November 13, 2015

oh hey, friday! | give me all the ice cream

hey hey party people.

and by party people...i mean not me. it's thursday night and i have a raging headache. i also have two gallons of ice cream that the schwan's man delivered tonight. it's calling to me.

must. be. strong.

but trust me...i'm considering every excuse in the book.

+ i have a headache - better eat some ice cream.
+ my farmer is out combining corn - better eat some ice cream.
+ i didn't eat healthy all day, so why start now? better eat some ice cream.

the list goes on and on. i'll let you know how it all works out.

but before i more than likely indulge...let's get linked up. it's oh hey, friday! after all.

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1 | currently i'm trying to keep myself out of the freezer. i'm desperately trying to get back on the fitness train. i wouldn't say my workouts have been lacking...but my eating. let's just say i've been going without want. give me all ice cream, cheese, beer, bacon, cake, frosting, cookies. and guess what, while it sure does taste delicious...i've been feeling like total garbage. time to get things ship shape up in here...(up in here).

2 | currently i'm contemplating on whether or not it might be too harsh to write a post about why some bloggers won't be able to quit their job to blog. lord knows i'll never be able to turn this space into a full time gig. and guess what...there are lots of others who have those aspirations that won't make it fly either. and it's because of a myriad of reasons - not interesting content, poor writing style, consistency, lacking the it factor, etc. but i guess we can't fault ourselves for trying. so maybe i won't write that post...

3 | currently i'm trying to figure out if a third kid is in the cards. man...that has got to be the toughest decision...ever. i swore swore swore i would be done after two. and i'm 88% sure that we are. but i always dreamed of a big family. but i don't want to be pregnant again. i don't want to nurse again. i don't want to not sleep again. #selfish 

4 | currently watching dirty dancing. i remember i saw this movie for the first time when i was young young. like...far too young to be watching 20-somethings GA-RIND on each other. and definitely too young to watch a show where the employees were sleeping with much older married women...and a 17 year old concurrently. ummm...where were my parents? all the same...dirty dancing holds a very special spot in my movie heart. 

5 | currently feeling so super proud of party & paper! samantha of cotton tales posted pictures of a party she threw...and i designed all the paper goodies for it! go have a look! not to mention i'm beyond jazzed that i'll be designing quite a few of your holiday and christmas cards this year! you make me so happy! thank you thank you!

and as always...if you're in need of any paper goods, be it invitations // business cards // flyer // party banner // visual branding board // something i haven't mentioned, please please send me an e-mail! i'd love to discuss your ideas!

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  1. Keep staying strong, lady!!!!! You are so talented in design, I'm so jealous! Happy Friday!

  2. Do you know why I keep coming back to your site every Friday? Because you crack me up! Seriously, you are very funny and I bet you are a hoot when you have a couple glasses of wine/beer/cocktails in you. I mention all three because you have on your blog before!! :) Anyways, thanks for the link up and as crazy as your life gets with little ones, you are faithful to host every Friday. I adored your family pictures (just left reading it) and I'll combine two comments into one. They were precious. I love how your oldest daughter's personality was captured by the photographer. I love non-staged pictures with little ones. Her expressions are priceless.

  3. I don't think it would be too harsh at all to write a post about why bloggers won't be able to quit their jobs. Maybe it will help bloggers (like me ;)) figure out how to strengthen their blogs.

    1. Or it will encourage others to quit & get a job! Do it! :)

  4. Sooooo much yes to #2....I cannot wait until the trend passes and everyone goes back to blogging about their life and things that interest them opposed to opening up Bloglovin' every morning to see 100000 posts about how to be a good blogger. I'll stop now before I get myself in trouble but if we lived in the same part of the world I would happily eat ice cream with you and we could rant together about the ridiculousness that's been happening in blogland lately!

  5. #2 - ALL the high fives. I would LOVE to read a post about that. For a number of reasons. One - because my job is motherhood right now, so can't exactly quit that to blog, right? Second - these people that do quit their jobs to blog, do they ever worry about long term? I mean, like 10 years down the road. Who knows if blogging will even be a thing then. Sure wouldn't want to base my livelihood on it, that's for sure.

  6. Haha! All so true about Dirty Dancing! :)

  7. Ah, Schwan's! I remember the same guy coming to me house for years when I was younger. My Mom would always order orange creamsicles and some toffee-type ice cream bar. They were SO GOOD. Then, one day, he just stopped coming! What the heck. I thought the company went out of business or something, but apparently not. Now I need to find out if they deliver in Boston...

  8. What a great link-up!! Wait...I totally watched Dirty Dancing last night too!! I think it was on MTV 2 or something!! =) Best wishes with your decision about Baby #3! I'm working on hopefully starting my Baby #1! =)

    Melanie | Toots + Dill

  9. I had a dental procedure last month that forced me to eat really healthy for several weeks. I felt SO MUCH better. But over the last week I've gone right back to my old ways of chips and unhealthy food and the results are so obvious. Good luck getting back on track. I know it's not easy!

