November 23, 2015


of course i'm mom of the year. it's what i do.

and by mom of the year i mean my sawyer is now 1 year and 1 month and i have yet to do any sort of 12 month post. you know...the biggest one aside from her birth.

i mean...big picture - not that big of a deal.

but in the documentation of my children's lives - kind of a big deal.

so lemme tell you all about my muffy mc-muffs-a lot. my squishy cuddle bitty boo. my bittles mc bitty boo boo la roo. (i could go on and on.)

thinking back to the beginning of my sawyer-muff's life...she was just so darn different from her sister.

i remember the nurse waking me every two hours with kaye saying she was hungry. with kaye in our hospital room she was grunting and rustling and crying and squawking. but my sawyer was a sleeper. she was so relaxed. so chill. she was in our room the entire time. you never would have known she was there. but i just knew something would flip and we'd have another veracious, stage five clinger on our hands at any moment.

one month, two months, three months passed. sawyer was still our sleepy, sweet muffin who was so so happy to just sit on the couch and get her relax on. in fact...sawyer was such a good newborn we were actually able to have her in our room until she was five months. (with kaye - i painfully and sleeplessly had her in our room until she was three months.)

at four months our sawyer started to wake up and show her personality, but it's hard to describe that personality as anything but sweet and easy-going.

sawyer just snuck her little way right into our family and hearts.

five months and six months came and went and it became apparent that we were going to have another determined gal on our hands. she was determined to roll over. she was determined to sit up. she was determined to crawl. however, she did each of these milestones with a level of caution - a far cry from the reckless-abandon demonstrated by her sister on the daily.

catching up to present day and it's wild to see how much she's changed. i think it's safe to say...the other shoe kind of dropped. we have another stage five clinger on our hands who follows me from room to room to room to room crying. a clinger who doesn't like when i try to make dinner. a clinger who thinks i can do everything one-handed. a clinger.

but in the same breath i can say she's still the sweetest, squishiest little muffin. she cuddles so hard. she squeezes back when we hug her. if we ask for a kiss she'll comply about 25% of the time.

have i mentioned i do believe she's smart! my gal knows where her nose and eyes are. yeah. super smart. dare i say - gifted.

sawyer loves playing with any toy her sister has, and will go to battle for it. she has an incredibly intimidating war cry that has startled kaye to the point of submission. i laughed so hard until i realized kaye was crying. sawyer is definitely not afraid to stick up for herself. she learned quickly that being a push-over in a family of stubborn wasn't going to be in her best interest.

our sawyer is the happiest girl, quick to smile, and has the very best laugh. she absolutely loves patty cake and still can't get enough of peek-a-boo.

sawyer has recently decided she loves to cuddle with kaye and to see kaye squeeze her back - i'm not sure there is a better feeling. i'm beyond thrilled to watch their relationship develop and grow. to hear tell me, "bitty's my best friend!" i positively melt.

our sawyer is our best gal and brings everything to our family. we adore our her and love her and love her and adore her.

height - 28 inches (12th percentile)

weight - 19 pounds (40th percentile)

teeth - 4 with two more top teeth on the way

words - mama, dada...but so much blabbering. also notable - her war cry. 

shoe size - tiny tiny! 6 - 12 months...barely. 

favorites - being held, hugging play dolls or stuffed animals, pink blankie, reading books, pushing buttons on the remote, farming with dad, eating

favorite food - food in general. she loves an enchilada, homemade chicken nuggets, baked sweet potato fries, fruit and veggie pouches, blueberries


  1. She's so sweet!! Snaps to you for getting your post in about her :)

  2. Okay, so you're going to have an Amazonian supermodel (Kaye) and then a tiny little thing like you (Sawyer). I absolutely love that they are so different and yet so alike. I also love that little jumper that Sawyer is wearing in these photos. I bought it for Vivian - gotta love baby gap. We'll see if she ever gets to wear it though! Our second babies are just little peanut nuggets!

  3. Oh my goodness, Sawyer is so adorable!! She looks just like you!

  4. She is so incredibly beautiful! What a great mama she has, too!

    Lauren :)

  5. She looks like a squishy sweetheart!!! I love how different they are, especially since Sawyer was such an easier baby...#2 is easier for us, too, although she is still a crazy screamer sometimes. LOVE these pictures...she's a doll!

  6. What gorgeous photos - like always. Sawyer is definitely a cutie - her sweet nature really shines through!

  7. very interesting post.
    i think you are the mom of the year.
    You described your love for your sawyer very amazingly.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. She is so dang cute! I love the picture of you squeezing her cheeks! :)

  9. Seriously girl...those pictures are all absolutely amazing! Sawyer is so precious. The one of her squeezing her cheeks cracks me up because I do that to Emmy constantly. Ha ha! LOVE!

  10. She quickly learned that being a pushover in a family of stubborn wasn't going to be in her best interest. Lolol. I'm waiting for that to happen to Mabel. Eek!

    But sweet Sawyer. What a precious one!!

  11. She is so beyond gorgeous! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  12. She sounds like our sweet second little babe... almost like they are sweet talking you into having a third because they are just SO DANG squishy and cuddly. gah! happy one Sawyer!

  13. I kist love this little muffin - these pics are adorable of her x

  14. I'm obsessed with the picture of you squeezing Sayer's cheeks and making the same cute face!!! So so so cute!!


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