May 20, 2016


hey hey blogging hiatus...and it feels so good, i might keep that train going!

i had waaaaaay more time to watch my shows and eat popcorn. obviously those are my priorities. 

popcorn and...working out. so much working out, endless food preparation, and straight-up slave labor. my gals seem to be running me ragged these days. 
speaking of working out - this tone it up 8 week challenge is way more time consuming that it was last year...or so it seems. 

the good news - again, i'm seeing great results and i'm feeling absolutely fantastic. it's not for the faint of heart. it certainly takes commitment, but what i like most about it is - it's all about working out and eating right. no pills. no gimmicks. just work. which is exactly what it should be. it's like...

eating right + sweat = results. duh.

let me step off my soapbox...

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my five - one of those lately posts

1 | LOVING - guacamole
give me all the guacamole lately. i've been putting it on my salads. i've been mixing it with shredded chicken and scooping it with cucumber slices. i've been spreading it on toast. i'm sure i'll burn out on it soon, but in the meantime...i found these little individual cups that are 80 calories each from costco. the best part - the ingredients are all healthy and recognizable. you know...stuff like - avocado, tomatoes, lime juice, garlic...sounds good to me!

2 | MOURNING - sawyer's naps
i don't even know what's going on with my gal! she's been consistently taking three hour naps for several months now...and then last week she took a few four hour naps! i was like...growth spurt? then this week...1.5 hour naps. say what? girlfriend - go back to those glorious three hour stretches.

3 | EXCITED FOR - the coming days!
it seems like there's a ton of fun just around the corning and i'm so excited! on saturday my farmer and i are headed to a birthday party in the big city. sunday we'll be headed to amy's farm for her boy's third birthday. monday...the bachelorette begins! i'll be headed to hang with my gals for this one. and then on thursday we'll be headed to boise again for a gender reveal dinner!

please note - i've predicted boy. now...let me toot my horn. i've been crazy spot-on with my gender predictions as of late, so i'll be sure to share if my streak continues.

4 | WORKING ON  - etsy shop
i'm back at it! i've been adding some new goodies to my little etsy shop. let me tell you about these premade logo // blog packages. it's basically how i customized my blog...

1 - go to etsy and pick out a premade blog template you like. this is just the layout of your blog - where everything is placed. where your categories are, where your profile picture is, etc. i bought my premade template for $9. such a steal!

2 - install it. super simple. if i can do it, you can do it. my template was sent with a step by step PDF. it spelled everything out and i had a brand new blog - start to finish - in less than two hours.

3 - buy a premade logo + submark + color pallet + font selection from me! this is so your blog no longer looks like a looks like it was designed specifically for you!

questions! just ask. want to have a look at the goodies? check out my etsy shop!
five - on thursday i did five loads of my farmer's laundry. good lord...that's a lot of dirty farm clothes. the day before i did three loads of my clothing + my gal's dirty duds.

five - i've lost five pounds! fiiiiive! my boobs finally shrunk a touch and my clothing is definitely fitting better. of course when you lose weight you...

three - i may have purchased three new shirts! i have to get the wardrobe ready for summer, riiiight? right.

two - i also maaaay have snagged two new workout tops because when you wear workout clothes duds are warranted!

four - only four weeks of the tone it up challenge left. and while i may not be as strict with my workouts and nutrition...i fully intend to keep up on the smoothie intake. every recipe they have has been beyond delicious.

one - down one cell phone. last week was friday the 13th and it did me in. it was actually laughable. sawyer dropped my phone and the screen went blank. so...there go all those pictures, i think. and no, i don't use the cloud for whatever reason.

two - my two gals. they have been besties this much so that i'll have to insert myself into whatever they are playing. i'm like...hey! i'll be a horsie! they look at me like i'm an alien. then they sideways glance at each other like - why is she here?

whatever...i had two girls so they would be besties. and yes...i purposely had two girls, because i willed it...and it's what my farmer requested.

okay! the time has up!


  1. That's such a sweet picture of your girls! XOXO I'm glad you enjoyed your little break!

  2. Your etsy shop stuff is looking great and YAY for losing 5 lbs this week! That's crazy for one week and you're already so small, you must be working out hard!! Blogging hiatus's are definitely needed sometimes, I try not to apologize when I take one because it's usually for good reason :)

    I too broke my cell phone this week, oops ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Love the creativity!!!

    Come check out my latest collab with Los Angeles-based brand TOBI - I am sure you'll like it!!

    Happy Friday!


  4. Wow, the Etsy templates looks AMAZING! So cool you've got such creativity oozing out of you! ;)

  5. Why must the little people be so fickle with their naps!? Harper has been like nah brah not into napping unless its laying next to mom like a suction cup. No thanks..mama needs some time!

  6. I so need to get on this 8 week challenge, did you post details about what you're doing? My only problem is I LOVE food! Ha ha, I also don't use the cloud...for whatever reason :)

  7. You're the awesomest! So much I want to comment on! Go you and your TIU self. I love what you said and 100% agree. It should be hard work. working out + eating healthy, that's what is the best way to do it. Always!

    Love those girlies of yours! Even if they're ignoring you and taking short naps :p

  8. The workouts ARE so much more intense and time consuming. No off days??? but really, I love it. and I've been looking up smoothies on Pinterest because I keep hearing rave reviews. I took last week off and drank way too much wine and now I'm sick and making excuses?? so this week I'm going to get back to it.

  9. I'll definitely have to check out those guacamole cups from Costco! They sound awesome.

  10. Your girls make me want my babies to be little again... kind of. Your blog templates are so pretty, seriously why would anyone make their own anymore, it's just too easy! Have a great weekend Karli!

  11. Their smoothie recipes are so good, right? I'm on such an avocado kick right now but I'm also afraid I'll soon burn out on it. Love the colors on your Country Chic template - that's what I was looking for when I purchased my template.. bummer! Have a great weekend! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  12. Yay for your etsy shop and working out!! Both great things. I am so big into avocados right now it's a bit ridiculous. And holy laundry. I would be so over it. :) Have a great weekend

  13. I LOVE your Friday posts - always a great catch up! Having two bestie sisters in just the best! x

  14. Why's she here...hahaha! And hooray for the Bachelorette!!!


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