June 17, 2016


you know...procrastination. it's pretty much my middle name.

i always told myself procrastination was fine because i work best under pressure.

this is not a good mantra for a college student.

i will say, now that i'm a wfhm (work from home mom - duh. actually...i had to google it.), my procrastination rate has dwindled.

as it turns out...if you want to get it all done, you can't procrastinate.

except for blogging. you can totally procrastinate with blogging and it's perfectly accepted...because most of us have been there one or 29834 times. amiright? or amiright?

so, for this post i'm going to share with you five things i did on thursday night other than writing this post.

and what i'm saying is this - don't procrastinate...just get your link up on -

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my five - things i did other than write this post

1 | dvr confession - rather than write this post i browsed our DVR. as it turns out, even when you still have cable (that's another story) and your DVR is filled with trash...there can still be nothing to watch. luckily, i was saved by a mediocre game six of the NBA finals. all this to say - we still have cable.

2 | design research - rather than write this post i spent waaaaaay too much time on pinterest // instagram...it's all such a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. but sometimes it can be so severely deflating and debilitating and fill you with self-doubt...and some serious negative self-talk. i can hear myself in my own head saying how do they do that? or why didn't i think of that? will my mind ever work that way?

but i have to remind myself that some people are just true artists and it's all very natural. and some people just have a specific style and an eye for what they like (that's me). this limits me in the type of clients i can take on and content i can produce, but that's okay. as long as i can continue to enjoy the work!

3 | friends and family - rather than write this post i browsed potterybarn.com. it's always pottery barn with the friends and family. i get excited when they send me a percentage off because we are in desperate need of a new kitchen table and rug. i have yet to pull the trigger...
the current table was a hand-me-down that, honestly, i never imagined we would have for four years. well, i'm glad we do have it because the girls have epically destroyed it. and what's better is that i'm not panic-stricken every time we sit down to eat. 

regardless - i totally have my eyeballs on this one. also...can i just have this dining room? 

4 | cleaning - rather than write this post i - did the dishes, cleaned the basement, folded laundry, vacuumed and wiped all the windowsills, watered the flowers and the garden, made out with my farmer, and kind of cleaned out my car.

even after the girls go to bed there's still so much to do. i was also going to pack our bags for mccall...but i was too tired.

5 | i did some blog reading - have you been following this story? it's absolutely heartbreaking. you have probably heard of her or at least seen her pins on pinterest. she's an idaho gal with five darling children. 

i'm not the authority on touchy-feely, kind words, etc. but, blogging does have the most amazing community and i bet she receives thousands of uplifting messages...and if you have a few minutes, i'd be willing to bet sending her some more kind thoughts wouldn't hurt a thing. 

on that note...don't procrastinate...hug your loved ones...and link up.


  1. Come see how I wore ruffles for work & play at the blog – Have a great weekend!


  2. Happy Friday! Sounds like you were productive around the house last night! I didn't have it in me to write mine last night so I just threw it together this morning. Procrastination is just necessary sometimes :)

  3. I totally feel you with the procrastination! I love your honesty and sometimes you just need a night to browse your DVR :-) I have been following the Freckled-Fox and it's absolutely heartbreaking. I too hope she feels the love from the blogging community!

  4. But what about that alley oop last night??? I seriously didn't watch the entire game intently but was super excited to catch that. My life revolves around baseball mostly so I forget how much I really do love watching basketball.

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

  5. I've been following Emily for a long time, I'm so heartbroken for her and her sweet kiddos. What a terrible thing :(

  6. At least you did some productive things with visible results while procrastinating. That's a plus! I am going to have to go check out Emily's story.

    Thanks for the link up and please do stop by and join my new weekly link up as well!


  7. We need table(s)... It's the hardest thing in the world for me to shop for... so get on over here and design my kitchen and dining room areas for me?

  8. I am loving that, um, lighting thing in that photo!! So cool! I definitely wish that I was more creative. I read Emily's post earlier and my heart broke for her -- she is such an amazing blogger (and person) and I hope that she feels the outpouring of love and prayers from all of the blogging world.

  9. Haha, I love this post because this is me on a daily basis!! My procrastinating favourites are: series watching, devotional reading, social media browsing, gossip mag reading, adult colouring, meal planning, to do list writing, blog reading, party planning... and so much more!

    The news about Martin is so devastating - my heart breaks for the whole family! But you are so right, the blogging community are amazing and such a blessing to a family in need.

  10. Hi there....are you not doing the 10 on Tuesday anymore? I liked the link up. Bring it back.

  11. I should say...pleeeease bring it back (there..I asked nicely!!).

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