November 24, 2015

our holiday card with minted

oh mercy. is it that time? time to order holiday cards and get them stuffed // addressed // stamped // mailed?

and why is it that actually physically putting them in the mailbox is the hardest step for me? no joke - i've had bundles of invitations or cards sit on the counter for weeks before. i blame it on the fact that our driveway is nearly a mile long.

regardless, i order our holiday cards from minted each year and i'm always thrilled with the quality and packaging...even if the picture on the front is less than...less than.

and because i know you guys are always game for getting a laugh at my expense, last year -

but this year. this year will be different. there are so so so many beautiful cards to choose from it's hard to narrow down. i'm particularly drawn to the foil-pressed cards. let me just show you...
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

see! all. so. pretty! and the best part is that you can buy them in a complete package! meaning - they'll print all your addresses beautifully for you AND you can order a corresponding return address wrapper sticker. it's the cherry on top!

i can't wait to receive our cards. i ordered them last any day. i'm feeling very on top of my game, especially considering i decorated for christmas yesterday. more on that a different day. (it involves a crazy idea to switch all our furniture from upstairs to downstairs. #thoughtitwouldbeeasy)

happy happy thanksgiving, everyone! eat too much. feel a little sick. take a nap. eat some more. yay gluttony.


  1. The top left option may or may not be the one that we went with;) Just ordered ours a couple of days ago!:)

  2. We had some great "bloopers" last year when taking our Christmas card photos and I wanted to do a card with just those SOOOOOO bad, but he mister said no! Anything with swirly fonts and gold foil makes this girl swoon!

  3. #4 is my favorite, the gold one.

    We will be sending holiday photos this year too...from photos we actually took last year and didn't get them in time to send them. oops! Good thing we didn't put a Year mark on there. HAHA

    -Ashlee Michelle

  4. I use minted as well! They never fail me. I LOVE the first one, but I'm all about simplicity and slightly obsessed with gold lately.

  5. I LOVE your card from last year! So adorable!

  6. Your card from last year is just too perfect, it makes me giggle everytime I see it. Tee hee!

    I like that Minted does pretty much everything - the card, the addressing, the return labels - that's awesome.

  7. Can we submit your card from last year to like a funniest card contest!? I love it so much!

  8. Haha too funny! Real life is so much more interesting than posing!

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  10. Ours came in from Minted this week... and I'm beyond obsessed (of course!). Can't wait to see yours for this year!!

  11. I am obsessed with minted! cant wait to see your new card!

  12. Your card from last year is great! Can't wait to see which of those designs you chose for this year..and picture haha


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