March 29, 2016


i have a treat! and by treat i mean - the least exciting post i've ever written...but maybe the most practical and useful.'s 10 on tuesday. hopefully everyone is recovered from the easter overload and is showing up today for the linkup!

bonus - there's a printable so you too can be the very proud owner of a list telling you where to clean in your home. yay.

double bonus - i got together with some other great bloggers who are also going to tell you how to spring clean. double yay.

please. don't stop reading yet. because there's more.

last bonus - we sweetened the deal with a giveaway! four lucky winners will be proud owners of their very own mrs. meyer's cleaning bucket. this may not sound super awesome...but we use mrs. meyer's in our home and i love.

get entered at the bottom!

10 on TUESDAY - how to get your clean on

1 | did you clean out your refrigerator? good. more specifically, did you clean the top of the refrigerator? you should probably take a peak behind it as well.

2 | pull your stove out. what’s under there? you’re not sure what that is? clean it. 

3 | your car. was this on your spring cleaning list? refrain from the 38 animal cookies you found in the backseat, throw away the rest of the garbage. wipe it down. vacuum it out. pull out the car seats and deep clean those too. 

4 | take a moment to go around your house and clean all your light switches and all your door knobs. germ central. oh…and don’t forget to wipe just above and below the door knob. those areas get touched a lot too. 

5 | when was the last time you put your coffee maker through a vinegar cycle and changed it’s water filter? do yourself a solid and help your coffee taste even yummier. 

6 | did you wipe down your garbage can? how about the inside of it? was it disgusting? i know…it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. 

7 | don’t even get me started on the tops of mirrors // picture frames // art we hang on our walls. did you dust those? you should. odds are they are totally gross. 

8 | you’re going to hate me for this one, but you should do a quick glance at your kitchen drawers and cabinets. they need vacuumed and wiped down i’m guessing…and your pantry probably needs a little organization as well. bonus - you can grab a snack while you’re in there. 

9 | how about your washing machine? if you have a front loader like us this is a necessity. i ordered some tide washing machine cleaner off of amazon and it keeps that little space smelling fresh…instead of like mildew. 

10 | and lastly…your baseboards. you probably didn’t forget to wipe these down…but there’s a good chance you’ve been putting it off for far too long. just do it. get it over with. call it a day.

pick three of these tasks and do them in one sweep - you can consider it your workout for the day.
want to take this list with you? get your printable HERE!

now get yourself entered for the cleaning bucket...sounds so glamourous.

if you're just here for the link-up party...i'm happy about that too. 

link up below!

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  1. Fun cleaning list, lady!!!

    Not sure the linky is working this morning.

  2. Thanks for hosting. Great reminder to clean those often forgotten places.

  3. Love your handy list! But, agh! I just ignore the carseat ;)

  4. Baseboards are the scourge of the universe. Important to clean though!

  5. I hate cleaning, but love a clean house. What is a girl to do? ;)

  6. I get so much satisfaction from cleaning out the fridge! My car on the other hand is severely neglected when it comes to getting a good clean.

  7. Great list! Just cleaned out my car yesterday! I hate doing baseboards. Ugh! :)

  8. YEs, the garbage cans, I always forget about them! I'll be using this list, love it!

  9. Ok... so I'm lucky if my bathrooms gets cleaned on a regular basis. This list is making me feel like a total underachiever. But it is a good one!

  10. Love this printable! And if we're being totally honest, I'm terrified to look under our stove or behind the fridge! Oh, the horror!!

  11. I hate cleaning but I do love checking things off a list that I didn't even have to think up myself! Win, win.

  12. I don't know, you totally made cleaning sound fun and exciting. I don't think Ive laughed over scrubbing down the garbage can before. You have a gift! ;)

  13. These are so good and made me feel like I need to get moving...i mean..i probably won't today...or tomorrow but soon :)

  14. Argh, you're stressing me out even thinking about it! My list is a mile long and I don't think I even have any of these things on it. Lol. Thaaaanks.

  15. Oh yes I need to do the doorknobs and light switches and behind the fridge! Thanks for the reminder... Even if it won't be pleasant!

  16. I was just telling my husband the other day we need to do a deep cleaning on our house. There's so much to do that I get overwhelmed just thinking about starting though. A list definitely helps. Thanks!

  17. Nooooo not the bottom of the stove - I don't know what we may find!

  18. Definitely adding light switches and door knobs to my ever-growing list. Because...yuck.

  19. I'm good on all but the first three! Definitely need to conquer 1 and 2, but I'm holding off on the third one until just before I have to trade my car in!

  20. Ugh, spring cleaning. If I print off your cute lil printout, will you come do mine? ;)

  21. I confess... I have only cleaned light switches and door knobs when there's a sick Brumfield in the house. :|

  22. Great reminders for all those (yucky) places we normally forget to clean/wipe down.. Might tackle the 'ol fridge this weekend.. :) Great printable!!

  23. Ooooooh girl. I totally need to get on this. All of it.

  24. All of those places are things I always forget...want to come do them for me? hehe :)

  25. I missed 10 on Tuesday, dang it. I was sorting through and editing photos all dang day!! I am going to print this and get busy!!!

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  27. I am guilty of always neglecting #7, who knew :). Thanks for sharing great cleaning tips.

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