June 10, 2016


last week was the longest week ever...this week was the quickest week ever. i was running around like a crazy person...but nothing really out of the ordinary.

+ laundry - check
+ grocery shopping - check
+ throw an awesome popcorn // movie party - ch-ch-check!
+ hoping my children realize how much blogging as up'd my creativity game - they'll never appreciate.

good news - there are no signs of slowing down. we have three parties to attend this weekend...i'm tired already.

i'm especially tired because of the train wreck of an emotional ride kaye took me on today. girlfriend was all over the map.

i want to wear that shirt.
i don't want to wear pants.
i'm cold.
i need socks.
not those socks. tall socks.
my socks aren't tall enough. 

and that was all before 7:30 am. i could just tell it was going to be one of those days.

i do have to pat myself on the back - i only lost my sh*t with her one time. it was at dinner when she flung her quinoa straight to the floor after she insisted she didn't like quinoa and then realized she, in fact, does like quinoa.

i get so sick of picking their food up off the floor. it just sent me straight to the ugly mom face // voice // exasperation.

but really, we should talk about more important things. like...

this new super cute summer oh hey, friday! button. i mean...just look at those little bikinis! cute.

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my five - 

1 | first things first - season four of orange is the new black is happening on june 17th! i'm here to report - i just watched the trailer and it looks really dark. i mean...yeah. being in prison isn't unicorns and rainbows, but there was certainly humor in the writing and situations. this trailer didn't indicate any of that. regardless...i'll be looking forward to my treadmill time starting next friday.

2 | popcorn party sneak peak!

oh my mercy. had i known a mid day popcorn party would have been such a hit...i would have done it long long ago. basically, we just popped some popcorn and let the kids make their own buckets filled with popcorn and their choice of candy. then the kids sat down and glued their eyes to the show...while amy and i chatted. a fine fine way to spend an hour of uninterrupted conversations - the snack wasn't half bad either.

what's so funny about this picture is this - i'm sure i look exactly the same way when i'm leaning over my farmer digging into his bowl of popcorn because i already finished mine. popcorn-probs.

3 | pineapples are the new black

okay okay...we know this. pineapples are in. they've always been in. they aren't going anywhere. which is exactly why i thought it would be super fun to create a free little printable...just in case you need a random thank you card with pink pineapples on it some day? or a card with a very blunt thank you. (period. no exclamation. i think the period indicates you're very meaningful in your thank you. no effing around.)

if this card is right up your ally, you can find it HERE! it's a cute little 3 x 5, so when you print, just fold it in half. the inside is blank!

4 | this weather
i can't get enough of this weather. minimal wind. the sun is shining. the flies aren't hellacious...yet. my plants are surviving...kind of. (we may have lost the peony.)

so yesterday when it was a perfect 80┬║ outside around 9:30 am i grabbed my camera and the girls and we got to watering our 75+ plants. my little tomatoes are popping through. i think we're up to about 10 green tomatoes. i can't wait until they start turning reds and oranges. kaye is going to lose her mind.

and then there is the herb garden - which i now realize i severely over planted and it actually needs a container about double the size of what i have it in. the dill is out of control, as is the parsley. i have no clue what to do with thyme??? and i have a purple basil that is also competing for space. my poor cilantro is practically the only one that gets trimmed. i use it all the time.

5 | aaaaand - photo dump.

and just like that...we can all move on with our friday...just don't forget to link up with the super-fresh, new button!


  1. Yay for popcorn, oh vey for tantrums! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Come check out how I styled my fave Joe's Jeans shorts at the blog!

    Happy Weekend!


  3. Ugh, right there with you on the tantrums. And half the time my head is spinning having no clue what even set him off. The popcorn party sounds so cute! Love the card you designed, too. Have a great weekend! Beautifully Candid

  4. Loving the pineapple print, if only I had a printer to print. #inthemarket Loving your new button. But mostly loving the adorable faces of your girls. #toocute

  5. Seriously jealous your kids like 2 things my daughter doesn't - popcorn and a movie. Now if it was a "Daniel Tiger and Candy" party she would be all over it!

    Thanks for hosting the link up!

  6. A midday popcorn party sounds like such a fun idea! I want to do that as an adult!

  7. Popcorn party! What a super cute idea! Can't wait to see that post...and yay for fresh herbs and tomatoes, nothing beats a freshly grown tomato.

  8. Pineapples really are the new black! How did they become so popular? I'm not mad about it though, very cute!

  9. Kaye totally cracks me up! Loving your popcorn party and your little pineapple printable.

  10. I love the picture of Kaye all cuddled up with her boy. So cute! & Sawyer with her Nuk & shovel - adorable!

    Have a good weekend, Karli! :)

  11. ooh Popcorn Party sounds fun!

  12. Pineapples are awesome! Kids...not so much! Oh tantrums that involve thrown food. Ugh! What would they do if we threw our food in anger? Maybe we should try it just to see the reaction! Wait, but then who gets to clean it up?


  13. That picture of Kaye snagging popcorn is the cutest. YET SO GROWN UP! Slow down babies!!!


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