August 15, 2016


it's monday, and as per usual my mind is all over the place and i'm wondering if i should even get dressed, or just throw on some workout clothes and get 50 things done at 50% or tackle one big project.

my mind says tackle one big project...but i look around and have 50 things on my todo list. are a few thoughts for monday...
+ here in the boise area we have the cutest shop full of all things paper and cards and calligraphy and's just wonderful. they also have classes! i'm signing up for my first handlettering class and i'm super super jazzed. are you local? interested in taking on a new hobby or learning a new skill? this is the one i'm signed up for! 

+ if you read this post you know the farmer and i went to a wedding this weekend and i was all in a fuss over trying to pick out a dress via rent the runway. well...i bit the bullet and ordered this dress last week as well as the cutest kate spade, scalloped necklace to go with it. (renting dresses and jewelry...brilliant.) anyway...great news - on wednesday i received an e-mail from rent the runway telling me my dress was no longer available, but not to worry, they sent me a different one. i was like...uhhhh, that's not good??? and that kate spade necklace? that didn't show up either. i'll be posting my full review of my second experience with rent the runway tomorrow on the blog.

+ hey hey! all you disneyland / world lovers out there...i'm talking to you!!! i've finally talked my farmer into a trip to disneyland for kaye's fourth birthday. i'm totally stoked and kaye will be too. but...there are about a trillion tips out there and i don't want to read them all. but...i would love to know if you all have any great advice on planning a disney vacation. our plan is to do two days at the park. we'll be going mid-october. okay...give me all your best tips and ideas!

okay...happiest of mondays. i may just not do anything.


  1. Oh no, that rent the runway story sounds terrible!! Hope you got sorted...
    We went to Disney as newlyweds in 2011 and it was our best trip ever - we did one day at each park and had the best time!! Can't wait to take our girls one day x

  2. currently rocking my favorite lululemon shorts and I probably won't workout until 2 p.m. ;)

  3. We're taking Dorothy to WDW for her third birthday in October, too! I highly recommend a Disney Vacation Planner. They're free, and they can make all of your reservations for you. Plus, they know everything there is to know about Disney. I have a great one I can recommend, if you're interested!

  4. Have so much fun going to Disney!! I did a post last year on "how to do Disney" but it's for Disney World so I'm not sure how much applies to Disneyland...

  5. My mom and I took our girls last October to Disneyland. We stayed at a Disney hotel which had great advantages. Mainly, it was within walking distance (and realistic, walking distance with two little people!) We were also able to get into the parks an hour early- which was great for the the popular, long lined rides. Also, make dinner reservations a day or two if possible. The restaurants filled up fast and left us with limited choices if we wanted to stay in the park. Downtown Disney had a few fun dining choices too! Have fun ;)

    1. *dinner reservations a day or two in advance. :)
      And...we stayed at Paradise Pier which had a fun pool and was a great break for escaping the craziness of the park.

  6. Hand lettering sounds amazing! And that dress is gorg. But I'd need to lose 20 pounds to fit into that one! And I've never been to Disney, so I'm no help there. Maybe ask the LA girls from our group for advice - I know they've all been many times!

  7. My best Disney recommendation is to book through Costco! The price is the same but they add in a ton of extras like free character meal and gift cards!

  8. Oh no, they just sent you another dress?

    I've only done rent the runway once and it worked out really well. But its certainly risky to order dresses you get a day or two before your event!

  9. I can't give you any Disneyland tips, but we'll be moving a few hours from there in September and we can totally meet you and wander around together!

  10. I like the idea of renting a dress & jewelry for a wedding cuz there is always a good chance that the dress, at least, won't be worn for much else. I'm anxious to see what you got.


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