October 01, 2015

get your jealous pants on - i'm going to meet a blogging celebrity.

hey ladies, hey! happy october!

here's what's going on in my house right this moment...

+ sawyer is screaming her head off in her crib. i have no idea why. she should have been asleep two hours ago. i've been in there a trillion times. i've held her. i've cuddled her. i've read her books. i sang her songs. someone save me.

+ all i ever wanted was to grab that nutella jar again and bury myself in it so that i don't have to hear her cry any more.

+ aaaaand...i quickly snazzied up a new oh hey, friday! fall themed button for us! yay! we can't have our buttons looking all summery. eww.

you love? i love. i love paisley. i love fall colors. i love oh hey, friday! so don't forget to head back here tomorrow to get your post all linked up!

+ and lastly...drumroll please...

i get to meet my very first blogging celebrity!

ummm...hello! this is so so rad. i mean...i live in idaho. never did i think i would ever meet another blogger outside of this state. but i am. i'm on my way to atlanta to attend a little blogger mixer thingy-thing-whosy-whatsy-this-and-that. what i'm really hoping is that it will allow me to pick the brains of some like-minded gals who run small businesses of their own! very excited. 

but beyond that...i'm meeting up with jessica who is the lovely face behind the newly

see what i mean! blogging celebrity! we have big things planned like brunching without children. it should be a super memorable experience. warm coffee. warm food. food not on my clothing in public. you know...the little things. 

so yay! jealous pants, everyone. jealous pants. it's not too often i take solo trips!

see you on friday for oh hey, friday! with your brand new fall button!


  1. I love Jessica. I just bought some stuff from Pearl and Monroe!

  2. Love her!!! You ladies will have so much fun!! Can't wait to read about it. :) you will be only a few hours from me. Sure you can't come to North Carolina while on this side of the country?

  3. I love her!!! She's so cute! (Although I did want to cry when she lost all her baby weight in like 4 weeks) Have fun!!! You make me miss blogging.

  4. I love the new button! I think it's my favourite one yet, can't wait to use it tomorrow! :)

  5. Safe travels, and oh to go on a solo trip...what dreams are made of.

  6. Oh how fun!! Have a great time!

  7. So excited about two things in this post. One: the new button which I will using tomorrow because, fall! And two: GETTING TO SEE YOU IN PERSON (which I will also be sharing tomorrow!!!) Girl. I am so ready for some adults only brunching - still searching for a mimosa friendly location:) Can't wait!

  8. So exciting! Have a good timr! The fall button is super cute!

  9. You and Jess together! My blog faves teaming up. Oh goodness. Love it!!!

  10. Oh, you are SO lucky! The Newly is one of my favorite blogs-I read Every.Single.Post! I hope you'll post all about your meet and greet:) By the way, cute new fall button!!

  11. Have a blast!! I'm totally jealous of your adventure... and getting to meet Jessica! So let me live vicariously through you? Deal? Deal.

  12. WHAT! Two of my favorite girls in one spot! Color me jealous!


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