January 08, 2016

oh hey, friday! | there's not enough time

don't get me started. i've been thinking so much lately about how there's just not enough time.

i want time to workout.
i want time to shower.
i want time to clean my house.
i want time to do my design work.
i want time to sit down.
i want time to work on my blog and write a meaningful post.
but most of all...
i want time to spend with my girls...when i'm not trying to complete another task.
oh...and then there's that farmer of mine. i want more time with him too. always.

how do people do it all?! it's maddening.

oh lord. did i just start our first oh hey, friday off with a suuuuper negative tone? let me start over...

yay! hey ladies! so so SO glad to have you back! i hope we're all feeling rested and focused and ready for the weekend...because we've so clearly recovered from the holidays. i mean...it's been a week since the new year!

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M Y  F I V E - S N A C K S  T O  S T A Y  O N  T R A C K

1 | greek yogurt + fruit
you guys - yesterday after i finished hobbling on the treadmill i was a little hungry. i so so badly wanted to just not eat so i didn't have to think about eating something healthy, but i forced myself to open the fridge and figure something out. i knew i needed a mix of protein and carbs and i had just purchased a giant tub of greek yogurt from costco...so i grabbed that, some blueberries, agave (natural sweetener - it's delicious!), and walnuts. i ended up with 1/2 c plain greek yogurt // 1/4 c blueberries // a smidgen of agave // and 2 tbsp walnuts. it was delicious! it was about a 200 calorie snack and totally satisfying and filling. eat up!

2 | avocado toast
you know that time after lunch // before dinner when you're feeling snacky? you should probably just drink water but you would prefer putting something in your belly? avocado toast is your jam. i LOOOOVE dave's killer bread (sprouted). i toast that up and put 1/4 sliced avocado on top. sprinkle that with salt and pepper and you're in business. if you're feeling extra crazy slice a tomato and put that on top. sooooo yummy. (and if you want to know more about the health benefits of sprouted bread click here.)

3 | apple + cinnamon
have you ever sprinkled cinnamon on an apple? then you're missing out. not only is it delicious, but it apples are full of dietary fiber and cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels so you're not spiking all over the place. if you're looking to add protein to this snack add a tablespoon of almond butter. yuuuuuum. (i've found you can get almond butter for the least expensive at costco.)

4 | hummus + anything
the trick with hummus is you need to pre-scoop it. it's soooooo easy to overeat because it's so damn delicious. so do yourself a favor and grab a little plate. next scoop two heaping spoonfuls of hummus onto that plate. now pick what you're going to dip in that hummus - bell peppers // celery // rice crackers // carrots // snap peas...or if you're like sawyer...you'll just eat the hummus with a spoon.

5 | hard boiled eggs
i know i know. whomp whomp. but really...it's such a great snack to have on hand. you can make a bunch of them at once and just keep them in a bowl in the fridge. grab and go style! except for the fact that you have to peel it and obsessively salt it. don't salt it as much if you want to maintain the health factor.

if you want some other SUUUUUPER good ideas...i found this article on buzzfeed after i finished writing this. wish i had read it first.

okay! so for all of you on the healthy train - toot toot! i hope this was inspiring! stay on track this weekend...even though all those delicious ipa's are going to look so yummy after skiing. okay...maybe i'll have just one. or two.

link up time! so glad to be back!


  1. I love these snack ideas! I work from home, and it's so easy to grab some leftover Christmas candy...or not snack, then binge at dinner. These are great! Thanks :)

  2. Just tried avocado toast for the first time last night. Loved. So yummy. Planning on eating it again today.

  3. Avocado toast is the best!! And so is hummus, so good!

  4. Why have I never thought about sprinkling cinnamon on my apples? ::slaps forehead::

  5. Happy New Year!


  6. Love avocado and toast! My favorite! When I first met my husband he looked at my crazy when I told him about it. Then he quickly got on board. Happy Friday friend!

  7. Totally agree with the humus...must pre-scoop! I need to read a little more about sprouted bread. I have tried Ezekiel bread and like it alot but I haven't paid attention to the carb count and this week I really adjusted my carb/protein/fats and am trying to stay focused.

  8. I'm with you, there's NEVER enough time to do the things I need to. I'm a big HB egg fan, easy, yummy protein on the go? Perfection in my opinion!

  9. Can you believe I've never had avocado toast?! I KNOW, ridiculous! I have 6 avocados on my kitchen counter right now, so I'm about to get cuhrazy with some toast in the next few days ;)

  10. Thank you for posting this! Sometimes I feel like my head is caught in a tornado of all the things I don't accomplish. It seems like I never stop spinning, yet there is always so much to do. Great post! Emily

  11. i sense a theme - i also posted about fitness today!! loving hard boiled eggs on my lunch salads lately - easy way to add extra protein so i'm not reaching for a snack at 3pm :) happy new year!!

  12. I totally need a reminder of good, healthy snacks. I feel like I'm pretty good at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then I just fall apart when it comes to snack time. Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. I totally need a reminder of good, healthy snacks. I feel like I'm pretty good at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then I just fall apart when it comes to snack time. Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Totally agree with you on the lack of time! There just never seems to be enough :/ Thanks for the snack ideas!!

  15. I love these ideas :) Thank for the healthy inspiration!

  16. These are perfect. They're so simple and obvious, but I always forget about them. Cam eats applesauce (all natural, nothing added, blah blah) and I always make a bowl and add cinnamon for a little "sweet" treat. Crazy exciting!

  17. Girl, I feel you on wanting more time. I was just thinking yesterday about how there is never enough time to do all the things I want to do: I want to read, I want to write, I want to cook, I want to workout, I want to play with the kids, I want to hang with my hubby, I want to sit and just drink coffee my coffee! Let me know if you ever find time to do it all:)

    Thanks for the snack ideas, especially the apple and cinnamon one! I'm a sucker for cinnamon (but I live in France where they have some phobia of it...), but have never thought to sprinkle it on a raw apple. So going to give it a try tomorrow!

    Happy Friday!

  18. Oh I feel ya! I think I would actually pay money for a few more hours in the day. How DO people do it?!?!

  19. These are some of my favorite snacks for the middle of the day and in the morning! Especially Avocado on toast and hard boiled eggs! Yum!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  20. I wish I could handle the smell of hard boiled eggs.

  21. Yay! Loving these healthy ideas and keeping going - is it really only the 9th though? Feels like I've been working out and eating well for a year already :)

  22. What I've learned is, you can do it all, just not all at the same time. I have this same problem though, especially this time of year when I want to push restart on a lot of things. It's a constant balancing act and not everything is always in the same balance. Acknowledging that has made me feel a lot better about not being able to do it all at once. Have a good week!

  23. Avocado toast is my absolute favorite healthy food! It feels like I'm cheating on my diet.


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