February 09, 2016


oh mercy. the things we do to give our kids a thrill. no, seriously.

i'm a part of this great blogging group full of super, amazing moms. someone threw out the idea of a valentine exchange this year...and since i had never done any sort of exchange before, i was THRILLED to get the opportunity. i knew it was going to be so much fun for kaye...and sawyer...kind of sawyer.

so i signed up. picked the valentines i was going to send. ordered my supplies. i was ready.

well, after the supplies came, i personalized the graphic (more on that down below), and practiced my calligraphy skills on the envelopes...my valentines were ready to be dropped in the mail.

i packed all 26 valentines into a bag and walked into the post office...super proud. my valentines  sawyer and kaye's valentines looked so so cute.

that's when the postman punched me in the gut

ma'am. your valentines won't post for the standard rate. they are too thick. 

so instead of paying 78 cents to mail 26 valentines...i paid $2.43. each. i about shit myself right then and there. i was like...you have got to be effing kidding me. no seriously...that's what i said to the postman.

long story long - i ended up paying over $60 to mail those valentines. do you know what i could have purchased with $60? yeah.

the silver lining to the story is - i've  my gals have received so many valentines from all over the country. i opened our mailbox one day to overflowing tiny packages decorated with sticker hearts and red marker. it was WONDERFUL.

i'm collecting all those tiny packages in a bag for the girls to be opened on v-day. i'm so so...so so excited. and i know kaye will be too. maybe sawyer.

and that's how their valentines day is going to go so so right.

but how is my valentines going to be so so right? hmmm...that is the question of the hour. come on farmer, don't let me down!

regardless...i'm here to show you how we made cute valentine's that were supposed to be ridiculously budget friendly...that ended up costing $100. ie. fancier than my wedding invitations.

i found our valentines on pinterest (obvs.) here. they were so simple and i knew i could personalize them in adobe illustrator. so i did.

i just changed the fonts, added the girls names, and enlarged them, so i could print two to a page...instead of four.

next, it was as easy as cutting each card out and taping the crayons to it.

guys - we're totally working on our cutting skills. i'm just surprised no blood was spilled.

for the crayons i just went on amazon and purchased four packs of crayola. i guess i could have bought a mega box of crayons, but i didn't want to have to deal with greys and browns = lame.

before i inserted the crayons // coloring cards i addressed all the envelopes. i'm not sure what got into me, but i thought it the perfect opportunity to practice my calligraphy. in hindsight, they didn't turn out too terribly, but it did take extra time, that's for sure!

#momoftheyear (or so i kept telling myself)

all my farmer kept saying was, "shouldn't kaye and sawyer be doing this?" and "is this how you're going to do their homework when they are in school?"

i'd like to say i responded sweetly.

so after calligraphy-ing the envelopes and then going back over each name in an attempt to make them look better...they were ready to head to the post office to see how much each would cost to mail.

i knew it was going to be more than standard rate...i was mailing three crayons p / envelope.

but when that man told me it was going to be over $2 p / envelope i nearly jumped across the counter. that's highway robbery! i was mailing children's valentines! good god.

what's done is done. i'm happy with the end result and i'm so so happy knowing that my gals will be beyond loved on february 14th. we can't WAIT to open all the little valentine packages the gals received!

a very happy valentine's day to all!

ps. i took off my gal's names in case anyone wanted to personalize this cute color by numbers valentine! just click here for the full PDF download!
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  1. That's really funny [horrible], but I'm glad you paid the price & went with it! It would've killed me & I wonder how long I would dwell on it! �� Happy V-Day!❤

  2. Karli bell I am going to have to stop reading your blog at work!! I seriously was dying. What a fun idea and the girls will be over the moon!

  3. I cannot believe how expensive it is to mail stuff now....redic!! I sold a few things on Kidizen and pretty much made zero dollars after shipping and fees. BUT your Valentines were totally worth the $2+ to ship them, AND you sent us two....Cam is eternally grateful for a sister right now since he got double crayons and double candy from everyone!! :) xo

    1. PS Your calligraphy is on fleek. And the return labels. definite #momoftheyear and we can TOTALLY help our kids with their homework, if it's this fun! ;)

  4. So glad I'm not the only one who freaked out about the cost of mailing these things! I seriously left the PO sick to my stomach and I'm still on edge about whether my husband will notice/say anything when he says our statement. I mean, it was a fun exchange, but $25 in supples + $60 in postage = a little more than I bargained for! I think I'll scale back a little (A LOT!) next year! P.S. My boys loved your valentines! Proof on my post today. ;)

  5. Love this idea! They are such cute Valentines.

  6. So fun! And yours turned out so, so cute!

  7. We loved loved loved the Valentines you sent! I'm so sorry it was so expensive. I learned my lesson that last year when mailing candy. Never again. Anyway, thank you for our Valentines. Mac carried his around all day with him and Mim loved eating the crayons!