  10. I've heard from multiple moms that you know when you are done. So if you don't know, you might not be done. I say go for number 3! You're so cute pregnant and your babies are adorable.

  11. EAT THE ICE-CREAM!!! And then I won't be the only person who completely pigged out today (and I just had ice-cream - hiding in my car so my hubs didn't see it!) Yay for your gorgeous designs friend, so so proud of you! And Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite movies of all time x

  12. Oh my goodness I don't know if it is just that time of year or what but I am in the same boat with my eating. I have still been eating healthy too but weekends of tailgating and birthday celebrations and I have just not denied myself a thing. Thankfully my gym has had a workout challenge that requires at least 3 workouts a week to stay in the game for the grand prize! You are still young....I wouldn't stress about the baby decision but I would say until you are 100% sure don't make it permanent. My hubby wasn't totally on board with a 4th and after a few months of trying I decided it wasn't meant to be but then cried through the entire appt talking to my doc about having my tubes month I was pregnant! When that baby girl was born I knew I was done and never, ever ached or longed for another baby. I really do think you will know when you are for sure.

  13. While your trying to decide on kid #3, I am trying to decide on kid #2...90% sure we want another, but with our only child being a holy terror of a 4 makes it hard to imagine that we would survive the apocalypse that would be two of them!

    Happy Weekend!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  14. Just a couple of bites won't hurt ;) I totally agree and think you should write that post. Oh number three... I have those same thoughts about number two - HA! P.S. What widget are you using for IG at the bottom of your page?

  15. Totally with you on #3- I'll never be able to quit my job. But it's fun to dream, and it'd be nice to make some pocket change just the same.

    Um Dirty Dancing is coming to the Golden Gate Theater in San Francisco! ( - this is the subject of our bi-annual girls trip. I am so excited!


  16. First of all, did you win against the ice cream? I hope so.

    Secondly, a lil boy would be nice to add to your crew. :)

  17. Thanks for the shout out! :) Everything turned out beautifully!

    Also, I don't think the blogging post would be too harsh. In fact, I'm feeling the same way (and there is NO WAY my space is going to generate $12K in revenue each month). I'm assuming we were on the same webinar this week, huh? ;) Happy Friday!

  18. oh the third kid thing....i have always wanted 3 but hubby was content with just one, so our compromise was 2 and I've so happy about that, but I, like you, don't want to not sleep again. I did love being pregnant, aside from the constant pain from my popped out rib! AND...we are only 6 weeks fresh into 2 kids, so we will see how i feel in awhile!

    and you are hilarious. i hope you ate some ice cream!

  19. A little ice cream isn't a bad thing.. :) Trying to stay on track with eating healthy has been so difficult! Weekends are always busy with football watching which usually includes beer & snacks. Thank goodness for the gym!

  20. Let's see if I had to decide whether or not to have a 3rd child right now I would say NO. Hahah I love my child and the one who is about to arrive, but I'm already dreading the no sleep and less time to myself. Don't get me wrong, this all comes way down at the bottom of the list below all the things I love about being a mom, but to me a 3rd pregnancy would be the death of me. Have you ever done a post about your what you eat? I know this sounds weird but I know you've been super good at eating healthy (you look great!) from various posts you've shared but have you ever done one where you show what you eat throughout the day? I'd love to know what a mom of 2 does because whenever I get too busy I always default to junk and eating out.

  21. You are seriously hilarious!! I was the same way on the 3rd kid thing, I kept waffling back and forth and then we just decided to try - #3 is now 15 months and I am SO happy we did it - I've already forgotten how truly awful the first 4 months were and now we're talking about #4! Crazy, I know, but like someone else said, I think you know when you're "done" and I haven't had that feeling yet.

  22. Seriously--Dirty Dancing...I remember watching it at my 10th bday. Nice parenting, mom & dad! Great job on those party goods, lady!

  23. Yes, my parent's were also parent's of the year. I was quoting every word to dirty dancing in my preteen years. Such an awesome movie though. I actually cried when Patrick Swayze lost his battle. I know, weirdo!

    I've got three kids and as I watch mine grow I get baby fever again and again. Trust me, not happening though!!!

  24. #3. Yes. Yes. yes. All of this. Can I not be pregnant, not have labor/delivery and not nurse again? And maybe just pop out a perfecly sleeping 9 month old?!?

  25. I hear that it's a bigger deal to go to three than it is to go to two from one.... so I'd think long and hard about that idea. ;) But, you do rock the mommy gig... so I'm PRETTTTTTY sure you've got it either way!


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