January 27, 2016

how is my farmer going to top that?

the other day i off-handedly mentioned to my farmer how much i looooove the diamond earrings he got for me.

and i do. i REALY REALLY love them.

i'm a simple girl when it comes to jewelry. i only wear one band (my engagement ring). i rarely wear necklaces. i always have my diamond stud earrings in...like 95% of the time.

i already spend too much money on clothing and furniture. i don't need one more habit to sustain.

so anyway...i told my farmer how much i love my earrings. his response...

oh crap! i got those for you for valentine's day. my response...

yeah, how are you going to top that?

(eh-hum...new car...cough cough...new boobs...cough cough.)

just suggestions.

but let's say a new car or new boobs wasn't in his shopping cart for me this valentine's day. what other tricks might my farmer put up his sleeve? (let me make it easy for you, farmer.)
keychain // mrs. // sodastream // watch // running shoe
coincidentally...these would also be great gifts to maybe...say...just buy for myself? i'm not above it.

let's start with the sodastream. i'm not sure what's gotten into me, but lately all i want is sparkling water. just plain. no flavor. flavoring makes my teeth feel gross. so instead of buying pallets of san pelagrino at costco...maybe just a cute sodastream sitting on my kitchen counter would do the trick? there is also a kitchenaide option.

new runners - i'm already on the hunt for a new pair of running shoes. my last pair did me so so well. they were lightweight (but not too lightweight). i can't have anything without some structure because i've had two surgeries on my left knee. but as i was saying...these are lightweight, breathable, and so so cute. my last pair were a vibrant blue...so maybe i need a contrasting pink. looooove these, and they're on sale!

i'm not one to wear a watch, but this one i could get on board with. it's so gorgeous. i love the soft, gold color, the handwritten out numbers, and the pink...almost nude band. it's so feminine and lovely. and it would look so beautiful on your wrist while you hold your keys with your new keychain. currently...i don't use a keychain. i just have one key that i leave in my car...at all times...unlocked. (farm-living, people. farm-living.)

and if everything else fails...how about this darling kate spade mrs. necklace. granted...all the single ladies (all the single ladies - thanks queen B) might skip this gift...but it's still lovely! i'd wear it.

PSA (for my farmer) - just some super casual ideas. don't overthink it.

xoxox kiss kiss smooch smooch


  1. I've toyed with the idea of buying a sodastream for a couple of years now but haven't gone through with it. I don't know anyone personally who has one, which makes me nervous because I like to have a first hand review of how things like that really work before I spend the money. I'm not a watch person at all (I just use my Fit Bit to tell time) but I love that Kate Spade one!

  2. Oh wow that watch is something else!!! I don't wear watches either but I might have to put to that on my V-Day list!! It's sooo pretty!!!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  3. Ohh I love your picks! I'll take one of each, or new boobs. Either one! LOL

  4. Love all your picks!! That watch is too cute! xo

  5. I love that sweet little necklace. And the watch... But I'm not really a watch girl either... ;)

  6. A new car and new boobs are at the top of my wish list too!!!! ;)

  7. I love that watch! It's neutral enough to go with everything :)

  8. haha, yes to a new car and new boobs, on my list too :) But that watch is super cute! I think I might have to do one of these lists for my Mr. too.

  9. I was out eating at O'Charley's one night, and a family came in carrying multiple bottles of the soda stream soda so they could have their soda but not pay for it at the restaurant. I'm not sure if that's a smart why didn't I think of that kind of thing or if it makes them look like major cheapskates.

  10. Why in the world have I never thought of just carbonating water with the soda stream!! My son has one...he asked for it for Christmas. Great idea. There should definitely be a go fund me account out there for moms who have nursed multiple babies!!

  11. Oh my gosh I miss leaving my keys in my un-locked car!!!! That is a really cute watch, love the lettering!

  12. I am dying for diamond earrings, and have been hinting for years (almost six actually!!) x

  13. These are all really cute gift ideas!

  14. That watch! So, so super gorgeous.

  15. Great wish list. I told my hubs that we need a soda stream too because he's been buying soda water and it gets expensive.


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