March 11, 2016


***post still totally under construction because i snap chatted those dumb faces for way too long last night*** braggy pants are on because yesterday my two best gals were on point.

we had one of those rare days where they were totally, 100% content to play with their toys.


this is a totally new concept in our house. usually they just like to follow me around crying and tugging at me while i try to carry laundry or groceries or other heavy things.

their very most favorite thing to do instead of play with their toys is to follow me to the bathroom. i loooove that. lie.

but yesterday. yesterday was golden. and magical. it's days like yesterday when you can find me hiding behind furniture or doors to peak in on their playing...because lord knows if i say anything, walk past them, make a's toys suck - follow mom. so i go into total stealth-mode, army crawl. they may as well be home alone.

but today i'm back to paying my kids all sorts of attention. it's our day in boise and we'll be lunching, hitting up some gymnastics, and maybe even shopping around for some easter outfits for the gals and our farmer. i get a weird kick out of coordinating my farmer to his best gals.

speaking of shopping - today's post is all about shopping. but first...

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M Y  F I V E - get my shop on

1 | baby gap
in case you missed the's friends and family at gap! it runs through the 14th for card the free shipping. it basically means you HAVE to get some duds. you just do. this is what's found it's way into my shopping cart. i just can't help myself. 
flutter shirt // jammies // tank
dress // shirt // flats
suit // sandals // dress

2 | banana republic
good news. banana republic is ALSO having a sale. love that. just use code BRCFIT for 40% off your order at checkout. again...i have big plans to purchase.
jacket // clutch // dress // heel // dress // pineapple earrings // tank

oh! and these clover earrings too. just in time for st. patrick's day!

3 | shared gal's space
in a few months here i'm going to begin planning and painting a shared room for kaye and sawyer. i'm so so beyond thrilled to get the girls together. i remember sharing a room with my sister for 16 years (until she left for college) and it was the most tumultuous, fun, spirited 16 years. 
anyway...i've been seeing target ads all over the place and i can't even believe the cuteness that is their new kids line. i'm dying over here!
be you // heart // eggs // crate // lamp // pillow

4 | pottery barn
plates // eggs // tumblers
oh pottery barn. won't i ever learn? i just can't help myself. not to mention - i have some of their rewards mula burning a hole in my pocket. i should probably buy some easter decor...for sure.

5 | spring printable
this is most definitely finding its way into my home. it's the most darling watercolor printable...and it's free...and i love that.
find the printable here
okay! linkup time. have a great weekend...i know i will. one of my besties is having her babe in just four short weeks (or so...or less) and we're celebrating her tomorrow!!


  1. Okay, I am now trying to find a reason to buy those pink heels. Lord knows, I need another pair of heels like a I need a hole in my head, since all they do is gather dust these days. But man, those are cute. Wishing you the best of luck with your girls today. Hoping they are perfect for you!

  2. Loving that Little Black Dress pick you've made. So, very pretty.

    So glad your gals were getting along. It certainly is a gift of gold when mine do it, too. =)


  4. I have a full cart on but keep thinking I might just drive over to the store to see if there are any better deals! So much buyer's anxiety up in here when I'm online shopping.

  5. Have a fantastic weekend!!


  6. Free printables jackpot - thank you! That print is darling. And yay for the kids getting along! Hope it lasts! :)

  7. Oh those snapchat filters are my favorite time waster, ha ha! Even my husband wants to check them out each night... that's saying a lot!
    Anyway, baby GAPPPPPPPP! Obsessed! Also, Old Navy is killin' it right now with their clothes. I ran in real quick to get James a hat yesterday and wanted to cry because I couldn't buy the whole store, ha ha! Also, those shoes from Banana Republic- SO CUTE!

  8. Love it all! I am so ready for Spring!! What's your Snapchat name?

  9. Ohhhh please share your snap name! I'm krisray3

  10. Isn't that crazy when your kids actually get along and play together?? My boys have been really playing a lot together this week and I'm highly suspicious of this. Something is up. They are planning mutiny against I'm sure.. because where is the tugging?? My favorite is the demands and tugging while I'm cooking something hot on the stove. That's awesome. Happy Friday!

  11. 40% off? Well that is terrible news (for my budget!). Off to shop!

    And set a reminder to snag myself that adorable free printable!

    Happy Friday!

  12. Glad you all had such a good day :) Can't wait to see what you pick out for Easter!! That spring printable is so pretty...I might print that to use in my office or bathroom!

  13. Oh my word, those fringe baby sandals are to die for! I just went to buy them and they're SOOOOLD OUT! WAAAAHHHH!!!!

  14. Coordinating Easter outfits are the best! I look forward to that. Your day sounds like a win all the way around. I bet the turtle hangs out with the boys at gymnastics. She seems like that kind of Turtle. Not prissy... just wants to have fun.

  15. I've always though I really wanted boys over girls (because like I have a choice, right?), but your posts and decorations and clothes for your gals make me want girls!! Give me the little girls!! (okay, God, deal?)

  16. So, I've been doing 5 on Friday posts for months now, just have never linked up. I decided today was the day. I figured out how to link myself to the bottom of your page, but I don't know how to get the button onto my page. I have a wordpress account, so I'm not sure if you can help me or not. I would like to do your Ten on Tuesday link up, but I want to get this figured out first. Thanks!

  17. I cannot wait until my kids can play independent for 5 minutes. FIVE MINUTES!! That's all I ask!


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