November 16, 2015

i need your advice...

i need your advice on matters of the heart.

and by heart i mean...i need your advice on lots of things, but nothing extremely important.

so...not matters of the heart.

+ i have thick eyebrows...but THICK eyebrows are in, right? i's all about framing the face. guess this means i need an eyebrow pencil or something like that? so...what's your favorite? 

+ christmas. it is RIGHT around the corner. i can think of 1001 things to get myself...just check out my shopping while tipsy post from saturday...but i always have the hardest time picking out something for my farmer. like...something really good. one year i got him a go pro. that was a fun gift. so...what's something awesome i can get for the jack of all trades kind of guy? (don't say clothes.) what's your favorite gift you've ever purchased for the guy in your life?

+ holiday decorations. i'm ITCHING to get them out. i'm ready to transform our house. have you decorated yet?

+ we're traveling to california to my sister's house for thanksgiving...and we've decided to drive, not fly. that's 10 hours in the car. any amazing car-riding advice for my two best gals and me? we'll definitely be packing our favorite road trip snack - popcorn. and i think we'll be splitting the trip up and staying over in tahoe. but what else? what do i need to have ready to keep my best gals happy, which in turn, will make me super happy?

+ netflix. i finished sons of anarchy a few weeks back (O-M-Good Lord!). and since then, my motivation to get on the treadmill has been wavering. i need a new series! what's your latest go-to show? (i've seen - SOA, parenthood, dexter, orange is the new black, weeds)

+ final question - i'm all about being healthy, but lately all i want is comfort food and sweets. that's a problem. (i mean...moderation is okay, but all the time? no.) what's your favorite healthy snack? or maybe your favorite thing to eat post-workout? (that seems to be when i get my hANGRYest.)

happy monday friends.

happy. freaking. monday.

ps. and because i totally need to keep earning mula for my main man's christmas present (that is still undecided) i'm going to offer 60% off my feature post ad space to two people!! use the code FARMERSPECIAL!


  1. Oh girl, I have almost all the same problems right now!!
    My thick eyebrows are my pet peeve, i hate them.
    An iPad movie always works well in the car, and good snacks.
    Hubs is the worst to buy for - I go with gadgets, sentimental items from the girls and sorry, but clothes!
    Have you watched Stalker or Secrets & Lies? They are my favourite!

  2. When we have traveled with littles it has helped to leave at like 3:30-4:00 am so they are still sleeping for a bit of the ride. Apples with PB or almond butter is definitely one of my favorite treats.

    1. I was going to say the same about the driving, but we leave at 5am and got about 2.5-3 hours of them sleeping and then when they woke up we still go to drive another 1.5-2 hours before we absolutely had to stop. Worked out for us, we made it half way before needing to stop. Our end destination was Tahoe, haha. It took us 11 hours total I think to make it up there from South Orange County.

  3. I am hooked on The Blacklist right now!

  4. Best gift I have ever gotten my husband- last year's Xmas gift of a Weber Smoker. Seriously amazing- keeps him occupied, something to fiddle with, drool-worthy and pants busting meals with absolutely NO mess in the kitchen... I cannot recommend it enough. And when you get it, I recommend making the Atomic Buffalo Turds stat pronto!

  5. Friday Night Lights has me sucked in!

  6. Netflix... SCANDAL Get's you thinking... and crying a little...and angry...*ugh*emotional sigh*

  7. you know i will give my feedback :) lol
    I agree Friday Night Lights is AWESOME…so is Tim Riggins. How about Breaking Bad or Parenthood, i haven't watched those but hear they are great!

    Does your farmer like beer? would he want to brew his own? maybe a home brewing kit?

    Shakeology for your sweet tooth healthy craving, so so good for you, packed full of over 75 super foods, will give you energy, get rid of your bad food cravings and give you a super dose of super foods! I will send you samples. :)

    we have taken many of road trips…movies, movies, movies, coloring books and the little twist crayons, snacks out of everywhere! have fun!!

  8. I recently discovered combining apples and peanut butter as a snack. It is SO GOOD, especially with honey crisp apples.

  9. This year's gift to my hubby is us getting a new house. Fingers crossed. I am getting him a Batdad t-shirt because we love that guy. Healthy snack: slices cheese, unsalted cashews, and dried cranberries. Is that healthy? Ha ha!

  10. We usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving per family tradition, but we'll be traveling that day so I might pull them out early!

  11. Friday Night Lights is amazing, One Tree Hill is awesome as well. I have the hardest time buying things for my Husband. His birthday was 2 weeks ago so I used up all of my ideas for that, now I am at a total loss for Christmas!

  12. If you love football like we do in the south you should try Friday Night Lights. Ooh, another good one is Scandal.

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  13. You need the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade for your brows! Life changing!!

  14. Watch White Collar on Netflix!!!! Its so good!!

  15. -All about the thick brows! Stop by a Benefit Brow Bar. They have taught me so much about filing in without looking like Frida.
    -Hubs and I tend to be about experiences. The biggest win for us were sports tickets I got him MLB, NFL, and NBA tickets. Wife of the year... and I didn't have to go to any of them. ;)
    -Tis the Season!
    -Good luck on the roadtrip!
    -I'm a new Nature Box convert - super yummy natural snacks. I love their dried pinapple and siracha cashew crunch. You can pick your snacks and not feel super guilty!


