December 05, 2016


i often have deep so deep. but as a mom i usually have about 5000 things going through my head so these deep, profound ponderings slip right through without putting pen to paper.

but not today.

+ can we talk about costco's mac and cheese casserole? it is by far the very best macaroni and cheese i've ever had. if you haven't had the pleasure...go spend $10. it's absolutely heavenly.

+ when we were at disneyland i ended up carrying and holding kaye in line...a lot. i always end up getting kaye because sawyer is so obsessed with our farmer. and while i looooove holding my four year old...she also weighs 40 pounds. with the amount that she was in my arms i totally did something to my back and i've had seizing pain from my rear to my lower back on my left side since last tuesday. it's been less than fun.

it's finally starting to feel a little better and i can walk without a limp - this is good because i so so desperately need to start working out again. i plan on putting a serious hurt on some holiday treats and drink...but i'd rather not have to only wear stretch pants in the process.

+ hey - can anyone recommend a good christmas album? i have michael bublé's, but i wouldn't mind adding another one to the mix.

+ speaking of christmas - favorite holiday movie...go. favorite tradition?

+ i bought an elf on the shelf last thanksgiving. as in - thanksgiving 2015. it has yet to make it out of the box. you guys - that's a lot of effort to introduce the elf. then change the position of the elf every night. remind your children that you absolutely cannot touch the elf. i'm just not sure i'm ready to make such an intense commitment. maybe next year.

+ awhile ago i mentioned a project where i was going to have to make about 40 pom poms. it was the cutest pom pom wreath and i was jazzed. so far i've made four pom poms. chalk it up as the least fun diy ever. the yarn i'm using is hard to cut when it's so bundled. the fuzz goes everywhere. and basically i wish i could just buy the pom poms instead. thank you pinterest...for nothing.

+ amazon had a free 30 day trial for HBO and i thought, "yeah, okay. game of thrones." so...i'll see you in a few months after i finish binge watching the entire series. the hype is real.

+ creative market! have you ever ventured over there? if you're in need of stock images or a new font or graphics, wordpress blog theme, etc - they are having 20% off your purchase and it ends today! should probably get on over there and do a little more christmas shopping!

that wraps those thoughts up for the day! happy 20 days until christmas!


  1. I'm a big fan of the Amy Grant Christmas Albums and Michael W Smith. But my mom played those a ton when I was little, so that might be why. Also Kelly Clarkson and Colbie Callait.

    Favorite Christmas movie, there are so many. The Family Stone (which is actually kind of depressing), The Holiday, Four Christmases (SO FUNNY!) and my new fave is Fred Claus.

    The Elf on the Shelf is a huge commitment, but so far (after 1 day) it has really helped keep Henry's attitude in check. I just tell him that Frank the Elf can see him being naughty and I don't want him telling Santa he was a naughty boy. Worked. But my elf only moves places every night. He doesn't bring fun activities. I don't have time for that. My hint for no touching, put the elf up high out of reach.

  2. Your version of deep thoughts are mine as well! And I'm sharing a few today too. But as for Elf on the Shelf, I did not want to do it. Had no desire. Didn't care. Just something else to do. However, my kindergartener came home last week talking about the one they have in their classroom at school and how he hoped that one came to his house. So, I did a little asking around and found that not every one does creative things with their Elf. I figured I could manage to move it each night and found a list of excuses in Pinterest in case I forgot. My kids named him Jack and Jack has been a hit in my house. All he did was show up and he moves places at night while they sleep. My kindergartener was estatic. My 2 year old keeps singing "hit the road jack!" Haha. Not sure if that helps, but that's my story!

  3. Man the back pain, that sucks, and I get the whole hold kids thing in line. My almost 6 year old (in 20 days, wahhh!!) wants me to hold him while we're walking around and I'm like, you weight 42 pounds no way! You're almost 6 you can walk...haha. Off to Creative market to find some images.

  4. These are some deep thoughts! :) The other day I put my spotify on Classic Christmas station, and I loved every song!! So nostalgic.

  5. Grab one of the Pentatonix Christmas albums!! Your gals will love them, too! I'm also a big fan of the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Rod Stewart, and Tony Bennett. Oh, and Straight No Chaser... they are hilarious! Whew. Just call me the Christmas music expert! ;o)

  6. girl, go get adjusted. you will feel like a million bucks afterwards... maybe a massage too ;)

  7. My favorite Christmas movie is A Muppet Christmas Carol!

  8. Christmas Albums - my fave are amy grant and kelly clarkson. timeless ones are andy williams, perry como, bing crosby and johnny mathis. I looove christmas music, so my selections are from childhood, with the exception of kelly clarkson!

    Movies - all of them? muppet christmas carol, the santa clause, scrooged, white christmas. not everyone remembers this, but a made for tv movie with jaclyn smith and art carney...The night they saved christmas (my all time fave!!)

    It's our first year with the elf. Not too bad. I put an alarm on my phone to remind me to move it. We just move it, nothing special. My son still loves it!

  9. First of all, yes, the hype is real with GoT. I am glad that you enjoyed it, it's truly amazing. :)

    My favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation, hands down! Christmas album, while I listen to my Merry Christmas playlist on Spotify, the Christmas Party album by She & Him is pretty good. :)

  10. We aren't doing elf on the shelf anytime soon either. wayyy to much commitment, haha! elf is my favorite christmas movie (haha, the irony), and we are still starting christmas traditions over here with our little! <3

  11. Our elf is still on the shelf too. (No, literally we were gifted one a few years back and its' still in the box on the shelf). I figure when Reed goes to school and starts asking about it, ours will magically appear. I hear that you can set it up to where it doesn't move every night. Sign me up for that plan!

  12. Love fave adult Christmas movie. :) Praise Jesus I finally have my baby girl to an age where the Elf has lost its magic.

  13. Haha, we love our elf but so do our girls so its made it worth it!! I also need some music and movie recommendations for Christmas x


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