April 25, 2016


happy monday!

friends...my kids are still out of town with the grandparents. i barely know what to do with myself.

don't tell my farmer - but yesterday i went to a movie...by myself.

you would think i would be tackling house projects, and i totally was! but sawyer's big girl bed hasn't arrived yet. i also need help moving the treadmill // dresser // queen bed...and since my farmer has been farming from sun up until well after sun down - i certainly can't ask him to stop what he's doing and help me with a menial project. he as to work so we can afford this project!

okay...this is all beside the point.

what i'm really here to talk about is getting off on the right foot for the 8 week bikini challenge!

you may remember from last year when i wrote about doing the challenge. i took progress pictures // my measurements. i was suuuuper diligent with all my workouts. when it came to the recipes, i  kind of followed along. i mostly made up my own (following the tone it up rules) because i was also making meals for my gals and my farmer. i certainly couldn't expect them to eat lettuce wraps, right?

but this year's first week also happened to coincide with my two best gals being out of town. this meant that when i went to the grocery store i was able to only shop for myself...and bought exactly their entire produce section.

the really cool part about the tone it up challenge is that they give you a weekly shopping list and all your recipes for five meals a day // seven days a week // for eight weeks. short of sending me meals...i'd say that's a pretty great way to get set up for success.

as i was saying - i bought 10 bananas, six apples, a million blueberries // raspberries // strawberries, spinach // romaine...and let's just say it's the most produce i've ever purchased.

i can't wait to share the next eight weeks. i've snapped my before pictures (which i'll post in two weeks...as well as my progress). i've taken my measurements. i'm getting ready to do my first workout.

i enjoyed a last supper of popcorn and ice cream last night. and then wept a single tear as i bid them both adieu.

the first weeks are always the hardest because of breaking bad habits...but the results are the best part!

wish me luck. send motivation and will power.



  1. I've kind of halfheartedly participate in the bikini challenge before, but this year it happens to coincide with me being three months postpartum...so me and this extra 20 pounds are allllll in this year!

  2. Yay! I was going to look into this over the weekend to try and participate too, I need to lose a few pounds from my surgery weight that I gained when I couldn't workout for almost 4 months...off to go check it out! I remember you doing it last year and being super successful. Get it! You got this!

  3. You can do it girl!! Can't wait to see your results!

  4. WOO HOO! I'm doing it also! Did you buy the program? I better have a better bum after this... haha

  5. Good luck!! I'm tempted to try the challenge, but I'm also tempted by ice cream, cake, and cookies. Haha.

  6. Get it, girl! You can do it! I need some motivation STAT! I have started, slowly, but I cannot stop eating chocolate and drinking wine. Ah!!

  7. OK!!!!! I want to join too!! I hope i can stick to it x

  8. Can you also handle my workouts and eating healthy for me?? I'm trying but damn this whole getting older and trying to shed the baby weight just isn't working

  9. I'm doing my second bikini challenge also! Last night I ate my lettuce wrap and quinoa bowl while I watched my husband and daughter eat non-approved foods that I junked up on over the weekend. You've got this! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  10. First of all, good luck with your challenge.

    Secondly, a movie by yourself?! Good for you! :)

  11. You got this mama... and even if you don't, just grab that mini skirt anyway! The farmer won't mind. ;)


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