November 02, 2016


are we all recovered from an overload of sugar? i mean...let's be real. october was sugar insanity for us. we had birthday party prep // the actual party // followed a few days later by halloween. the jeans are feeling...snug. thank god you can find me in my athleisure wear (because i always have every intention of working out...i just don't always get there.)

anyway...i'm proud to report i've only eaten one random, bite-sized snickers...but i did eat the frosting off of sawyer's birthday cake last know...because i'm trying to stay away from gluten.

all this to say - we had a fantastic halloween. i mean...can we talk about it? look at these unicorns!

in this fourth year of dressing kaye up...i finally didn't procrastinate. i had a costume ready for both girls and i even got them dressed early so i could take all their unicorn glory out to a "pasture" (one of our fields) to do some unicorn frolicking. while the lighting wasn't ideal...i still crack up looking at my little unicorns galloping around.

uh oh - unicorn down...

not to worry - super quick recovery.

i would say the highlight of our evening was when i got in a semi-argument with an eight year old who informed kaye that she wasn't a unicorn. i overheard the harsh statement and saw the hurt look on kaye's face and asked the girl why kaye wasn't a unicorn. she informed me that unicorns don't have wings. only pegai (plural for pegasus) have wings. i then insisted pegai don't have horns...she swore they did. i told her to have fun trick-or-treating. little unicorn just so happened to want to wear pink wings while yes. in unicorn does have wings and she does fly. now move along eight year old girl picking on a four year old.

(i was later informed unicorns with wings are called alicorns. who knew?)

we didn't let that gal ruin our night. kaye enthusiastically yelled TRICK-OR-TREAT at each door with one of her gal pals dressed as belle from beauty and the beast. they were the cutest little candy-hustlers. sawyer even managed to snag a few candy bars and said thank you after each one.

it was such a fun night and i couldn't wipe the smile from my face with all the cuteness.

i'm already looking forward to next year. maybe my farmer and i will get in on the dress-up action. i can totally see him as a handsome prince.

for those wondering!!!

we snagged our unicorn horns from the sweetest little etsy shop - Ava Rae Design Co

they are comfortable and durable and i can't recommend enough! they were delivered super quickly and both my gals have enjoyed wearing them on multiple occasions!

their little unicorn tails were a simple DIY - just snag yourself some elastic and tulle from your local fabric store and boom - you have yourself a tail.

easiest costume ever.


  1. So so cute!!! How mean of that 8 year old :( Stuff like that drives me crazy! Just let the littles have their fun :)

  2. My childhood with My Little Pony unicorns says otherwise, 8-year-old. Seriously, who are these kids?? Alicorn. Who knew? It must be true though... even my phone didn't try to correct it. ANYWAY. I love the costumes!!

  3. Love you cute little unicorns! :) Tell your little unicorn she's whatever she "feels" that she is wings...horn no horn. :) Being a unicorn is about what's on the inside! :)

  4. I loove their costumes! You did a great job!

  5. Why are little girls so mean so early? Lord! You were much nicer than I would have been! your girls looked great! Love their costumes!

  6. The videos of your gal trick or treating were so precious! I love that she wanted wings with her unicorn!

  7. Kids are jerks, ha. Their costumes look great!!

  8. These costumes are great...makes me want to be a unicorn next year! :)

  9. I could totally see Abigail being the kid trying to impart all of her unicorn wisdom lol. Sheesh, she is such a know it all. I'm trying to train her but oof!

  10. I just adore these costumes!! And we are more alike than before... I got into a fight with a 5 year old because she questioned "What SJ was doing?" dressed as a mermaid and not a ghost or ghoul or something scary... BRAT!!

  11. How do you get adsense to work it doesn't work on my blog!


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