  16. Anastasia dip brow pomade is great! I've been watching Master of None. It's Aziz Ansaris Netflix show. funny and has endearing moments. As far as gifts go, I don't even know what to get for my husband!

  17. - Went a little crazy at Target this past weekend with the Christmas decor. No shame!!

    -I’ve been hooked on Parenthood recently – so good!

    - I always do greek yogurt, Lara/Luna bars for a healthier snack! If you fuel up with good carbs post-workout it will keep you fuller longer and give you energy! After a morning workout I’ll do an egg scramble with bacon and red potatoes or oatmeal + protein powder + peanut butter. If I do an evening workout I will do chicken, tons of veggies and sweet potato or brown rice. Super simple but I find myself not snacking as much.

  18. Breaking Bad! Breaking Bad! Especially if you like the Dexter feel of shows.

    Oh man, now I want to watch Dexter again.

  19. If you get some good ideas for some "man gifts", let me know cuz I don't know what to get my hubby at all! Ugh!

    I'm gonna put my Christmas decorations up next Friday while playing Christmas Vacation. it's a tradition. :)

    As for a good series on Netflix - New Girl, Lost & Heroes are good choices.

  20. This recipe for energy bites is a hit with my whole family!

    Good luck!

    Jodi Guliuzza

  21. I use a Benefit brow pencil. For the clueless ones like me its easy to use. Breaking Bad or Friday Night Lights are both amazing! I am dying to decorate my boyfriend's house; however I'm not sure he feels the same LOL.

  22. - We decorate the day after Thanksgiving when we go chop down our Christmas tree.
    - Traveling with your little girls, I am not sure of. But you will be in Tahoe which is my neck of the woods (I live in Reno), so if you need suggestions on food there, let me know.
    - As for netflix, I would suggest Breaking Bad. Amazing show.
    - Favorite snack would be Honeycrisp apples with almond butter and those little cuties (oranges)

  23. I never not what to get my guy. I make homemade GF/DF/VEG protein bars. Love the good wife!

  24. I LOVE Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil, or if you prefer a non-pencil, I absolutely love NYX's Tame and Frame Brow Pomade!! :)

  25. One of the favorite gifts I've given my husband is a money clip engraved with his initials on it. Practical, small, and personal! He really loves it.

  26. The holidays are the hardest time to eat healthy!!

  27. Check out Anastasia brow products! They are great. I have the dipbrow pomade but there is also a pencil that has a highlighter on one end and color on the other.
    Have you watched Breaking Bad or House of Cards? What about 1st season of True Detectives?

  28. Thick brows are def in! and I would agree with another person that commented and a SMOKER is always nice.

  29. Anastasia...I would go for the pencil instead of the wax and powder (even though that's great) because the pencil is quicker.

    Also, yes, I decorated last week. Haha

  30. I want to hear all of the answers to these!

    I am going to start decorating this weekend... I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving but we will be out of town - so sooner it is :) I love decorating for Christmas - why wait!

    My favorite gifts for hubby are tickets/reservations for a date/game/something fun to do. I feel like he buys himself anything he needs/wants. Christmas shopping for him is so hard!

  31. I too, never know what to get the man in my life. He's so busy, having a hobby just isn't in the cards right now, so there's nothing fun on that front. For good eyebrows, get an Anastasia brow powder. Trust. It is the BEST. Go to Ulta or Sephora and let them do your brows in the shade that best matches your own. And you will never look back. I suggest Friday Night Lights as your next show. But prepare to have a major crush on Tim Riggins. Like MAJOR. Like, dream about him kind of thing.

    Tim Riggins forever.

  32. #1. Girl, you know my Christmas decorations are up. They have been since November 1st.
    #2. We are going to Colorado (9 hours) this weekend. I will let you know if I figure out any tips.
    #3. I'm getting my farmer his favorite Royals player's jersey for Christmas. Does he follow any sports teams religiously?

  33. My boyfriend's favorite gift so far? All weather floor mats custom fit for the make and model of his car.

  34. My boyfriend's favorite gift so far? All weather floor mats custom fit for the make and model of his car.

  35. Christmas decor will go up the day after Thanksgiving...followed quickly by birthday balloons tied to the Christmas tree!

    I struggle so bad with Hubby, he truly doesn't ask for much and he likes to pick out most of his expensive gifts. maybe I'll just splurge and get him the Garmin Vivofit that he's wanting.

    And as for girls are a breeze. When we drove the 15+ hours home from Destin, FL in one day, we packed lots of snacks and lots of iPads. We bought some great holders on Amazon that worked like a dream and we even used it for Nora--even if she couldn't understand it definitely bought us time. We also plan our trips around naptime if possible.

    Healthy just one snack size candy bar count?!? hahahaha!

  36. One of my friends swears by picking up a new toy and hiding it until travel commences. It might work for the Turtle and Sawyer-muff.

  37. Karli, I absolutely love your blog! Normally I just play creepy stalker and read all your posts (lol), but felt the need to comment on this one.

    For your farmer, check out Man Crates! They're these super cool wooden boxes of random manliness! I bet you can definitely find something for your farmer there.


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