  8. $2.43 each? That's insane! I paid $7.00 not too long ago to ship an entire box halfway across the country. I feel like you got ripped off. On the bright side, your Valentines turned out SO cute!

  9. What an adorable idea! I hope there's a group of ladies who are still doing this once Harper is old enough to understand once Valentines Day is . . . or at least get excited to color something. So basically next year haha. I would have freaked out over how much the postage was and probably acting pretty annoyed with the guy at the post office, but those Valentines are adorable so totally worth it!

  10. Oh man! I am sorry that it cost so much to mail those out. We loved it, though! And we had a similar issue...because ours weren't flat they wouldn't go through the standard machines and we had to pay more for postage. And at first they told me my envelope to Canada was going to cost me $30 bucks and I had to fill out a customs form. Fortunately, it didn't cost that much at all once they rang me up! Anyhow, yours turned out so cute and Mason loved it. What a fun exchange. Although, Mason has been sad the last several days because he hasn't gotten mail! ha

  11. Yes the prices on some of these valentine's that arrived were shocking. My husband should be super thankful I went with simple ones this year. I sent out about 40 in the end, because god forbid I leave out anybody! Too funny about them being more than your wedding invites. The things we do for our children, right?

  12. Girl, I feel you on postage!!! I about d-i-e-d. Guess that's why I don't send things lol. I love how you addressed the envelopes! I was going to cut the girls names out and save it, right after I ripped through Kinsey's name, fail. Such a sweet valentine, thank you for sending one for both my babes :)

  13. That totally is highway robbery!!! And Chris always accuses me of someday being the mom that does school projects for my kids. Whatevs...

  14. $60 !?! Nightmare! But a totally cute idea, there are going to be some happy people opening their cards on Valentines Day!

  15. Postage is ridiculous! Back in October I gathered up a few little odds & ends to mail to my bestie for her birthday. Some mini bundt cake pans, cute washi tape, some chocolate, a lip chap and a birthday card. The whole thing total cost about $15. My jaw hit the floor when the lady at the post office told me it would be $35 to mail to mail the small box 2 provinces over. I ended up not sending it and she got her birthday package when I saw her at Christmas.

  16. OMG girl! That's total robbery! So stinking cute though. We can't wait for ours to get here. :)

  17. Yours were the cutest!!! Such a fun idea.
    In other news. I nearly lost my shit when each of our packages was over $2.50 a piece. I don't spend as much on the husband for Valentine's Day as I did for shipping all those packages!

  18. Good thing they are so dang cute because that's highway robbery.... USPS is the worsttttttt. But you... YOU ARE THE BEST. Great work, mama!!

  19. We loved our coloring sheets, thanks so much!

  20. Your valentine was so cute!!! Mason immediately ripped off the crayons and started coloring the page and now the masterpiece is hanging on our fridge :)
    And hey, consider yourself lucky. Did you see the postage on my valentine? They cost me $4.90 EACH. Don't do the math. I didn't tell my husband. I almost threw up in the post office when they told me it would be NINETY EIGHT dollars to ship. I didn't even think about that when I decided on what to make :(

  21. Everything about the Valentine's from the card to the labels to the calligraphy is adorable!

  22. Uh, can I just say thank you for that PDF? Love, the mother who forgot about making 12 Valentines for her kid's PDO class until the day before the party. #momfail

  23. We loved your Valentine! And omg I was in the same boat as you when I found out how expensive it would be to send... Holy cow! I think I hid it well at the post office but I totally paid in cash thinking Chris would have a heart attack if he knew what I spent. But I guess he ships a lot of stuff cause he guessed almost exactly!

  24. I almost cried when I read this...cried laughing and cried out of sorrow with what you could have bought with that $60. You are an awesome mama :)

  25. What a cute idea - love this exchange for the kiddos!! x

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