April 20, 2016


so...i'll be hosting mother's day brunch this year.

four years running!

i'm not mad about it. it basically means i'm guaranteed a menu of my favorite foods + champagne.

#winning all over the place.

however...in my several years of throwing parties for whatever reason i can never seem to rein it in. i get all the supplies to do a bunch of different DIY's. my menu always has too many options. and for whatever reason i clean like a crazy person before everybody gets here...even though i know my house is just going to get messy.

but this year will be different. it's mother's day, after all, and i certainly shouldn't be on my hands and knees the day of polishing my floors. that's insane.

i've also vowed to just pick a few key decor ideas and let each attendee bring their dish of choice. i'll provide the alcohol.

(oh! i also forgot to mention the guest list is down to family only. last year we had nearly 30 friends and family. and while that was absolutely wonderful - it was so much damn work.)

today i've snazzied up my key decor inspiration for your liking...and i can't wait to put it together and sit back and relax!

those little baskets? so cute and so cheap via amazon!

and the straws? what's a party without paper straws. yes yes. they always get soggy and a little gross, but they make such a cute statement. and at $3.75...it's a steal.

what about that hey mama placemat?!?! i just about died when i stumbled upon it. the alison show has all the downloads over on her blog...and i think i'm in love. 

fresh flowers? yes please! costco always has great deals, but i hear trader joe's doesn't disappoint in the flower department!

what are your favorite party sources?


  1. Trader Joe's hands down best place for seasonal flowers

  2. I have gotten lucky with the Kroger floral department. Even the Manager's Special (aka: the flowers they need to get rid of) seem to last forever!

  3. Hobby Lobby has great stuff!! I just picked up a bunch of stuff from there on my lunch break for the party I'm throwing this weekend!

  4. I have never checked out Costco's flowers, that is going to change now! Love those little baskets!

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing mother’s day brunch ideas. I really like this idea and would like to host a brunch party for my mom on next mother’s day. This year I hosted a family party to celebrate this day at one of her favorite venues in LA. Everyone enjoyed a lot in the party!

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