it's a good thing i have my new snazzy job so i can drop the $3k necessary to get into one of those super fancy bikes.

not to mention - while i was in orange county we happened to see a peloton store! we went in and the guy let me sit on the bike, pedal, and participate in one of the classes for a few minutes - until i was sweating and winded.

so...does anyone have one of these bikes? do you love it? is it worth it?

4 | and then we went bowling...
so...i flew home on wednesday, got back to the farm around midnight, and then had to wake up first thing yesterday morning and get the girls ready to go celebrate at a birthday party with some bowling in boise. back to boise i / we went and had an absolute blast celebrating amy's oldest. brody turned six and i still remember seeing him in the hospital. SIX! time flies.
the kiddos dressed as super heroes, ate nachos and tater tots and chicken strips, and then were surprised with a giant ice cream sundae. 
we got home around 3 pm and i laid down on the floor and immediately fell asleep. i'm not super positive what the girls did during the next two hours...but they were still there when i woke up and there were no fires...so i'm going to call that a win.

5 | aaaand...i need a nanny
no no no...not the type of nanny corinne has on the bachelor. although - i'd take that kind of nanny too. but a nanny for my gals. if by random chance someone in the area just happens to read my blog and you just happen to know of someone that might want to watch two adorable gals two to three times a week (super flexible hours) please let me know!

okay! happy weekend and link up just below!


  1. Congrats on the job!! You will be AWESOME at that!! Love it!! So sorry about the rough flight. I usually keep Dramamine in my bag for times when I'm worried about motion sickness. It makes me a little drowsy, but it does help. (I get really terrible carsickness if I'm not in the front.)

  2. YAY!!!! Congrats on the new job friend - that is so awesome and right up your alley x

  3. Congrats on the job! Sounds like the perfect setup!!! As for the whole motion sickness, I feel you. I literally have to take meds to ride 5 minutes in the car and well, buses and boats are the death of me. So far, I've held up well in planes except on the occasional really turbulent flight. I'm sure I'd have lost my lunch had I been traveling with you;) My little 6 year old totally puked before we reached 30,000 feet on my last trip to the USA from France when I was traveling solo with the 2 kids. Luckily I saw that she was looking a bit off and had just enough time to whip out a plastic bag and shove her face into it before she let it allllll out. So yeh, 2 out of 4 of us feel you on the motion sickness! PS - I sooo want a Peloton bike!

    Casey | www.frenchblissme.com

  4. Yay!! Congratulations on your new job! That bike sounds awesome! The price point is high but would be worth it if you're super in to spin classes I would guess.

  5. Oh my gosh congrats on the job!! SO happy for you!!

  6. Congrats on the job! Sounds amazing!

    xx, Elise

  7. Congratulations on your new job! The kids look like they had a fun time bowling (and eating sweets!). Happy Friday!

  8. Ohh no, so sorry to hear about your motion sickness from the plane! I have horrible flight anxiety even when it's a smooth flight, and it's the worst! Congratulations on the new job, it looks like you had a fun mini trip out there for the interview!

  9. Congratulations on the new job! Pollinate is an awesome group. I've looked into those Peloton bikes, too, and they look amazing.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Congrats on the job!! Sounds so exciting!! That bowling party looked so fun :)

  11. Congratulations on your new job!! That is SO awesome! Totally the perfect gig for a SAHM / blogger :)

  12. I also get motion sick- planes are usually the best but like you, as I age it's gotten harder to read on a plane without feeling sick, just like in a car. I always make sure I've had a good meal before a flight, take frequent breaks while reading, and carry lots and lots of gum which helps you not puke. Dramamine for long flights. Oh, and I always stick a plastic bag in my purse because sometimes those air sickness bags are missing.

  13. Congratulations on the job! Couldn't have gone to a better gal. I have terrible motion sickness, too, and mine also gets worse with age (fun). We flew a couple of weeks ago and I ate like half a package of Dramamine. I'll never go without it again. I pretty much have to have it on long car trips, too.

  14. Congrats on the job! You work so hard on this blog and completely deserve it!!

  15. I've seen the commercials for those Peloton bikes and they seriously look amazing! And congrats on the jobs, sounds amazing!

  16. Sorry about the Motion Sickeness my husband struggles with it as well. Taking ginger root pills for a few days before travel makes a world of difference. Also, congratulations on the job.


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