July 06, 2016


another summer milestone is in the books and we all survived...but just barely. 

as our little family has done for the past three years, we headed over to amy's house for a 4th of july BBQ and fireworks show. 
the problem when you go to amy's house is this - she usually has some delicious treat sitting out, staring you in the face. it makes it extremely difficult to exercise any form of willpower. 

in this case - i ate my way through four oreo cookies, approximately three handfuls of chips, seven or eight chocolate covered pretzels...and after that i'm not sure what happened. i blacked out. 
but the good news - i managed to get my act together to watch kids have a water gun fight and light a million fireworks.

oh yeah...and i beat amy at ladder golf. this is huge and should be mentioned because she pretty much beats me at...oh...everything. i'm probably going to challenge her to a 40 yard dash next. i feel like i could be on the verge of a winning streak. 
i digress...

after my oreo cookie black out, but before kaye started melting down because of severe sleep depletion...we lit fireworks. 

we started with sparklers, which in my opinion are the very most dangerous fireworks of all. 
now...i understand it wasn't in our best judgement to give our one year old bitty a sparkler, but she's a very mature 20 months...or something like that.

well, as my sweet bitty-boo was swinging her sparkler around, the end of it burned off and about a two inch piece fell off. before i could scoop her up, she stepped right on it and burned her tiny little foot...pretty badly. the worst part was it stuck to her foot. she managed to shake it off and i managed to get the burning stick from her hand. daddy scooped her right up and amy grabbed some ointment for the burn. my gal immediately stopped crying and really might be the toughest little thing i've ever seen. farm girl...i guess. 
(hindsight - not only should she not have had a sparkler, but she should have been wearing shoes!!!!)

the burn is now all bubbled up and blistered...and looks so so sad. she didn't want to walk on it yesterday morning, but she's fine with it now. if anyone has any advice about popping that blister, let me know! (i read you're not supposed to, but it goes against all my instincts.)

regardless...after the burn incident we continued to light about 239840 more sparklers and about 10 "big" fireworks. 
brody and kaye picking out the big fireworks.
my poor girls have no clue what actual fireworks look like. we have yet to take them to a show. before you judge, know that it doesn't get dark dark in idaho until about 10:30 pm in the summer time. so fireworks don't start until 11...maybe slightly before. we'll go when they are older. 
guilty - i gave her the sparkler.
everyone was gloriously tucked into bed by 10 pm. oh wait...no. no they were not. 

once we got home, kaye was such a hot mess with all the excitement and oreo pops she proceeded to throw a 45 minute fit about...everything and anything she could think of. 

the best excuse was, and i quote, "daddy hurt me."

"how did daddy hurt you, sweet girl?" (i talk to her very calmly and sweetly when she's being dramatic.)

"he hugged his sweet, little girl too hard."

yes - kaye referred to herself in third person as daddy's sweet, little girl. then she cried about daddy's hug that was too hard for at least 15 minutes. so dramatic.

about 15 minutes after that i lost my patience and started in with the threats. 

she complained her bed wasn't comfortable and i told her she could sleep somewhere else. i offered up our unfinished basement bathroom to which she replied - "ewwwww. that's disgusting."

i told her she better just sleep in her nice, comfy bed. 

mommy one that argument. boom.

after a few threats kaye was finally staying in bed and i was finally in a nyquil-induced sleep. (i've had a ridiculous cough for three nights now. it keeps me up most of the night. any home-remedy suggestions will be greatly appreciated.)
one burn // 2309284 fireworks // four meltdowns later...another 4th of july is in the books. 

thank you to amy for all her glorious photos and for hosting another wonderful celebration! 


  1. I live in MT, and I HATE that it doesn't get dark until 10:30 or so! We've skipped fireworks for the past two years because our nugget goes to bed at 8. (Secretly, I don't mind one tiny bit.) So glad your tough bitty is doing better!

  2. Poor little girl . . . it happens though and they are tough! No advice on the burn though. You made some great memories . . . glad all is well!

  3. OH no! Burns are no fun! Do you have any lavender oil? It helps soothe and heal! But I'm glad you guys still had a good time! And in Michigan it doesn't get dark until after 10 too, so our kids haven't seen real fireworks either!

  4. Oh goodness....poor little Sawyer. I seriously think those rainbow sparklers are worse than the regular. Carly Jo was holding one that appeared to be completely out and then it started shooting sparks out the backside toward her. The 4th is definitely one of my favorites!

  5. Poor Sawyer! Sounds like she handled it like a champ though...love that picture of the her and your hubs cheering at the fireworks!

  6. Poor little Sawyer, it sounds like she is a champ though. Kaye sounds like my little guy. The tantrums are so dramatic and out of control. One took place last night, well maybe it was more than one, or one huge one, regardless I lost count and still don't know exactly how it started. He also does the mommy or daddy hurt me and his new thing is, his bed is too big, then it's too small, who even knows. Beautifully Candid

  7. Tough little farm girl for sure! Hope it heals fast! And daddy hugged his sweet little girl too hard. i CAN'T!!!!! LOL!

  8. What a 4th! But that's a tough little babe you've got on your hands!

  9. Long time reader, first time commenter! If you haven't heard of "threading" a blister, it works wonders, especially for blisters on feet or hands--can't hurt to give it a google :)

  10. The same thing happened to my niece with her sparkler last 4th! What a tough little cookie she is! A hot toddy always helps my cough - hard to beat bourbon, lemon, and honey! I swear by them. :)

  11. It gets darker a little earlier here, but we still haven't taken our kids, so no judgement here! Despite this, our neighbors were doing fireworks until at least 1130, so that was fun...not. Having to put my children to sleep multiple times on Sat/Sun/Mon night because of this was just short of infuriating. Hope Bittys foot is ok!

  12. Sparklers are my most and least favorite; I love them because I have so much fun with them but they seem to burn the most people. Kids make me so nervous with them ha ha! I hope that her little foot feels better soon! I am not sure what to do about a blister, ouch! We didn't go to any fireworks shows either because it doesn't get dark here until around that time too.

  13. We had a sparkler injury too. Apparently we forgot to tell Reed not to touch the hot end after the sparkles stopped. He thought it was just while it was sparkling. He wouldn't touch another one for the remaining two nights that we did fireworks, so my mom and I did about 50'sparklers each.

  14. Bless her heart! Poor thing had to learn the hard way to be careful with sparklers! I have a 5 month old, and everyone kept asking us "did you all go see fireworks?" And I'm like, "ummm. no. My child is 5 months old and I don't want to deal with the giant meltdown that will happen from staying out that long past her bedtime." One day, though, one day we'll get there!

  15. oh poor thing! At least she is recovering nicely. Besides that it looks like a great 4th! And I had no idea it got dark that late...crazy.

  16. Awww, poor baby. That sucks. My fourteen year old did the same thing but I reminded her that she should have been wearing shoes like I told her. Very lil sympathy on that one. Ha! But it looks like she had a nice time even with her foot bandaged up. I love the picture of her & Daddy with their fists in the air. So cute. :)

  17. Definitely a holiday for the books. Memories made. As far as the blister, leave. It. Alone. From years of experience as a mom, teacher and grammie, the blister is actually a protection for infection. Just keep an old eye on it.

  18. Oh no!! So sorry friend, that is so hectic - and it looks so sore! Poor little poppet - hope it heals quickly x


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