May 03, 2016


happy five more days until mother's day!!!! (farmer...five days. i understand that you've been trapped in a tractor, but i'd totally love a hand made card.)

in other news - i'm in the midst of detoxing my gals off of an overdose of nana and grandpa.

i'm not positive what those gals did this past week - but i'm pretty sure it involved a significant amount of getting spoiled and going to bed late.

what that's turned into is my gals returning home and kaye all of a sudden thinks she lives in hell. i mean...bedtime at 8pm? how dare i. i'm the worst mommy in the world.

that's neither here nor there. the girls had the time of their lives and the amount of sleep i caught up on is absolutely priceless.

in more news...i have a dying linkup. this is going to be the final 10 on Tuesday. let's all shed a single tear.

good! now that we can move on from that...let's get this party started!

1 | draft your 10 on Tuesday list. it can be a list about anything. you can explain your list. or you don't have to. it could be your grocery list. your cleaning list. or a list about your top 10 pet peeves. but a list, nonetheless. k? k.

2 | grab the super snazzy button below and insert the HTML code into the HTML section of your blog. this will automatically make that pretty picture a hyperlink so that everyone knows where you're linking up at!

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my 10 - things that drive me crazy

1 | not walking with purpose - i was at costco yesterday (buying all the champagne) and it seems like i always get trapped by people just meandering through the store. i get it. costco is awesome. i love looking at all the things and stopping for all the samples. however...walk faster. it's not okay that my 1.5 year old is moving way faster than you.
2 | burned espresso - have you ever stopped to get a latte and it didn't taste quite right? it's probably because they burned your shot. i'm like...i just paid $5 for that tiny, little thing. the least you could do is stand there and make sure it gets transferred to my cup without sitting too long...thus burning it. i only know this because i worked at starbucks waaaaaay back boston. seems so long ago...
3 | staying in the service industry...please don't act annoyed when i ask for dressing on the side. customer service, people. i totally want to tip you 25%...but be nice!
4 | this one is so so ridiculous, but - feeling guilty when i don't have anything to blog about. i'm like...relax. this blog isn't putting food on your table.
5 | when i buy the girls a toy and they're like...meh. and i'm like...what? i don't ever remember getting a new something when i was little and thinking it was just o. k. 

for example...the giant dollhouse we got the gals for christmas? how about a giant dust collector? however...those plastic easter eggs you can pop in half? for whatever reason those are still killing it around here.

6 | sometimes programs on my computer will randomly quit. i'll be like...uhhhhh? i hadn't saved that yet. and it will literally be gone. i have no clue how to get those things back. it usually happens with my illustrator program and i think it's because of how they have you subscribe to the service as opposed to it being a hard install. leaves a sick feeling in my stomach err single time.

7 | it drives me CRAZY when i finish binge watching a show or complete a good book. i'm like...noooooooo! keep going forever! i think i get too invested in the storyline.
8 | mom problem - when i reheat my coffee for the 45th time and then stumble upon it around 5pm and realize i never drank more than half the cup. amy - how do you live without coffee?

9 | when i buy something and the next day it goes on sale. i'm you really think i have time to go in and get my receipt price-adjusted? grrrrr. 
lesson - never buy anything full price. duh.
10 | and lastly...general lack of politeness. what's this world coming to? always teach your children please // thank you // you're welcome! always teach your children to hold the door open for anyone. always teach your children to say excuse me...with a smile. it's the little things that can make all the difference.
okay! linkup time. the final 10 on Tuesday link up time. whomp whomp whomp.


  1. grocery store people who just mill around aimlessly drive me crazy. like, GET MOVING, PEOPLE!! I AIN'T GOT ALL DAY! my husband rages so hard at these people it's hilarious.

  2. Ah man! Bummer about this being the last 10 on Tuesday. :( But, I can completely relate to #4!!!

  3. So sad mam! This has been one of my faves because it was so stinking easy. I'm totally with you on #1...walk with purpose people!! Funny story though...I was in HEB a few weeks back and just as I thought I was going to be able to spring around a mosier they scooted over and I when I said excuse me the lady says "hey, your the queen in between, I follow you". Oops! haha Hope you get the girls back on a schedule. I'm not gonna lie..I'm sooooo ready to be a grandma so I can do whatever I want and not worry about the consequences!!

  4. Am adding my link through tears...

  5. AnonymousMay 03, 2016

    Hi, I'm not a blogger, but I remember you writing a post a few months back where you mentioned you'd like for your blog to grow. To be completely honest, linkups like this that are geared exclusively to other people who blog are something I skip past most of the time. I think a lot of us are more excited about your daily stories and fun insights into farm life than formula lists. That said, I still love your blog and you're one of my daily reads!

  6. YES to all of these! I know too well the toys collecting dust problem, I DON'T GET IT!

  7. No! I'm completely bummed this is the last 10 on Tuesday. Now what am I going to do about all the random lists of ten Ive made? ;)

  8. I pretty much agree with all of these!!!!

  9. I'm in the service industry, so when I don't get good customer service, it drives me absolutely nutty!

  10. So many YESSSESS! I hate when people cross the street, while you're driving, and they take your time. Like, I know you have the right-of-way, and I totally don't mind stopping, but put a little pep in your step, honey!

  11. Well sad to see it end as I was just beginning to get into it. Completely understand though. It competes with my Tuesday Talk linkup so I have to be creative in getting around that. Anyways, thanks for hosting it.

  12. The coffee thing, yea. Then I end up drinking it at 5...cold, and can't sleep. ugh.

  13. You've had people get annoyed when you want the dressing on the side? I've never had that happen. It doesn't seem like any more extra work...weird that they get annoyed.

  14. Ahh, bummer that this is the last, I had several in the works for coming weeks. But yes when the kids are at grandparents they definitely need a detox! Yes to the please and thank yous!


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