January 13, 2017


here's the thing and i say it every week - this week flew by. remember when you were a kid and it seemed like time would never pass? well no i blink and i've lost three days and all of a sudden sawyer is potty trained. oh...she's not potty trained? more on that below.  in the meantime...

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1 | speaking of potty training
so...we were having all these ridiculous snow storms and were basically trapped inside. (eight foot snow drifts will do that.) and so one day i was like - oh hell yes. sawyer is totally getting potty trained. i mean...she brings me diapers...she's clearly uncomfortable with wetness.

so we did it. we (i mean she) spent all day pants-less. at first she didn't like it. then she felt very free. maybe it's something we should all try. anyway...i did all the tricks. lots of liquid. lots of promises of prizes. we even did ipad time while sitting on the toilet. 

FIVE hours later. five. it's just as i had feared. sawyer is part camel...just like her sister.

sawyer had one successful go and then it was bedtime. the next morning we woke up and i was stir crazy after being trapped in the house for the fifth day in a row. farmer and i agreed to ditch the farm and head to the mountains for some skiing and hot-springing...and that's just what we did.
and sawyer's potty training will be saved for another day.

2 | skiing and hot springing
how i love winter. #1 - we get to go skiing. but a very close #2 is that my farmer has oodles of time. i mean, yes, he still has farm things to do...but he also has time for getaways, being home for dinner, house projects, etc. winter is the best.

as i was saying - we ditched the farm and headed to the mountains. it would have been the most perfect time to find a sitter for the kids and enjoy all the fresh snow, but we bit the bullet and got the gals on skis. we need to teach them or we're going to be stuck on the bunny hill forever. 

kaye did great. we really need to cut the strings and let her ski by herself. and since it was sawyer's first time i just had her between my legs and we made nice big turns. 

the very best part was once at the bottom she always wanted to ride back up. and then when we got off the chair if we didn't immediately start going down again she was not a happy camper. i have a feeling kaye might be our cautious skiier and sawyer will be our little wrecking ball. just a prediction. 
we also headed to a great hot springs spot about 25 miles south of mccall. it's called gold fork and if you're anywhere close by - go to there. it's just glorious. also...they only accept check or cash so be ready for that. anyway...since it was a wednesday at noon we had the place to ourselves...until about 1pm when all the retirees started showing up on snowmobiles and started unloading their coolers. out came dips and chips and veggies and liquor and mixers and desserts and i think i even saw a crockpot. ummm...if that's what being retired is, i can't wait to be 70.
we had the very best getaway and our farmer has promised we'll be headed that way again soon.

3 | bathroom update
this bathroom - it's kind of a never ending process. actually - we've made great strides. all we have left is some caulking, painting, and we're waiting on some mirrors that are on backorder. i also need to order a floor mirror and some art prints. but i really am the worst when it comes to home decor so maybe someone wants to do it for me?
i did order these rugs. totally out of my comfort zone. normally i would have done something far more traditional / pottery barn looking, but my sister assured me it would look great in our all white bathroom. it was on wayfair for like $130 so i guess if i don't like it in two years i'll feel okay replacing it. 
4 | some designs
i've been super busy on the design front. (but i'm currently booking one more in february and for march!) as i've said before...it's been so fun to work with clients and small businesses. i just can't get enough. here are a few of the latest...
and a valentine...because it's right around the corner!
5 | resolution update
guys - i've been super proud of myself. i know it's only been a few days but things have been going will on the resolution front. i'm yelling less! this was a big one. granted...the girls still totally tune me out, but i find myself being more patient and approaching them rather than yelling to try to get their attention. AND...i've been working out, so there's that. even though i'm still dealing with all sorts of lame hip / back issues. injuries are the worst. so i'll just keep at it over here in 2017.

happy weekend friends!


  1. I'm pretty sure potty training is for the birds! Ha. We tried one day over break and he just refused to tell me beforehand. I'd say we're about half and half at the moment. I won't push it. For one he's stubborn and for two I'm lazy. Hey, great news on less yelling! I've been working on it too and I'm happy to report I've been lots more patient. :) Happy friday!

  2. I LOVE the rugs you ordered! Those hot springs look like heaven. Have a great weekend!

  3. Girl, I don't even try to potty train my kids. I just wait it out until they eventually potty train themselves. It's so much less stressful, but you do have to change diapers longer, so there's that. I also love a good remodel project. My hubby and I are currently renovating an old farmhouse. It's tough to live through, but it will be so worth it in the end!

  4. Such a fun getaway! Love the way the bathroom is coming along and the rugs will look great. That valentine card though...all the hearts!

  5. Your bathroom looks like it is turning out so well! I think the colorful rugs will look great in the all white bathroom. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Potty training. Ugh. I honestly haven't thought about it in a while until I read what you've been doing and then I realized -- oh yeah my 2 year old was potty trained (or so we thought) and has completely backslided and I really haven't been doing anything about it. OOPS.

    Also your bathroom looks AMAZING! And that design work?? Well I think you're the best. :)

    Happy Friday!

  7. Definitely LOVE the rugs! Keepers for sure! :)

  8. Looks like such a fun getaway, and I don't even ski! Good job with the resolutions!

  9. The hot springs look incredible! I would love to be able to get away to some place like that but they don't exist in GA! Haha!

    Thanks for always hosting the linkup!

  10. Yay for yelling less! That was a big one for me too and I've been doing really good too, and it's been making feel like a better person.

    That hot spring looks amazing, and yes, if that's what 70 is like, I cannot wait :)

  11. What a fun getaway!! The springs sound really cool. Your bathroom is looking great!! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  12. Your mountain trip and hot spring swimming looks amazing! I would be going nuts too if I was stuck in the house that long. I like the rugs you picked for your bathroom. I really like the vanity and floor you picked too. Beautifully Candid

  13. I've never been to a hot spring before! I need to put this on my list of things to do in my lifetime! Also, your designs are fantastic! Love the valentines day card!

  14. I must know where you got your bathroom vanity, because I absolutely need the same one in my new house. Gorgeous!

  15. The hot springs look AMAZING! I have never been to one but it looks so fun. The bathroom is looking amazing...can't wait to see it completely finished :) Congrats on keeping up with your resolutions!!! Thanks so much for hosting - hope you have a fun weekend!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  16. The bathroom is looking so good!! Keep it up! ;) Sawyer will let you know when she's ready.... har har har. #toosoon? Your little getaway looks so fun... and so cold!! I'd love to do the hot springs thing in the dead of winter though.

  17. That pool looks ah-mazing! And the bathroom is looking great, I LOVE the vanity and your sister did a good job helping you pick out the rugs, lovin those too. And your designs look amazing! Basically I'm just loving everything, ha! Enjoy your weekend and congrats on yelling less!


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