April 05, 2016


it's tuesday. time for another 10 on Tuesday...and i don't want to be here.

which is why i'll be writing about...

fun topic right? i just want to close my laptop and not see it for like...a year.

a month.

maybe a week.

but before i quit my laptop...let's do this.

1 | draft your 10 on Tuesday list. it can be a list about anything. you can explain your list. or you don't have to. it could be your grocery list. your cleaning list. or a list about your top 10 pet peeves. but a list, nonetheless. k? k.

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10 on Tuesday | 10 places i'd rather be

1 | mccall - oh take me back! farming season is upon us and the wind is blowing! meanwhile, in mccall it's still ski season for a few more weeks. i'd rather be in mccall.
2 | chico - my sister and her family live in chico. i want to go to there. i miss her! and i'm sure the weather is absolutely lovely right now.
3 | disneyland - i know. this one sounds kind of lame. but i'm so looking forward to taking kaye there for her 4th birthday. speaking of four...i haven't been to disneyland since i was four. kaye is absolutely going to lose her mind...i might have a little freak out myself. it's going to be epic.
4 | prague - when i spent my time in prague it was in the dead of winter. absolutely freezing. and while prague is quite lovely during the winter...i hear its absolutely stunning in the spring.
5 | costa rica - i've never been, but it's definitely on my bucket list for my farmer and me. i imagine it to have the perfect amount of relaxation and adventure to keep us entertained for...two weeks. four weeks. can you even imagine taking a vacation for two weeks?
6 | hawaii - i've been. i've stayed on the big island // lanai // molokai // kauai...but never maui. must go back. must stay on maui.
7 | ocean city, nj - the summers after my sophomore and junior years of college i worked for a family as their nanny. they had two kids who at the time were 7 and 11. now...the boy has graduated from college and the girl is in college. where does time go?! anyway...this very wonderful family lived in a town just outside of philadelphia and on the weekends would travel to ocean city, nj. there's a huge boardwalk, a delicious ice cream shop...and the ocean was just a few blocks from their home. but i think the best part was all the amazing, fresh seafood. take me back.
8 | on a cruise - guys. yay or nay? or cruises worth it? i get a little freaked out with the idea of not seeing land. put me on a plane over an ocean and i'm fine. but the idea of being on a boat for seven days...makes me antsy. i'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
9 | down south! - i've never been! well...i was in atlanta for a hot second...and i've been to houston, texas. but never florida or louisiana or...you know...somewhere else in the south. like florida? where is the best place in the south to visit?
10 | the caribbean - also another place i've never been! st. lucia // st. maarten // turks + caicos // st. barts...count me in for all of the above.
now it's your turn. not only should you link up, but you should also tell me where you would rather be. 


  1. I get what you are saying Karli, some days you'd rather be anywhere than where we are....laundry, dishes, cooking, wiping noses, listening to tantrums, shall I go on and on and on........in our visual dreams!!!

  2. I went to Kauai on my honeymoon in October and loved it. I'd move there in a heartbeat if I could and that's saying a lot because I take pride in being a southern girl. Georgia is my home, it's in my blood and i've always sad i'd never leave but I would for Kauai. Speaking of where to go in the south. Savannah, Georgia is beautiful. It's my favorite place in all the state. Florida is nice, too. I'm dying to go to the Carolinas!

  3. come to mississippi! specifically madison. everyone literally treats you like a best friend they haven't seen in years. my husband will catch us some catfish we we'll fry it up for supper (don't call it dinner) along with some fries and hush puppies. sweet iced tea + maybe banana pudding for dessert? seriously, come. :) oh and my husband is also a medical massage therapist so that's reason enough to visit, amiright? (ps are you on snapchat? add me! @triplekidney because i have three kidneys...obvi.)

  4. I would love to be at Disney land right now!! Or ooo Prague!!! Anywhere but in my cubicle right now! =P

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  5. Have been to Maui. Was very grumpy when I had to leave Maui. Would not mind being on Maui right now. You should go to Maui.

  6. The wind is blowing like crazy here too. I loved Costa Rica when I went! If I could be anywhere else this week I'd like to be in New York. I love New York in the spring. While I was away someone could miraculously be packing, moving and unpacking for me so that when I got back my new home was all put together. We can only dream.

