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February 17, 2016


hi hi hi!

i'm here for pure self promotion...because that's how i do.

i'm running a custom business card design sale


so maybe you're going to finally bite the bullet and get your blog some business cards...just like you've always wanted. 

or maybe your sister's etsy business could use a refresh?

or maybe...or maybe you're going to start pimping your adorable baby to modeling agencies. pimping...totally the wrong word to use there. 

regardless...i'd love to help you promote yourself!

F L A T  R A T E // $40.

e-mail me your interest and // or questions!

6 comments on "BUSINESS CARD SALE!"
  1. Those look so awesome!! Love the logo you went with!

  2. These look adorable! I'm definitely interested.

  3. I'm super behind in life - are you still running this promo? I need cards for a conference in May!


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