December 04, 2015

oh hey, friday | my christmas wish list + stocking stuffers

this year is going to be so flipping fun i can hardly stand it. i mean...the enthusiasm kaye has shown towards our tree, alone, has made this holiday our best one yet.

but before i go on and on about how excited we are for santa's visit...let's show you all the new holiday button! 

i'm downright obsessed with buffalo check this season, sooooo...

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M Y  F I V E - holiday wish list
1 | friends - i'm such a sucker for active wear. give me all of it - especially my most favorite brand...lulu lemon. yes yes yes. and yes, their goods are a little pricey, but riddle me this - a pair of black yoga pants i've had for five years are still not worn out...and i wear them all. the. time. 
so i have a few goodies i've been eyeballing, but have yet to treat myself to. this scarf. i have it in a grey color...but i'd buy three more of these cozy delights. 

ummm...these pants. you know...for those times when i don't want to wear my yoga pants.  and this little pullover. i tried it on a few weeks ago and made note that i neeeeed it, in a size six, farmer.

2 | let me preface by saying...i'm not a sparkle kind of gal. i'm not even a heel-wearing gal anymore, although i definitely used to be when i worked outside the home. but, when i saw these kate spade heels i thought - i would most definitely wear a holiday party...and i would feel eff-word fabulous. 

maybe someone will come up with something where you can rent shoes...or is that pretty gross?

3 | flannels. i have an intense love affair with flannels. as soon as the cold weather hits, it's the only type of shirt i want to wear. i bought this one from j.crew earlier this season and i wear it more than i should. (just look at my instagram.) i wear it with scarves, vests, with leggings, with jeans, my fancy hat, my booties, my riding boots - it looks good with my opinion. which is exactly why i want this one. same shirt - different color scheme. i do this often. i.e. two days ago when i was in banana republic and bought this shirt in both white and dark grey. 
ladies - if you're on the hunt for a great basic shirt. do yourself a favor and grab several of these. super flattering.

4 | then we travel to my next favorite store - banana republic. wouldn't these socks make the cutest little stocking stuffer? yes, yes they would.  speaking of stocking stuffers - maybe just throw in these earrings, this little tweed pouch, and this necklace - bonus, it's on sale.
5 | and lastly - just something small. it'll fit right under the tree, i swear. i've been wanting a new table for years...over five to be exact. our current table is a hand down and our girls have absolutely beaten it to sh*t, as well as the rug underneath it. maybe my farmer wants to knock my socks off with a new set up? this rug is gorgeous. i love it in blue, too. and this table with these chairs on either end with these chairs on either side.

i saw the set up at pottery barn earlier this week and i just about impulse purchased the complete set right then and there. swooooooon. you know, just something simple and inexpensive. #yeahright #inmydreamsokay!

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  1. NEED those Kate Spade heels. I mean, they would be fun shopping, right? Totes a necessity. :)

  2. I've got lots of comfy clothes on my wish list too! Fingers crossed for both of us :)

  3. Love the new button! I made sure to include new yoga pants and leggings on my Christmas list this year too!

  4. I'm right there with ya and the flannel. Just give me all the flannel and I'll be set for all of winter.

  5. I love this!!! I already bought 2 flannels for this winter season and I feel set!! haha

    -Ashlee Michelle

  6. OK, seriously loving the list. Since I work out of my house I pretty live in yoga pants. I'm secretly wishing for a new kitchen table too! New kitchen means new furniture, right?

  7. I love flannel, but somehow I don't own a single piece! Happy Friday!

  8. Several of my coworkers have been wearing the vinyasa scarves this past week at the studio, and I can't. Stop. Thinking. About. Them. And how fab they would look around my neck ;)

  9. You totally deserve the table...but girl...take it from a momma who has raised up some kids. They will be the s*#t out of the new table too. :) Loving all your plaid and I have had those tops at BR bookmarked for weeks. Happy Friday!

  10. That scarf looks so cozy!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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