January 13, 2016

did someone say $250 cash giveaway?!

when it comes to new year resolutions i'm pretty much garbage at it. except for one year when i vowed to have better posture...and it actually worked. i now have pretty fantastic posture. it was all because i saw on oprah that it could make you look 10 pounds lighter...i digress...

i'm pretty bad at resolutions because i feel like i'm making resolutions all day, errrrrrr day. like...

i resolve to keep a cleaner home.
i resolve to not watch so much tv this.
i resolve to work out.
i resolve to only eat healthy.
i resolve to not eat popcorn.

(seriously...i eat popcorn every day.)

what i'm saying is this - i imagine there are quite a few of you in my shoes. it's like...so many goals all the time! it can get a little overwhelming.

so for january's group giveaway i thought it would be great to encourage entrants to think about what they would use the mula for to help reach their resolution(s).

obviously, i would spend my money on a complete new workout get up + new running shoes!

or i would buy an updated fitbit!

ooooo...what i've really been wanting is the fitbit scale! i know it's probably not super accurate, but it's definitely pretty.

or maybe i would use the money to buy a ticket to see my sister. (and we would work out together...gotta stay true to the resolution!)

or maybe the money could go towards stocking my kitchen with wonderfully healthy foods! hello grocery bill. eating right is sooooo not cheap.

another option - how about some new kitchen gadgets? like one of those things that makes zucchini into noodles! or a mandolin!

or...what about throwing some dough into your blog - like a new design or sponsoring your favorite blogger...cough - sept. farm - cough cough.

options, people. with $250 bones...you have options.

you know the drill.

1 | check out all the WONDERFUL women below who brought you this great giveaway! you'll find some new great reads // pinterest boards // instagram accounts // etsy shops...lots of goodies.

2 | get yourself entered below via rafflecopter.

3 | cross your fingers and toes!
jessica | katie
sarah | krista | vicki | hannah | liz
samantha | karli | michelle | danielle | libby
alexis | penny | tawnya | shelly | mae
lauren | jenn | beth | lindsay | jess

and lastly...if it strikes your fancy and you're thinking you want to get in on february's group giveaway...check out your options HERE! question? send me an e-mail!


  1. my pin https://www.pinterest.com/pin/277675133253298107/

  2. I would use the cash to buy healthy groceries.
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    Thanks for the chance :)

  3. Great giveaway! I could totally eat popcorn every day. Love it!

  4. I would use this money to buy more workout DVD's.

  5. I would use the money to pay off debt.

  6. I would use the cash to buy new clothes for my son because he is growing SO fast!!

    Following on these accounts:
    Instagram as https://www.instagram.com/crunchesandqueso/
    BL as https://www.bloglovin.com/people/tori310
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  7. What an awesome giveaway! Fingers definitely crossed! Annster's Domain

  8. What an awesome giveaway!! Definitely signing up!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  9. i'd use this to help buy organic produce for healthier eating!

  10. Well not exactly a resolution, but I am 20 weeks pregnant and have nothing that fits, so I need maternity clothes :)

  11. I would buy myself a new long sleeve workout top and buy lots of healthy foods, especially fruits. :)

  12. pinned


  13. I would buy new sneakers to help me exercise more.

  14. Great giveaway! And popcorn is daily here too! No Shame. :)

  15. My first resolution is to get this baby OUT! ;) But in all seriousness, I think getting fit is always my resolution, but with having a baby at the beginning of the year, it puts me back even further than normal! So once he's here, I'll slowly start getting back to where I was. I think I'd invest on kitchen gadgets to help healthy eating better since working out won't be happening for awhile.

  16. I'd help my husband out by buying my own birthday present...a fitbit and weight watchers membership maybe. Also found out there's a 9Round in town now so I'd like to try a workout there. I haven't jumped all the way into being committed to losing weight...I'm about two toes in so far, but anything is better than nothing!

  17. It would help me to save for my new years resolution of buying a new purse :) hahaha. but really..i'm saving for a louis vuitton.

  18. I would put it towards our diet - my girlfriend and I are gluten free.. we want to stay healthy for 2016.

  19. I'd totally use the money for new gym clothes because that always gets a gal motivated.

  20. Thank you for the chance to win! I would use this for birthday presents and bills.

  21. Thank you! I would use it to buy cute workout clothes with funny sayings because I love those, some new 8# weights and put the rest towards grocery because like you said eating healthy is not cheap!

  22. YAY for giveaways! :) Thanks Karli!

  23. I could use that dough to "relax". I think that's my "One Word Resolution". Ha! :)

  24. I love being a part of this giveaway. So awesome. I would use my money towards my new boobs, a fitbit or running shoes. All of which I need NOW.

  25. This would be so nice to win!!

  26. I would use this money to indulge myself and spoil my nephews :-)

  27. How fabulous is this?! I would def use this to jump start some healthy meal-planning!

  28. I would put it towards travel in my pursuit of adventure!

  29. I would save it ..I been trying to put some money aside for savings

  30. My resolution is to have more fun and build up a quality wardrobe so this would be grreat for both!

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