October 09, 2015

oh hey, friday! | why is it hardest to save money when you should be saving money?

so as i was saying...why is it when you want to save money...it's the hardest to actually save said money?

my farmer, that man-o-mine, we've been chattin'...chattin' about goals. and when it comes to our goals, unfortunately they cost some serious cash.

goal #1 - build a garage

goal #2 - pour massive amounts of concrete around our dirt driveway, forms around our flower beds, a few walking paths, and maybe even a few other projects i'm not even aware of at this point.

goal #3 - landscaping...EVERYWHERE.

goal #4 - build a playhouse // fort // slide extraordinaire for the girls.

goal #5 - boob job

goal #6 - vacation home

see...just a few budget-busting goals. and i want all of them...NOW. as in, yesterday.

unfortunately, menial things keep creeping into my life that cut into my money-saving bottom line each month. things i just have to have. you know...things. gotta have more things.

but before i tell you about all the things i must. have. now. we gotta get our link up all squared away.

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1 | fall-friendly cozy sweaters

like this one and this one.

i did buy this one and it looked terrrrrible on me. just terrible. it's getting returned.

2 | i think i'm addicted to booties

you may have seen that i treated myself to these booties for my birthday...and i've worn them EVERYWHERE with EVERYTHING since. they were the only shoes i brought to atlanta and i wore them for family pictures on wednesday with a little dress. which makes me think...i should probably get an additional style...so i don't wear them out! i have my eye on a couple of pair -

these...at nearly $500 i won't be getting them until they are at least 75% off. and these...these are on my wish to own but i'm sure i never will. why do i only like shoes that are $500+?

3 | decorate our bedroom

yep...we've been in our house for over three years and i have yet to quasi-decorate our bedroom. i mean, sure, we have a few random pictures on the walls and some mismatched furniture...it kind of works. but i'd really like to repaint, buy a tufted headboard (eh-hum...the one below)

and our pottery barn chair (we bought used on craig's list) desperately needs a new cover. i'm loving this harbor blue. slip covers. slip covers save our lives out here on the farm.

4 | spoil my gals

i have a serious problem when it comes to spoiling my best gals. i have about 203984 things in my shopping cart right now, but here are just a few...
top row - 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
middle row - 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
bottom row - 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
5 | random purchases

and then there are always those little bits and bobs that just seems to chip away at the budget...chip chip chip. like how a straightener i've been using for five years (which was originally given to me by my hair stylist's friend...used) finally died. RIP. this wouldn't be a big deal, but i wear my hair straight every day now. time for a new one. this is the one i purchased. i've heard great things like easy on the hair and minimize damage. wish my tender hair luck.
and that's where our money went this month. bye bye boob job. hello headboard and hair straightener.

but luckily, oh hey, friday! is absolutely free. so link up below!


  1. My Farmer and I have been talking about goals too and how we need to be saving saving saving! And I'm like, yes... Oh look at those shoes or I gotta have that sweater. I've restrained myself a little bit need to do so a whole lot. Farming is expensive!! And so is shopping. Haha. :) Happy Friday!

  2. The chunky sweater. The boots. The kids clothes. THE HEADBOARD. Need, need, need.

    Shoot. We can save money when we're dead....errrr....something like that.

  3. I'm pretty sure that I might have just killed all our landscaping during the renovation because I turned off the water. You're telling me that's going to cost me a boob job to fix??? Oops.............. I'm sure my neighbors hate us. I'll have to bribe them with Christmas goodies.

  4. I never even think to look at Banana Republic the majority of the time. And then you go posting the cutest BR stuff. And then I can't get off of their site.

    So...thanks! ;)

  5. Oh saving! It has me all kinds of sad. We're trying to save too and it is no fun, especially at Target!

  6. I love how you slipped boob job right in the middle so casually. haha I personally think all mommas who have nursed multiple babies should have a special fund set aside just for that! Home improvements...and just decorating in general...why does it all have to cost so much?!!

  7. Love that headboard! That straightener looks awesome! Mine is probably 5 or so years old so I'm just waiting for the moment when it bites the dust and I have to tell my hubby I've got to go get a new one

  8. Save? That is a word? I cannot save money, even if my life depended on it. Luckily my honey is the saver! Loving that tufted headboard!! I love that boob job is on your list, its on mine too! LOL Have a great weekend!

  9. OMG I know. Trying to save is the worst and we try so hard. But there are always those crazy things that come up like dental cleaning for the dog or regular things like new shoes for the kiddos. Love you headboard and love your honesty about wanting a boob job! Ever since having kids I have definitely toyed with the idea. It would be nice to have perky pregnant boobs all the time! I consider that self-improvement and it's just as important as home improvement! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Annie- All Things Big and Small

  10. Boob job hahah! That's on my list too and my husband said, sure if you can save the money for it you can have it. Because he knows I love to shop and saving is not so much fun so pretty much will happen in 30 years.

  11. I contend that the boob job is still feasible. I mean, they don't actually cost THAT much in terms of major surgery :p

  12. I'm so with you on the boob job. Just when I think they can't look any worse... they do. As soon as I am finished breast-feeding (which won't be for A WHILE since we aren't done having kids), I am getting one. Budget be damned.

  13. With not technically "working" (part time at baby gap does me more harm than terms of making money) its SO hard to save!

  14. Go for the slip cover! I desperately want to re-do our bedroom, but can justify it until the kitchen is done [and paid for].

  15. I totally understand spending money on the minis in your life instead of yourself..since thats where all my money seems to go. I tell myself I'll buy myself a little treat here or there then I spy something adorable for my daughter and poof..there goes mamas treat!

    ps-jealous of the boob job in the making ;)

  16. Nothing can make me want to give money away faster than fall clothes. Nothing.


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