May 13, 2016


i'm going to give it to you straight.

i hit my low point today in the tone it up bikini series challenge when i decided i'd rather stop eating than prepare any more food.

that's the truth.

it all came to a head after i finished all 29384 of my workouts and went to have my protein muffin...and it was moldy. lesson learned - store muffins in the fridge.

i skipped lunch and ate some avocado and salsa...and skipped dinner and ate some popcorn.

don't do as i do.

oh do as i do...and link up!

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my five 

1 | free printable
i found the cutest summer printable. i don't know what it is about changing out little things in my home seasonly, but it makes me happy. so...come june 1 you can count on me adding this to our home decor. you can get your free printable well as many other printables she offers!

2 | shared big girl room
the time has come to merge our girls into one bedroom. i'm sooo ready to make sawyer's nursery my office and i'm ready to make kaye's room my workout space. this means i get three rooms in the house and the girls get one...and my farmer has to share one of my rooms with me. that's just the way it has to go. anyway...i've started collecting goodies and pinning and all of a sudden i'm obsessed with the idea of a half diagonal wall painted black. say whaaaaat? yeah. i saw this picture and i just think i have to have gals have to have it. 

i also absolutely addddooooore the bedroom style on the left - decisions decisions. i'll probably try to merge the two and fail miserably.

so far i have sawyer's matching bed (with kaye's bed) ordered as well as this chandelier (i'm obsessed)...both on backorder. they'll be here mid june. that gives me about a month to get sh*t painted and figure out what i'm going to do without a closet in their room. hmmm...

3 | speaking of pinterest...
how does a pin go viral? i have this little invitation i made. it got pinned once and now it gets at least 10 pins a day. all i'm thinking is - this invitation isn't even the best one i've made. how do i make my other invitations get repinned?
4 | advertisements

we've heard of printerest ads, right? has anybody ever done this? does it work?

5 | since this is all about pinterest...
i mean...since we're here - talking all things pinterest - feel free to follow me. i pin all sorts of AMAZING things...great things...good things. i pin some good stuff from time to time. i'm all about finding delicious recipes, healthy recipes, at home workouts, fun party ideas, beautiful branding inspiration, and home decor. have a look!

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  1. Thanks for hosting the fun and have a nice weekend. :)

  2. Pinterest is an enigma to me. Okay let's be real... anything with an algorithm is an enigma to me. 3 to 1 room ratio? Sounds about right! ;)

  3. If you still haven't, come check out and join this huge GIVEAWAY I am hosting for JEWELRY TELEVISION (JTV) where a dazzling pair of 18K gold ASHLEY HOFFMAN earrings is at stake - Have a lovely weekend too!!


  4. Loving that printable! I secretly want to have my girls share a room, too, just so I have an excuse to plan it and buy cute things.. ;)

  5. Your invitation is AMAZING! No wonder everyone loves it on Pinterest =0)

  6. Absolutely adore that popsicle print!

  7. I have done some work with promoted pins, both for work and for my blog. Jury is out on both cases for me. The pricing is pretty expensive per click or engagement. Right now I'm basically doing it if I have a sponsored post I want to get a little love or if I have a post that has been viral in the past around a holiday, I give it $5 or $10 to try to get it out there again for the next time that holiday theme is hot. In total for my blog I've spent less than $75 I'd say. Not sure I'd say it's been worth it. For business, I've seen it be successful but generally with much bigger budgets.

    Can't wait to see the girls' room all done! Have a great weekend!

  8. i bet that invite went "viral" because it's a unique concept! i've never seen that as a party theme for a first birthday before, so i assume it's more the theme people want to save than the invite itself? not that the invite isn't adorable :) :P happy friday!!!

  9. what an adorable printable!!! this would look great in my home office.

  10. Gotta love Pinterest!!! And well done on the shared pins friend - I would also love to know more on how to maximise Pinterest for our design x

  11. That invite is absolutely adorable though, how could it not go viral?!
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