May 31, 2016


+ we've decided to do a trial run of getting rid of cable. it's practically summer and there's no reason to have the tv on, anyway. however...i'm sure going to miss morning cartoons. i usually let the girls watch cartoons while they eat breakfast and i'm able to get some quick chores done.

+ oh lawd. when my farmer took the girls to mccall for the night a few days ago things got a little crazy. and by crazy i mean i ate a giant bowl of ice cream. this wouldn't be a big deal, but i've discovered i'm lactose intolerant and really - dairy should be nowhere near me.

+ i also told my farmer i was going to stay on the farm and complete a few projects - i didn't. i ended up going wine tasting with a baby.
+ since kaye started gymnastics a few months ago i've been able to take sawyer as well. usually, sawyer will watch with me or play with something random. but the past two times sawyer has freaked the eff out because i can't let her go on the mats and equipment. she wants to be out there with the kids and it's the saddest thing. so...sawyer's gymnastics days are over. i think i'm going to have to just drop kaye off from now on. it makes me SO sad because i love watching kaye.

+ i'm having some serious issues in the house department. all of a sudden i want to redo all of our painting and trim. we also still have that unfinished bathroom downstairs. i want to put up a chair rail with shadow boxes in the girl's new room. oh! and the landscaping. we have a huge landscaping project coming up. with my farmer being so busy (what with farming and all) i'm thinking i need an on-property handyman. this doesn't seem difficult...except we live in the middle of nowhere...amongst other farmers. i can't just call one up. so really...i need a brother husband. one husband to do all the things my farmer does and one husband to do all the house projects.

+ to support said house projects...i plan on making tens and tens of dollars from the new, giant ad i placed right smack at the top of my blog. did you miss it? i didn't think you did. it's in a trial period to see if it really does make any mula. i know two things - it it doesn't make any money it's gone. if it does make blog just got a little uglier...and that hurts my heart.

+ yesterday i only put mascara when it came time for bed i was too lazy to wash it off. i regret this. my eyeballs are on fire. this is why i hate makeup and don't usually wear any at all. ladies - wash your faces.

+ the bachelorette - ummm...does anyone feel like jo jo got the shaft in the selection? granted, there are a few guys i like. but what about the 'roid-rager? uhhh...he's suuuper scary.
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in other news...remember jim from the office? he has a doppleganger on the show! am i right, or am i right?

drop the mic. i'm out.


  1. Your blog ad has convinced me to buy some ball park beef franks.

  2. homegirl definitely got screwed over with this group of guys!

  3. Okay, so I'm glad you mentioned this new ad because quick feedback - I kind of hate it. It blocks like half your blog for me and is super annoying.... so I hope it at least makes you some money? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'd want the feedback if it were me.

  4. Oh my gosh, I was JUST saying that to my husband the other night about that guy looking like Jim from the Office and he doesn't see it!! He thinks I'm crazy!! How is that possible?! They look like twins!

  5. You are a brave woman for getting rid of cable! You'll have to update us on how it goes.

  6. Haha...we were totally just talking last night about the choice of men! And the ones I did think were cute have the most suck ass personality!!

  7. When can Miss Kaye start gymnastics? She's got an itch for it, it seems. You are a brave soul for going to bed without washing your mascara off. I only wear eye makeup but I gotta wash it off every night or my eyes hurt as well.

  8. We haven't had cable in 3 years! Buy an Apple TV and pay $8 a month for Hulu. It's actually the best of both worlds. Curious to hear how the AD works out ;)

  9. I would never get rid of cable, but that's because our internet is so spotty. And I lived without TV in England for a year and decided I love myself too much to do that to myself again. First world problems at its finest.

    And I kind of hate the ad. Not that you asked for my opinion but it is HUGE and kind of annoying. Unsolicited opinion right there.

  10. We haven't had cable in all of our married life. Almost 10 years! We have always just had netflix and network tv. I just binge watch allll the cable when we go to my parents house twice a year :p

  11. So far there's not one guy I'd consider worthy of JoJo. I got rid of cable about a year ago and don't regret it one bit. I did just recently sign up for Hulu and can watch TV shows from there at a much, much cheaper cost.

  12. We gave up cable too -- but we have Netflix, Hulu and many others so we just stream everything! It's like having cable but so much cheaper and I haven't missed cable at all!


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