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June 15, 2016



i have this secret pinterest board. in fact...i have 29 secret pinterest boards.

before you think i'm my defense, they aren't all for me. a lot of the boards are collections for people i've done work know, so we could gather inspiration.

it's been months since i've actually looked at it. sure, i've been pinning to it - ideas here and there. but how often do we actually go back and read the random pins that at one point in time we thought were worth pinning?

recently...i did just that.

the secret pinterest board that is quite possibly my most favorite pinterest board is just titled - for me. it contains pins of random hopes and dreams i had six years ago to pins that made me smile. it has lots of pins on how to date my husband from home ( living).
to how to do my hair and makeup like a dallas cowboys cheerleader. (i went through a phase where i was obsessed with that show on CMT...and i still am. i just can't help myself.)
my secret for me board has an infographic on how to pose for a boudoir photo shoot. as well as an infographic on how to do makeup and contour...because i literally don't know. how is putting on makeup a lesson i missed in high school? this explains why in my 20's i'd go out to the bars armed with mascara and eyeliner in my purse and make it home looking like i'd been attacked with a sharpee...just around my eyes. (seriously - with each drink i apparently thought my eye makeup should get thicker...?)
i have a million stunning pins about outdoor // barn weddings...because when my farmer and i renew our vows...duh. and yes - i fully intend on wearing a full, white skirt with a flannel.

and then lately i've been pinning a lot of graphic design // branding // business strategy ideas.

since when did pinterest become my google?

what's on your secret board?
  1. That last die for! I think you definitely need that exact outfit for your vow renewal :) I only have one secret board and conicendentally it's for my own blog, LOL. I heard once that you aren't suppose to have any boards with less than 50 pins, and since I just found two weeks ago, apparently you're supposed to have a board with just your blog stuff, I started it and then keep forgetting to add pins, so currently there are two pins in there...LOL.

  2. This is so fun! I have one, too! :)

  3. I have a bunch of fun things on my secret boards, too. I need to go back and look at them like you did!
    (And no one can blame you for being obsessed with the DCC show--it's addicting!)

  4. A white skirt and flannel. Killer. Just saying. That's enough reason to renew your vows. :)

    Ditto on the boards... mostly for showers, parties, etc. Mommy posts when I was less than 12 weeks preggo... that I rarely look at now. But at the time... ha

  5. Andddddd you just posted a picture of a DCC that I know and have done photos for... What are the odds?! lol

    My secret boards are inspiration boards for baby showers I've given other people, lol... which is far more lame than your boudoir shoots, missy. ;)

  6. I think that I may have a secret board or two...I think. I'm gonna have to go check it out & see what I have sitting there.

    It's always fun to go back & look at some of the things you've pinned through the year/s. :)

  7. Oh yes! I always make secret boards for things I am planning to do in the future but don't quite want anyone to know...yet.

  8. I currently only have one secret Pinterest board and it has a list of books I am lusting after and feel that I need to read sooner than later. Nothing to juicy ;)

  9. No secret board, but I do like yours! I can hardly keep up with the non-secret boards.

  10. I have SO MANY secret boards - especially for design project inspiration!!! And possibly for Baby #3 too! x

  11. I have a secret board for swim suits. Every year I go through the same process of looking at suits on every damn website out there and pinning favorites to a secret board so no one will repin them and have them sell out by the time I actually order one on sale. Then at the end of the season I just forget all about it. Once I hit pool season the next year and did out my saggy Old Navy bottoms the cycle continues. I really think I could just pin on non-secret board because clearly I suck at ordering swimwear, but you know...tradition.

  12. haha I love this post! i have a few secret boards too. One of them is a Gift Ideas/Random Acts of Kindness. Gotta keep that on the down-low.


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