  7. Um, Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA!! Easy peasy. Growing up in GA, then moving to SC, and now living in Houston, Texas does not count as the South. Texas is weird as sh*t and in the South, but nothing like the Southern charms of towns Charleston and Savannah!

    1. haha yes! i just saw this and wrote the same! we live about three hours from charleston and four from savannah and LOVE them both - so much. and haha never been to Texas! I think Austin is calling my name though!

  8. We're going to Maui in May! I'll let you know how it is ;)

  9. Wait a hot second. OCNJ!? You lived outside of Philly!? Tell me more about this time of your life!!! (I work in Philly and go to Avalon, two towns south of OCNJ, and I cannot WAIT to be there on Friday :))

    Oh and as for cruises - I went on one with family at age 17 and it was a blast but my mom was a nervous wreck about us falling off, which I thought was ridiculous. And then my idiotic 12 year old brother decided to climb FROM OUR BALCONY onto THE NEXT BALCONY OVER. so yeah. no.

  10. Oh honey, you need to go on a cruise! I've been on several, and it's an experience like no other. The food is amazing, and you stop in various ports to explore. You could take a Caribbean cruise and hit up all those islands you mentioned on one vacation...and you could explore the southern US before or after the cruise! Also, here in Maryland, we go to Ocean City, MD (did you know there were two Ocean Citys??? Same wonderful qualities that you mentioned about the NJ one, too). We were hoping to go there this weekend but winter has returned (it's freakin' freezing today. Yesterday it was in the 70s), so we'll likely postpone that trip.

  11. Charleston and Savannah are the BEST!!!! so beautiful. You will feel like you're in another country. And we went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon and loved.

  12. When you so to the South, you need to go to beaching in Destin, Florida, get your party on in New Orleans, or soak in the soulful city of Savannah, Georgia.

  13. I have been to Costa Rica for two weeks (my dad grew up there, actually).
    Just do it.

    Same for St. Maarten. ��

  14. Yes to everything on this list! Disneyland is in my backyard, have a ton of fun! I need to take my kids to see the electrical parade and the fireworks show, simply amazing!

  15. My recommend for #9 would be South Carolina - and one of the coastal areas.

    Daily Style Finds

  16. You need to get your lil booty down to Florida especially when it's yucky where you live. Our time there a couple of weeks ago was fabulous. We had some rain & a lil wind while we were there but back home in Wisconsin while I was sitting on the beach, they were having snow emergencies. Ha!

  17. I live in the south, come visit!!! ;) I'd love to go to Hawaii, but I doubt I'll ever get my hubs there.

  18. I'm in the south and right now its freezing....I'm about to move to california where the weather is more predictable!! hot one day, cold the next is not my idea of fun here. Love your list...I'm dying to go to Hawaii and I can't wait to take my boys to disney!

  19. Yes, you need to come to the South! I'm a Texan, so I'd recommend Austin, San Antonio and Fort Worth, but Savannah, Destin and New Orleans are all fabulous as well. If you're coming, make it soon...you don't want to be here in the heat of the summer. Yikes!! Thanks for hosting this link-up.

  20. Pretty much anywhere that has a pool and adult beverages.

  21. Cost Rica is phenomenal, safe, and so inexpensive. It's the first place my fiance and I visited together, so it's always been special to us. Make time to go eventually :) We don't have kids, so 2 week vacations are our standard now. It's easier to just disconnect from work completely and go away...maybe in the non-farming season you can try it!

  22. Oh Florida. I've never been to anywhere else down south, but man I love Florida. Disneyworld is amazing. And the beaches. I love the beaches. I've been to the Orlando/Daytona area three times, and hoping to take my firefighter there next winter as a bit of a late honeymoon.

  23. College Station, TX...you need to come!! I will drive you to Austin for the day and over to Waco to see Magnolia Farms...we could have a BLAST! :) I'd rather be any of these places..except maybe a cruise. I know people love them but it freaks me out too. For some reason the idea of an Alaskan cruise doesn't freak me out quite as much. And Disneyland...she will love it and you will do as you watch her filled with wonder!!

  24. We're currently stationed in MS, so of course you should come down here! Seriously though, I'm from Louisiana and it's a blast. Bring those little ladies on down anytime!


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