October 30, 2015

oh hey, friday! | holiday card edition!

oh mercy. i have problems. not real problems, but problems nonetheless.

i've become mildly obsessed with the holidays...and more specifically -  designing holiday cards.

you guys...i've said it once and i'll say it again - i kind of feel like a fraud when i talk about designing paper goods or logos or design boards or business cards or or or...the list goes on.

i feel like a fraud because i did not go to school for any sort of design whosey-whatsy. i studied psychology in college. psychology and education. and boy do i use that every. single. day...said me never.

but as it turns out...i probably should have thought about a little graphic design schooling. i think i would have really loved it.

regardless, here i am. stumbling through it each night. and i love it.

lately i'm loving it that much more because i've been putting together little holiday card designs to show you all today!

but first...

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here's the thing...i wanted to show you all the goodies i've been working on because...i wanted to give you all the option of buying one of the designs!

here's how it's going to work - 

+ any of the designs below can be customized by me for $25. that cost includes a backer. you'll be able to select your backer (either one of the designs below) or you can select from additional designs that will be e-mailed to you once design has been purchased.

+ if none of the below designs is your cup of tea, please e-mail me! i'd be happy to design a fully custom holiday card! a custom card is priced between $35 - $45. (includes digital files only.)

+ i have five spots remaining for customized cards! if you haven't had family pictures taken yet, don't worry! you can reserve your spot with payment, then once your pictures are in, send them my way and i'll get to work!

+ e-mail me to reserve your spot!

1 | buffalo check

this one. this buffalo check card is my FAVORITE and i'll more than likely end up using it for our holiday card this year. i think it looks awesome with a black and white picture.
 2 | fa la la la la

you don't want your card to say fa la la la la? that's okay. i can totally change it to say...anything. happy holidays? merry and bright? joy to the world? anything.

also, how do you feel about the golden-yellow color? love it? hate it? i can change that too.
3 | joy

if simple and clean is your cup of tea, then this is your cup of card? then this is your card. again, the colors can be easily adjusted to suit your likes!
4 | holiday wreath

awww...look at my two best gals! i bet your family picture would look super cute there too!
5 | ummm...link up! yes! do it, just below!
(and don't forget to e-mail me with your orders! 
remember...i'm only taking five more! then i'm all booked up!)


  1. Ohh I really like that buffalo check card! What's turn around time? We're getting photos done soon but I'm not sure when they'll be ready. :))

  2. Oh hey, designing goddess---these are AWESOME!

  3. I love that gray one!! Friend, you are so talented! When you post your designs, I realize I have ZERO DESIGN SKILLS... but so thankful you do!!!!

  4. cute cards! I need to get looking at them because with my sleep deprived mama brain, I know christmas will be here like, tomorrow.

  5. The buffalo check and the joy cards are perfection. Love them both. And love your family photos on them. That photo of Kaye and Sawyer? I mean. Stop.

  6. You probably use that psychology and education degree every day! Mine is in education too and when my mom complains about me not teaching I tell her that I'm using the info to raise my kid. It helps!

  7. Hey there-I use my Criminal Justice and Psychology degrees EVERYDAY. Not! Oh well. It's great to find something that you enjoy and are passionate about. Your cards are awesome! Would I have them printed or do you do that?
    As always, thanks for hosting the linkup.

  8. OMG! Those cards are all amazing!! I use my elementary education degree every day while raising my children though I'm still wondering when there will be a class in college that teaches patience. Ha ha!

  9. I love these cards! We already have our Christmas Cards ready and I can't wait to send them out.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  10. All these cards are cute but I think that my favorite is fa la la la la. Such a cute family, you have. :)

  11. How do you choose they are all so gorgeous!?!

  12. These are beautiful but my favorite is the fa-la-la-la-la. Beautiful color palette.

  13. AMAZING!!! These are such cool designs friend, can't wait to get started on ours x


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