February 03, 2017


so yeah. for shame. yesterday i reached my patience limit by about...9:30 am. i don't know if its the fact that it's exactly 17 degrees outside or below for the 45th day in a row or if it's because sawyer has woken up five times three nights in a row...but i wanted to call in sick. like maybe just lock myself in our closet and be extra quiet and then just listen for any explosions...or for our front or back door to open. if none of those things happened, we'd be good to go.

alas - i didn't lock myself in the closet. i kind of kept my tone to an acceptable parental level most of the day. and the girls and i even had a dance party to some disney jams.

but friends - days like yesterday flat out suck. they suck because i felt like a sucky mom. i felt like i sucked at my job. i felt like my girls thought i was a nag. i felt like if i had to listen to kaye and / or sawyer cry and / or whine for one more minute...i don't even know what i was going to do.

i guess i was just super physically exhausted (from lack of sleep) and mentally shot (from all the crying / whining / fighting / attitude).

but before we dive into that bizz...

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1 | that four year old attitude
you guys - why didn't anyone warn me about the attitude that can come from a four year old? kaye is seriously the sweetest, cutest, best little gal. she's an absolute dream. but sometimes she's not and words come out of her mouth that sound like threats and i'm like...hold up. excuse me? 

i'll say - kaye, please don't jump off the couch anymore.

she'll say - what? you don't want me to have any fun for the rest of my life?

me - *blink blink* did she just say that to me?

2 | designed a little invite
so yeah - back to things i've been doing besides blogging this week. like i said - sawyer has been giving us hell (she's been sick) and so i haven't been waking up at my normal 5:30 am. but...i was chatting with amy the other day and she mentioned that her eldest is going to be having a bowling party for his 6th birthday. i was like...ooo...i definetly need to add a bowling invitation to Wink & Ink...so i whipped this bad boy up and i just think it's so cute and the colors are completely customizable for your guy's or gal's favorite colors. 
so...ya know...don't forget Wink & Ink for all you invitation / party needs! 
3 | so...this week hasn't been all bad...
on wednesday kaye and i left sawyer with our farmer (because sawyer has been feel like dog-poo) and headed to town. i had an eye appointment where i found out i have a stigmatism. basically i'm a bad night driver and everything is blurry all the time...which as you guessed...makes me a super good designer. uh no. it's giving me so many eye wrinkles because i'm squinting to focus all the time.
after my little eye appointment at six one six vision center (i have to give dr. huber a shout-out! i went to college with him and i'm pretty sure i may have cheated off of him in religion class which doesn't reflect well on me in hind sight buuuut...yeah)...after my eye appointment kaye we popped into a restaurant for some lunch and when we finished there we just happened to be right next to the movie theatre and it just happened to be time for moana. so...we saw moana. and it was so cute. and kaye loved it. and now she keeps calling herself a demi-god and stomps around places and hits herself in the chest. 
like i said in #1 - she has so much attitude, but man she really can be the best little partner in crime. i just adore that gal.
4 | we busted out the watercolors...
speaking of kaye (because i'm mad at sawyer) - girlfriend is gifted. we know this from her ski skillz alone. but for the past few months she's been downright obsessed with drawing. now...let's be real. her drawings were terrifying at the start. i wish i had a picture. but we had arms coming out of our necks and big black eyes. and everyone had two pigtails with one hair coming out. it was like the nightmare before christmas...but scarier. kaye would also monocolor. meaning - all her coloring books were filled with one color (pink)...and that was it. 
but then something magical happened and all of a sudden she was interested in doing letters and daddy started getting boy hair and bitty started getting a smile on her face and...i'm still being drawn with two hairs...but that's pretty accurate. she draws dinosaurs and palm trees...and she even drew a likeness of our living room that was shockingly accurate. 
moving on - i got her some watercolors because i thought she would enjoy a change up...and i was right! she immediately started writing all her letters with the paints...and you can see above she almost spelled her name out without any help...she just swapped the K and A. minor detail. and then she busted out this beauty. just about the most beautiful rainbow ever. my gal. proud mom moment. 
i hope the doctor thinks she's as skilled - we're headed there today for well checks for both gals. *please be good. please be good.*
5 | i've been "reading" way too much

and by reading i mean i listen to audible. because i definitely don't have time to pick up a book. at night, on the treadmill, when i need a break from the gals...i just pop in my headphones and just like the commercial says - i'm transported. 

if you haven't tried audible...it's wonderful. total game-changer. strongly encourage. 

okay! have the very best weekend and we'll see you back her monday! maybe.


  1. Oh my gosh sick kids are the woooooooorst. Sorry for your lack of sleep - we've also had insanely cold temps here + the stomach flue and I'm going crazy.

    I literally laughed when you said you were mad at Sawyer, hilarious! I so get it. I'm glad Kaye loved Moana, it was so good!

  2. Girl I would have been glad to let you in on the little secret called the "F U Fours!" Terrible Twos and Threes are rough, but the F U Fours phase is on a whole nother level sometimes! Hang in there!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  3. I have to second Chelsea. Four is the worst. I kept thinking, what?! What is this?? But let me tell you, five..year five is magic. Our oldest just turned six and I don't know if this next year can top the last. And he was a TOUGH four. Like cry a few times a week because of that kid. I think your Kaye and my oldest would get along well and if so..just know year five is coming..and it is bliss!

  4. Four sounds sassy & fun! Sorry you had a rough day! You totally get a pass though. All day, every day with no sleep has to stress anyone to the point of snapping. Kaye's watercolor paintings are good!!

  5. Yeah, I definitely don't have time to sit and read books anymore. Audiobooks ALL THE WAY!

  6. Ug the sassiness that I get from my 3 year old is unreal! Her poses when I ask to take a picture kill me! Good luck with the doc appointments.

  7. Fingers crossed you are able to get some sleep ♥ Nights are tough when the little doesn't feel good. My little guy got the stomach flu a couple of weekends ago and I don't think I have been that exhausted in a long time! Kaye is so cute! And talented! I love that you got her some paints to play with! I hope Sawyer feels better soon!


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