March 18, 2016


ummm...does anybody else feel like easter just snuck right up on us?

does it feel like it's extremely early this year? i mean...last year it was on april 5th. so yes, it is hitting us early this year.

so, since i totally bombed st. patrick's day i figured the girls and i would get our easter on this week.

but before i share all know what's coming -

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

uhhh...hold the phones. pump the brakes. midway through this post, as i was installing photos from my camera...lights out. my macbook pro completely shut down. i thought, "okay. no big deal. i'll just start it back up." 

except it didn't just start back up. guys...i think it might be dead dead. either that, or i've lost everything. like...all of my work. all my photos from most of 2015 to present. i'm really trying not to lose my shit over this...but. yeah.

so, i'm here, pecking away on my dinosaur macbook. thank god i didn't kick this old betty to the curb.

while i'm playing computer doctor, you go ahead and link up. then i'll go cry. then you go have yourself a great friday. then i'll take kaye to gymnastics and realize it's okay. i'll also realize technology sucks. and i hope you have a great day too. 

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  1. Oh no! That's my worst nightmare and why I got Dropbox. I also have an external but don't sync to it as much as I should. Dropbox does it every time I load anything to my laptop which is super convenient.

  2. Hope your comp gets fixed! <3

  3. Oh NO!!! Crossing my fingers you don't lose anything! And yes...Easter is eaaaaaarly!

  4. BUMMER, Karli! I know how you feel. We still haven't be able to get pictures off of our old Mac laptop. It won't turn on. It's been 4 years...

  5. Ughhh frustrating! But you're right, in the end, no biggie :)

  6. That just plain sucks! Fingers crossed it is back up and running for you soon. Have a great weekend!

  7. Have a lovely weekend!


  8. Oh no!! I hope you get your computer fixed and that you haven't lost any files :/

  9. Oh no! Losing a computer is the worst! Just so inconvenient. Hope it starts working for you again soon!

  10. Oh girl, technology DOES suck. I swear, I have the worst luck with it, too! Hope things work out for you!

  11. Oh my gosh. Girl, I really hope that whatever is wrong is fixable. Otherwise an EPIC freak out would totally be warranted. Fingers crossed for you!

    PS: I am NOT ready for Easter. Nope.

  12. Oh noOoooooo!!! Get a professional to look at it! I'm sure they can salvage things for you. Fingers big time crossed.


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