November 20, 2015

oh hey, friday! | i'm taking a big, fat pass

all the forgiveness. i'm taking a pass for oh hey, friday! this week.

i came down with the flu on tuesday and i haven't been able to get my act back together.

and by flu i mean i may have single handedly food poisoned myself with a large jar of nutella. is that even possible?


i was sick. sick as a dirty dirty dog...who ate nutella. and we all know that a dog who eats chocolate...well, it's not good.

so...get your oh hey-ing! on without me.

and ps. amy and i are taking next friday off as know...because we'll still be giving thanks and all.

so we'll see you back here on december 4th! (with a new holiday button, obvs!)

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  1. Oh man, I hope you feel better!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. So sorry to hear you've been sick. Feel better soon!

  3. Oh nooo!!! Feel better so so so soon!

    Lauren :)

  4. Hope you feel better! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. You crack me up! I'm so sorry that you were so sick. Did you really eat a whole jar of Nutella?!? It must have been a stomach bug but it will probably cure you of overeating Nutella for a while :)

  6. Oh No! It is that time of year where everyone is sick. I've been battling a cold for a week now and my parents are both now sick! yuck!

    Get well Soon!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  7. Hope you're starting to feel better!


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