August 12, 2016


wheeeeerrrrre is time going? it's like...poof, i've lost four days.

it seems like we just got to mccall and already it's friday and the farmer and i have to head back down the mountain to go to a wedding.

uhhhh...not that we're mad about going to a wedding. if there's one thing my farmer likes to do it's cut a rug. what does he like more than that? cutting a rug with he best friends. what does he like more than that????? cutting a rug with his best friends...while drinking...and eating wedding cake.

see what i mean? it's basically been a super great vacation (so far) that we get to endcap with one of our most favorite things - a wedding.

oh! and what makes me excited about the wedding? well...not just the cake and the dancing. but i realllly realllly love when the bride and groom look like they belong on top of a cake. and in this case...they look like they belong on top of an abercrombie and fitch cake. well, at least the groom does.

seriously...when i first started dating my farmer and i was meeting all of his friends for the first time, i was told this particular friend was an abercrombie model and i TOTALLY believed them.

and the bride?! gorgeous. she's just gorgeous. and so so nice. and funny.

i'm caught red handed - i TOTALLY have a crush on both the bride and groom. now i'm embarrassed...

moving on...

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my five - a photo dump

speaking of being caught red handed...i didn't prep an oh hey, friday! fail! and since we're on vacation and it's already 6:08 (i slept in) i'm going for a skippy-skip this round. 

instead i'll do a photo dump thus far...

on the first night we went out to dinner and had some seriously amazing food and the restaurant was right on the water. i mentioned that if i was as drunk as i was the previous saturday i would have swam out to the giant water trampoline that was hanging out out there. seriously...i'm still recovering from last saturday. ouch.
my sister and her husband came with us to help celebrate and we instilled our wisdom of six years of wedded...bliss? 
and i made everyone pose for pictures exclaiming, "IT'S FOR THE BLOG!" because i'm so tired of not having any images.

the for the blog excuse didn't go over well and i was met with a lot of reluctance. mostly by my farmer.  but this beverage  was a great subject.
and don't get me started about the ice cream with the brick wall part of the night.

i was like...come on. one picture. please? okay...can i borrow your giant ice cream so i can take a picture? again, it's for the bog. 

my farmer - so difficult! i swear he's trying to sabotage me.

so i asked if i could give him a kiss. nope. wouldn't let me do that either. you guys...he may be cute but he's so damn stubborn.

i should have just done a post on 5 REASONS MY FARMER HATES MY BLOG.
but guess who would be an awesome blogging husband? yep. this angel. i'm not super sure why my sister is sad about it, but...maybe it's because they've only been married half as long as my farmer and me. we'll see where they're at in three more years.
yesterday we took all the gals (there are four cousins - all girls so far...) to the elementary school playground. i'm telling you - go on vacation and just take our girls to a park. they'll think it's the best day of their lives. mostly because we don't have a park where we live. #farmproblems
and after park time - we caught some pool time. i swear if these girls don't sleep in until at least 8 am...they have to be absolutely exhausted.

but before we part ways...let me leave you with a note about our sweet sawyer-muff.

ummm...sawyer? i hope you're going through the terrible 22 months...because you're kind of not very nice right now. and i bet your farmer would like to not hold you for 23 hours and 57 minutes of the day. and i wouldn't mind if you didn't scream at me when i look at you. seriously. quit screaming at me. love you, gal!
okay! happy friday! happy weekend!

let's do this thang right!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a fun time so far and yay for a wedding!

    And I had to literally laugh out loud at your last statement to Sawyer, I swear we are dealing with the same thing with my just turned 2 year old!

  2. So fun! I'm cracking up...if my family would just realize everything would roll so much smoother if they would just cooperate and take the damn picture!

  3. Your posts always make my day! I can so imagine a sweet faced Sawyer screaming at you for looking at her. I don't remember if my son went through that stage, he's 13 now, so i'm sure he did and my brain has blocked that pop up memory but I know my little girl cousin is there now. She's almost 3.

    And your hubby, well, I hate to tell him but you still got a pretty good picture of him against that wall! Boom!
    I've started telling everyone I have to take pictures for Instagram/the blog. So far, my hubby cooperates but he's new at this. :)

  4. Love your blog!! Great post!

    xx, Elise

  5. Please put the ice cream picture on your Christmas card. Because it's my favorite (and it will teach that Farmer)! That drink looks delish though. Or maybe I just need to drink more.

  6. haha, we went to a park on vacation too! Yep, kids were in heaven. Hmmm...I have one of those 22 month old girls who is the same way. Lord help us all.

  7. The ice cream/brick wall pics are killin' me. So funny! Sounds like you had a great time. :)

  8. Haha - my husband is totally the same!! You have never seen so much eye rolling in your whole life...
    And that letter at the end, my little EN can also write that one!! #momprobs x

  9. I love your blog so much! Oh sawyer girl... :)


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