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July 22, 2016


tonight's the night. i get to take a step into my past by 15 years and mingle with people i haven't seen in so many years.

it's high school reunion time.

tonight we're meeting up at a restaurant in downtown boise for a simple cocktail hour. it should be fun. good food with live music and a dessert bar...i can get on board with that.

i'm just hoping i don't get too nervous...pound three drinks...and end up making a fool of myself.

tomorrow is a family bbq at the high school complete with a bounce house obstacle course // face painter // balloon animal maker. i'm really really hoping it's a good time. i'll probably pound three drinks before that event as well.

but before i pound said drinks and can't type anymore, let's get our link up on...

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five things about my high school self
1 | my high school self was on the speech and debate team. that's right! we would travel to tournaments all over the state and get our nerd on. i debated parliamentary style and also participated in an event called humorous interpretation speaking. i'll go so far as to say i even won a few trophies and competed at state. guys...i was super cool.
2 | my high school self wanted to be a cheerleader. yep. i really really did! i would have been pretty okay at it too. i have rhythm and energy and a big voice. unfortunately, my dad would have killed me. when i suggested such a thing at home he said i had to write a 10 page essay on why i wanted to be a cheerleader and even guarantees. i was no fool - i ended up playing volleyball and softball for four years instead.
3 | my high school self was my senior class vice president. uhhh...did i fail to mention i ran my freshman // sophomore // junior year and was NOT elected to student council? yeah. again, super cool. but i didn't have a quit in me. either that or i had too much self confidence. so i ran one more time my senior year (basically uncontested) and managed to get on the council. jokes on me - i ended up having to plan the reunion.
4 | my high school self drove...
i drove the sweetest little cherry red subaru. i looooooved that car. loved it. it was a stick shift and it sounded like a little motorcycle because the muffler needed replaced. one time i locked the keys in the car while it was still running...parked across the street from the school. unfortunately, school was starting and i had never been late to class (agian, nerd). i called my parents from the office (no cell phones) and booked it to class. they came and saved my little car. i'm sure it was on the verge of overheating and bursting into flames.
5 | my high school self didn't drink or go to parties. ummm...not because i didn't want to. i was just never invited. but keep in mind...i still thought i was really cool and popular. i literally didn't know these parties were happening. i was just la my own world, apparently.'s to high school. here's to memory lane. here's to linking up.
ps. you can read my first high school post here.
  1. I hope you have a great time at your reunion! XOXO

  2. You look a bit like Melissa Joan Hart (back in her Clarissa days) in that picture of you outside with the white shirt! I love seeing all the old pics! :)

  3. Humorous impromptu speaking!! Can we see a video of that?!? I'm sure you rocked it! Have fun at the reunion!! :)

  4. Have fun! I totally had to remind myself to not pound drinks and become an idiot at mine. Also...I totally was the same person. Oblivious to parties and not getting invites and thought I was super cool....riiighht. Can't wait to see a follow-up post on how it went!

  5. Have a great time!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  6. I love this so much! It is so fun to see your pictures from high school! Have SO much fun!

  7. Enjoy those drinks! I missed my 10 year reunion, a few years ago :/ Isn't crazy looking back and seeing picture that weren't digital? We're going to look so ancient to our kids. Beautifully Candid

  8. Your senior photo = Clarissa Explains It All!!! You are twins!

  9. I have to agree with the others, you definitely looked like Melissa Joan Hart! Also, those photo stickers are awesome and I have them everywhere, lol.

  10. LOVE your HS photos! I skipped my 10-year reunion because I live 11 hours away. But if I didn't I would have been with you pounding drinks!

  11. Too funny! Have fun girlfriend!

  12. Hope you have a grande time! I was totally the opposite....never missed a party or a chance to corrupt a fellow classmate sadly. But it was definitely a different time in the 80's.

  13. I hope you had the best time! I was never a huge fan of school reunions but after my primary and high school reunions, I actually enjoyed them! Quite funny going back in time... x

  14. This was such a fun post to read!

  15. fairly certain we would have been best friends in H.S. pretty much my life too, did nerdy things, didn't party, did what I was told, and loved every minute of it... I actually posted all about high school in today's post.

  16. This was fun . . . hope you had a great time at the reunion!

  17. You and I had a lot in common. We could have been friends. My first car could have the keys pulled out of it and stay running. OOOOOPS. Yep, that happened. Our cheer tryouts were 60% popular vote... so my all star squad could win nationals... and I still couldn't get elected. Embarrassing.


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