April 15, 2016


oh my mercy. what is it about thursday? is anyone else seeing this pattern?

thursday seems to be the day that my sweet sweet gals turn on their crazy eyes and turn into complete insanity. so much so at one point around 4:30 pm yesterday i went into our closet and shut the door.

i laid on our closet floor and just breathed.

i was summoned out of my daze a few minutes later by kaye saying, "mommy? can i tell you something?"

"what is it, sweetie?"

"you're beautiful and you sparkle."

and just like that...i felt so much better. i mean...this girl who's seen me at my lowest thinks i'm beautiful and i sparkle! either that or she knows the exact words to my heart. she 100% holds the key.
that story tugs on my heartstrings.


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my five

1 | ice cream
like i said...it was one of those days. so when the schwann's man came i loaded up on the ice cream. 

i once read a tip from a model. she was giving an interview in cosmo, or something. - eat ice cream from a coffee mug with a small spoon. it'll last longer and you won't eat as much. uhhh...i beg to differ. 

2 | outlander
i have a problem...and it's called outlander. friends - it's your new binge-worthy show. you can find it on amazon prime and it's oh so worth it. i mean...i didn't want to get off the treadmill today. i just wanted to keep running and watching. and i'll be doing the exact same thing today. 

3 | follow friday
maegen ashley | codi lynn sydney
eeeee! i'm participating in my first follow friday over in the land of instagram, today, and i encourage you to not hesitate to check out these ladie's lovely instagrammin' ways! 

4 | designs
what kind of businesswoman would i be if i didn't continue to plug my goodies? ummm...shameless self promotion - that's the name of my game. this is just one little design i put together this week for a sweet birthday girl on her way to one year old!

i'm also working on several graduation announcements, business logos, business cards, and a branding rollout. 

good lord i've been busy - but when you love your work...it's not really work! (yes it is.)

5 | this girl
she's the wildest, sweetest, craziest, most emotional, fastest, most daring little girl i've ever known. our days are a roller coaster i don't have the choice of riding or not...she's dragging me along with her.

it's a wild ride, but i'm so happy i'm the mama that gets to ride along with her.  

happy friday, friends! wish me luck with both my gals in the big city today - donut date day!

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  1. Happy Friday!


  2. Oh my heavens, those invites!!! I swoon!! Happy weekend! xo

  3. "You're beautiful and you sparkle" .... That just melted my heart! So much sweetness! And, I'm with you on the whole small spoon / coffee mug thing. I totally try that and it NEVER works:)

  4. Those invitations are totally brag-worthy. I want those colors and pattern all over our new nursery!

  5. I'm so obsessed with Outlander too!!!! It's so good!!! Aww love those invites!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  6. Beautiful invitations and oh my how sweet what your daughter said to you.

  7. How sweet of Kaye!! Outlander is on my to read/to watch list and I think I'll love it! Hope you all have a great weekend :)

  8. Such a precious story...those are the stories that will fill your heart. Hope you have a super weekend!

  9. Those invitations are perfect! SO cute! And that's why we had to STOP buying ice cream. We'd buy a 1/2 gallon on Friday and it'd be gone by Sunday night. Yep. We like ice cream.

  10. That Kaye is a sweet little girl! I really need to check out the shows on Amazon. We've had prime for years and have never taken advantage of the shows or movies.

  11. I love those invitations! So sweet :-)

  12. I think Thursdays are almost worse than Mondays. I have taken to making Thursday night date night around here just to get away from the house craziness. (I don't need a babysitter anymore so I'm not really giving up other date nights!)


  13. Ice cream in a coffee mug - yes please!
    And that invite is adorable - I need your help on something :)

  14. My husband was just talking about Outlander and said we should watch it. Maybe I need to give it a chance!

  15. If I used a mug for ice cream, I would of course use our biggest mug and fill it to the top, so yeah, that doesn't seem like it would work out for me either. Those invitations are just darling! Those pictures of Kaye are just awesome!

  16. Oh that sweet Kaye. I love that she reminded you that you sparkle!! And people who tell me to trick myself with a little bit of good stuff need to be stabbed. THAT DOESNT WORK. Give me all the ice cream.


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