May 06, 2016


it's no secret...i live in the middle of nowhere so it' not like i can pop into the store every other day to pick up fresh ingredients for this or that.

and since i'm doing the tone it up bikini challenge i have to be on my a-game in the meal prep department.

i also have to use my time wisely. i'm juggling working from home // tending to my two best gals // working out // endless meal-making...and getting my house ready to host mother's day brunch.

i'm only slightly exhausted.

but before i tire myself out even more - here's whatcha gotta do...

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my five strategies for staying on track - #fitnessgoals

1 | amazon
one of the best strategies i've latched on to is amazon. (no...i'm not pitching for really just makes life a little easier.)

when you're trying to eat healthy some of those ingredients are hard to find. cacoa nibs? no sugar added coconut flakes? flax seed? save yourself a trip to the health food store...just go to amazon. they have a trillion options AND you don't have to wander up and down aisles with two children who are going to crack any second.

2 | wake up early - get shi...stuff done.
i know this sucks. i know! but it's an absolute necessity. let me tell you how it goes down on the farm -

first - i wake up at 5:00 am-ish. i sit down with a giant cup of coffee and hammer out edits that need to go out to clients. by getting edits out first thing in the morning, the client has all day to respond and i can work on the projects in the evening after the gals go to bed.

second - the girls wake up around 7 am-ish. i always make their breakfast first (duh) and while they're eating i make whatever it is that i'm supposed to eat. they certainly don't need protein powder in their pancakes.

third - when the girls are still in their pj's they get to do whatever. play with toys // watch cartoons // color // play-doh...or they come into the bedroom and workout with me...because they're all about their fitness too.

fourth - nap time for sawyer is when i get my cardio in. luckily i'm not training for any sort of race, so the longest i ever run is four miles and that usually takes about 32 - 34 minutes. not too terribly long for kaye to look at books // play on the ipad // or run around the basement playroom like a lunatic.

and the rest of the day is what it is. it usually involves a substantial amount of outside time where kaye makes me work out more by jumping on the trampoline. someone save me.

but seriously - wake up early. you don't necessarily have to workout first thing, just get other stuff out of the way so you don't feel pulled to that. it opens up extra time in other parts of the day for your workout!

3 | stop eating your kid's food
i am so terribly terribly guilty of this. i don't know why, but whenever kaye and sawyer don't finish their food i'd just pop it in my mouth. keep in mind...i don't feed them crap food. it's usually nutritious, but even nutritious food can be loaded with calories. calories i didn't need.

i read some crazy stat once that stay at home moms consume several hundred more calories a day...just from eating their kid's scraps. ummm...did that P B + J crust taste that good?

if you find yourself doing this, try putting all those scraps in a bowl throughout the day, just to see what you may have consumed in addition to your regular intake. if it were me, i'd have quite the pile by the end of the day.

this has been a hard habit to break...but it's broken.

4 | put on your workout clothes first thing
just do it. getting dressed is half the battle, right? riiiiight. oh! also...get yourself some cute workout clothes that you wouldn't mind getting dressed in...and then wearing all day long because all of a sudden it's evening and you still haven't worked out. this happens to me all the time.

i snagged myself this top and i loooooove it. i plan on buying it in an additional color. this one is super cute too.

5. you don't have to be perfect
seriously. you don't have to be perfect, but you do have to be consistent. consistency is key. can't outwork bad nutrition. trust me...i've tried. can make way bigger improvements to your body by just changing your nutrition and not working out. so really...nutrition is the most important piece. this doesn't mean you can't have a slice of birthday cake or enjoy a beer or wine...but it does mean you can't do these things every day.  moderation + consistency. do it.

off the soapbox. linking up. happy friday.


  1. Great tips! The 4th one always seems to work for me. I still can't get on board with waking up early, though!

  2. Come check out my latest CHICWISH collab & let me know what you think of the LBD - Happy Mothers' Day!


  3. i love morning workouts; it sets the tone of my day and i gives me a pep in my step all day :)

  4. Love the one about "don't eat your kids food!" I'm so guilty of this and it definitely packs in extra (not always so glamorous) calories! And I definitely agree with wearing your workout gear - if I have my gear on, I'm so much more likely to get my workout in!

    Casey |

  5. These are all such great tips! I get up early to workout too and it's made ahuge difference! I have been so off track with my eating lately though. I've got to get that back under control!

  6. I love these tips! Working out first thing in the morning somehow helps me to eat less, too. I don't really know why. My husband's theory is that it gives me endorphines so I don't feel "depressed" quotations because I'm not trying to appropriate that word...I mean a state where my body is depressed...does that make sense? Anyway, the endorphines make me want to eat less.

  7. I love the "someone save me" from jumping on the trampoline part ;-) I always try to put my workout clothes on first too, that way I'm ready to go when I need too!

  8. What a great idea for a post. I love hearing how other people go about their days and manage to get it all done. I am a huge amazon shopper too just to save time and gas!

  9. Love this! I totally need to stop eating my daughter's food haha!

  10. Great tips my friend - tips I should be listening to myself....!! x

  11. I HAVE to wake up before my crazies, I mean kids wake up :) It is essential to my well being. I work out first thing to get it out of the way then I get to have coffee/breakfast in silence when I'm done.


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