January 18, 2016

get fit | update 2 weeks in

no fun before and after pictures this week ladies. i'm not even sure what happened. that's a lie.

i'm exactly positive of what happened.

last year i participated in a little challenge. the challenge lasted eight weeks and basically, the gist of it is, you work out every day and your nutrition is on point...for eight weeks. let's think about that time frame.

+ eight weeks pregnant - not far along at all.
+ eight week old baby - that's a brand new baby.
+ eight weeks in the big picture of life - that's a blip.

so why did eight weeks of eating well seem so impossible? i've done it before. i know the benefits. my clothes fit better, my belly feels better, i have waaaaaay more energy...and definitely some other things i wasn't even aware were happening.

that brings me to the first day of this challenge. boom. i nailed it. workout and nutrition on point. i woke up tuesday morning sick. head // nose // chest grossness. i kept my nutrition going, but there was no way i had the air capacity to get any sort of workout done. my energy was shot.

finally, a week passed and i was feeling better. i kept things going until thursday after the girls went to bed. talk about an unraveling. i grabbed myself two giant handfuls of animal cookies and snacked away. they were delicious.

the next morning i finally talked my farmer into taking before pictures. i looked at them...and they weren't that bad. i think that's why the weekend went so poorly. i had the images of me and i wasn't disappointed in them.

the rest of friday went well, again, until the girls went to bed. i always get weak when i see my farmer mowing down a giant bowl of ice cream. so i made myself some healthy popcorn (healthy-ish - olive oil + popcorn on the stove)...and then i ate some more animal cookies. get it together, karli.

saturday - same story, different day. i worked out. i ate well. the girls went to bed. animal cookies.

sunday - i ate donuts. so many donuts. donuts are my love language. oh, and i didn't work out.

thank god it's monday and i feel refreshed by the start of a new week. we're back in mccall so i have every intention of skiing my calories off and skipping the beer and burger in the lodge. be strong, karli. be strong!

i've started my day off in the right direction. i've had a conversation with myself - yes, the before pictures aren't that bad. yes, i fit in all my clothing just fine. but i do want to continue to feel great. i do want to continue to tone up. i do want to see changes in the pictures from the start to the finish. and i do want to look smoking hot for my farmer on valentine's day.

so here we are again. monday. let's keep things on point.


  1. You got this, everyone has a few bad days, just get back on track! :)

  2. Keep it up! Gotta push through all those blips!

  3. It is so hard! But two good things about this post...you aren't just doing this because you feel bad about yourself as you are now! and you are getting back on track! It's a marathon not a spring....ski away!

  4. girl you got this! make yourself some paleo cookies for those nights you just need a little something or try sliced apple, almond/sunflower butter with cocoa nibs sprinkled on top. your welcome ;)

  5. This sounds like my life every week. I start out with such big plans to be so healthy. But mine usually unravel by Monday at noon. >.<

  6. I always say you only fail when you give up! You totally haven't given up! Night time after my boys in bed is always my weak moments too so I have to dig deep. One trick is painting my nails. If they are wet--I can't snack! ;)

  7. you've got this mama!! i know you can do it!!

  8. I started my "get fit" on thursday -which was stupid of me because the weekends are always the hardest to stay focused. By friday night it was hamburgers and chips. crap.

    So today, I'm starting again..which gives me 5 days to get focused and on a schedule. HERE WE GO.

    You've got this girl...

    Ashlee Michelle

  9. I always have the no beer and burger intentions while skiing (every damn weekend)Sometimes I bat 50% and skip the burger. A girl's gotta live right???? beer = life.

  10. Oh friend, I have this same problem SO MANY TIMES!! I am good, and then I binge, and then I'm good. And then I work out and then I cheat with treats and then I'm good, and then I get sick. And on it goes... x


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