February 26, 2016


what a week. what a freak-show of an effing week.

kaye was a monster - which made me a monster.

sawyer was sick // still fighting it.

farming all of a sudden has reared its head so my farmer has had some late nights...and i didn't realize how emotionally unprepared i was for the season to start.

what happened to my weekend ski trips and too much beer?

but hey...we've still got each other...and oh hey, friday! get busy.

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M Y  F I V E

1 | my questionnaire 
yesterday i wrote up a post that included a questionnaire about blogging and what you all prefer to read about...and what you might want to read about. 
out of over 200 responses...there was an overwhelming outcry for MORE FARMER
i'm not even sure if i should be flattered or jealous...maybe a little of both? 
but...ask and you shall receive. and yes, he totally rocks a speedo at each and every opportunity.
oh! and if you want to fill out the questionnaire...please do! it's been absolutely wonderful reading all of your comments and questions! CLICK HERE

2 | weehoo
friends. weehoo doesn't quite begin to explain the awesomeness of this bike train. the sun has been shining + minimal wind out in our neck of the woods so i took my best gals on my first bike ride...towing an additional 80+ pounds (gals + weight of the weehoo). i was super nervous at first going down the giant hill that his our driveway, but after that we cruised. it was so fun and it bought me 30 minutes of blissful silence. i didn't hear either girl whine or cry the entire time. i looked back at kaye at one point and asked how she was doing. her response - doin' good mama! my hands are a little bit cold. other than that...not a peep. #winning 
i see daily bike rides in our future. (ps. while going down giant hills is scary...riding up them SUCKS.)

3 | politics
i don't normally chat politics in general...like...ever. i keep my thoughts my bizz and that's that. and that's that! some people are all about it. not my thang. however...what is my thang is the insanity that is surrounding trump. granted...me posting this isn't helping squash the buzz, but this video speaks. give it a look. 

4 | spring clothing
i don't know what it is about the weather shifting, but it brings out the very worst in me and my credit card. give me all things floral and bright...and apparently ruffled? like this mustard sweater. i'm nearly certain it won't look good on me...because ruffled shoulders on a 32 year old??? but you better believe i ordered it, because well, you just never know. 

and this shirt i ordered in two colors - again...the ruffle. i'm either going to be super jazzed or super sad.
i'm also on the hunt for some new white denim pants. i used to have a GREAT pair that i wore and wore and wore...but apparently breast feeding sucked all the fat and muscle from no other place except my thighs and booty...and they no longer fit. so maybe these will do the trick? or...i could bite the bullet and go for these or these because AG pants just seem to fit my booty the best these days.
when can we start wearing white pants? after memorial day? i don't think so.
5 | so, i've been thinking...i need to sign up for another half marathon. i've completed three in the boise area. wouldn't it be fun and motivating to travel to complete a race? am i crazy? so here's my question - 
is there a great half marathon race where you live? 
double bonus (for me, not you) - if i travel to where you are you can give me all the very best recommendations on where to stay and eat. 
and if none of that ever happens...it's worth mentioning i forked over some cash and bought my yearly running shoes. i purchase every february // march and i can't wait for these to be delivered. i bought last year's version and they were WONDERFUL. 
but enough about that...it's friday and you should totally LINK UP!


  1. nike clearance is an additional 20% off right now, just FYI i saw similar shoes code is Betterforit :)

  2. Yay more farmer :)!

    I can't wait to have kids and have a bike train, too fun!

  3. I NEED that sweater from Banana. I love it. The navy one is CALLING my name. Please go on sale, please go on sale, pretty sweater. I have too many house things to buy right now to purchase that darn sweater without a discount, lol!

  4. YAY for riding with the babes (and blissful silence)!! There IS a half marathon in Dallas... and I can promise mambo taxis (margarita + sangria) afterward... so what else is there to know? ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing the fun - Have a fab weekend!!


  6. Love the biking pics! Next time take me! haha! Happy weekend girl

  7. For some reason Kaye's comment made me crack up lol! Have a great weekend :)

  8. I'm whiney enough about bike riding when it's just me, so I can't imagine my level of whiney-ness with an extra 80+ pounds. You get all the cheers from me for that!! So cute that your girls loved it.

  9. Um, that bike train is AMAZING! Need it in my life, stat.

  10. I am cracking up on the speedo!! I am not sure I have ever mentioned but my man actually was farming when I met him and it may have been what stole my heart....She Thinks My Tractors Sexy came out during that time and I was like all about it. haha I love riding bikes and we don't do it often enough. Have a super weekend Karli!

  11. Oh my goodness, you need to come to FL and do the Disney 1/2 marathons!! They're amazing! The princess just happened but I did that 3 years ago and it was amazing! Running around Disney is so much fun

  12. OH my goodness, that bike train is too cute, and I can't barely get myself up a hill, let alone get two littles up a hill! Great job. and Disneyland in Cali has some great half marathons. I did the Disneyland Half in September, super fun! Get to run through Disneyland California Adventure and you get to run through Angel Stadium and they have people in the stadium cheering for you as you run through, and you get on the jumbtron...I think that's reason enough to come here...hehe. Plus then you get to take your girls and farmer to Disneyland!

  13. Ooooh I love that bike train thingy! We have two babies and it would be awesome to be able to cart them around! I've seen the bike seats, but I'm always afraid they're going to fall off!

    Have a great weekend... I hope it's better for you than your week was!

    Lindsay's Sweet World

  14. The Wine Country Half Marathon in Dundee, Oregon is amazing! Plus you get unlimited wine tasting at the end . . . what could be better? Let me know if you hear of any other great races. I'm looking for some to motivate me to get my butt out the door and running again!

  15. Loving all your photos!!

    @Dayngr | NC Blogger Network

  16. Dude! Driving the bike + train + taking a selfie?? Girl. That skills.


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