May 04, 2016


with the arrival of two baby goats this week (four more on the way...i snapped about it - @karli-bell) it's oh so clear farm mode is in full swing.

plus it's may. what? how did may even get here? this means we are nearly half over with 2016.

the days are long but the years are short - preach it.

my farmer is already starting his first cutting of alfalfa...and good news. hay prices are in the dumps. (insert sarcasm) when half of your operation is hay, this is not good news. i mean...when am i going to get my new car? what about my mccall vacation home?

kidding kidding. even though i do actively try to get my farmer to sell a few hundred acres, constantly, so we can house hunt in my favorite vacation spot. so far...he's not succumbing to my pressures. in fact...he's actively trying to buy more land. what? i hoard clothes. he hoards acres.

but as i was saying - we have two new baby goats on the farm. white twins who hop around, run, spin, and prance. they are the cutest. the gals and i have been driving past their pin for the past few days looking and hoping for their arrival, and yesterday - there they were!

there are two more mama goats expecting...and there's a good chance the black goat has triplets in there. she's as wide as she is tall.

speaking of the black goat - as the girls and i were in the pin trying to catch the baby goats, the big, black, mama goat straight-up escaped! i freaked.

you guys - please don't assume that these are my goats. i have nothing to do with them except for when the babies arrive...and sometimes the girls and i will stop to pet and feed them. they are our employee's goats...they just live on our property. so when the big, black goat escaped into the yonder that is 3000 acres - i freaked. i didn't know what to do. luckily she's super pregnant and not exactly light on her feet.

i grabbed a little stick, rounded out in front of her and started angling back in towards her. i managed to get her between the pin fence and me as she continued to back up. then she gave me a little charge...all while holding sawyer! no worries - i held my ground and made some weird noise i'm sure i've heard in a western film. you know - when you see them herding cattle. and just like that...the black mama goat walked back into her pin.

she looked more than a little angry. so angry, in fact, a few minutes later she charged the spotted, pregnant goat. she's obviously ready to be done being pregnant. i'd be irritated, too, if i was as big as she is.

with the arrival of the baby goats and the cutting of alfalfa, i have more good news - every single flower // plant i've purchased this spring is still alive. this is HUGE and makes me wonder if i should actually plant my garden this year. but then again - baby steps.

let's say i DO plant that garden - give me your best tips and favorite plants.

happy spring!


  1. oh, they are SO cute!! they look like dolls, to be honest LOL

  2. They are adorable! My husband's goal is to get a few goats. We're currently searching for acreage to make this happen (fingers crossed). Your mama goat rescue kind of sounds hilarious :) Beautifully Candid

  3. I think big, black momma goat and I could be friends. ;)

    Dorothy and I have been visiting the baby cows near our house, too (definitely not ours either - we only do corn and soybeans around here!). She thinks it's the greatest. Little farm girls and their baby livestock - too cute!

  4. I can't find you on snap?! karli-bell doesn't show up as a user! I'm @triplekidney

  5. One of my best memories of my Papaw was being at his house when his goat had twins. We were all so excited!

  6. You're like a real life Joanna Gaines. You have baby goats. Consider me jealous!

  7. I normally love love love your blog--we're cattle ranchers, and it's nice to know I'm not the only momma who is raising her family in the middle of nowhere! A little teeny piece of today's post bugged me, though, and I wouldn't comment on it except that I think it's so important for the agricultural community to stick together and positively advocate for ourselves--it was the part about actively trying to convince your farmer to sell land. That was a major bummer for me, and it may have been meant as an offhand comment, but in this day and age where family operations are being broken up left and right and farmers and ranchers can't afford to keep the home place together for their children, I think it's amazing that he's focused on buying more acres. It's a wonderful legacy for your girls, if they're interested, and it's such an unusual privilege for children to grow up on a farm or ranch. We work for one of the biggest ranches in the country, and do not own any land ourselves and likely will never be able to afford it, so I think he's got the right idea--I'm jealous that that is an option for y'all!

  8. gah! babies! my god parents have goats and I'm obsessed with them. I live in town and cannot have one. I'll stick with my pup.

    Emily, My Favorite Day

  9. This story just made my day. I can only imagine trying to heard a pregnant goat back into her pin and having her charge me! I'd die! I guess she can't help it that she's grumpy. I would be too at that point.

  10. We always had goats on our property growing up and they're so fun!!! Also, if you do decide to plant a garden let me know. I'll send you some of our certified organic compost to try on it, you'll love it and it will definitely help keep your plants/veggies alive! Speaking of, if you want some for your flowers just let me know!

  11. They are so adorable! Can't wait to see the triplets if that's what the black one is having!

  12. I'm sipping on some wine and I am so cheers-ing you for keeping plants alive! Because I don't know what that feels like :)

  13. Oh my gosh, I'm totally picturing making crazy noises, waving a stick around with Sawyer in your arms trying to get the goat back in her pin. I'm dying! Ha! Glad that you were able to get her back in though. :)


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