October 22, 2015

all about my farmer

you guys...my farmer. he's got personality for days.

he's super funny.

super...what's the word...he's a smart ass.

he can definitely be a know-it-all...because sometimes he really does know it all.

he's kind.

he's extremely generous...it used to drive me crazy.

and he's my farmer. but let's get to know him better...mmmmk?

+ my farmer grew up in a smaaaaaalllll town. his high school graduating class was nine.

+ my farmer was homecoming and prom king...and student body president. but remember...nine. nine kids in his class.

+ my farmer was in future homemakers of america in high school...to be closer to food and girls.

+ my farmer attended the university of idaho and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. we met in boise...when i had no clue of his aspirations to become a farmer. i'm not sure he knew he was going to be a farmer at that point either.

+ my farmer ran 30 miles when he turned 30. he said it was one of the most painful experiences of his life. he said it felt like his knees had exploded. this picture was captured at mile 26. his friend rode support the entire way.

+ my farmer survives on candy. you guys. i've never seen anyone consume sweets like my farmer can. if you ask any of his buddies in college what my farmer ate...they'll respond with candy.

+ in college my farmer was saran wrapped to the pole of a sorority house on his 21st birthday.
+ my farmer is super good looking. just thought i'd throw that in there. and he's an epic dancer. nothing is off limits. at his cousin's wedding they had an unchoreographed dance...and they killed it.

+ one time my farmer was picked up by escorts while hitchhiking. he gave them his friend's number as a joke. this friend...

these two also think it's awesome to never smile normally for a picture.

+ and super sappy - my guy. my farmer. he's the best. best daddy. best farmer. he's just the best.


  1. Precious post Karli! He is a handsome dude and he's lucky he found such an adorable girl.

  2. This is such a sweet post Karli! :) I love it!

  3. SO sweet! You're obviously still very smitten with him -- as it should be in marriage, right?! Love hearing more about your other half, husbands usually get the short end of the stick on our blogs huh?

  4. Oh how fun! Loved learning more about your farmer! :))

  5. Cute! Love the peek into the "Farmer". Also...Go VANDALS!

  6. NINE! I've never met anyone with a smaller class size than me, I had 32 in my class :)

  7. I thought he took home ec. Because of the teacher?! Always been a fan of "farmer" and farmers friends. . . Small town Idaho at its finest there!

  8. I just love you two. Your pictures make me smile:) I think it's super sweet that you adore your farmer so much, and know that he must feel the very same way about you.

  9. What a sweet post! You guys are totally adorable!

  10. That first picture is everything! I always thought that the Turtle got her sass from you, BUT NO. She gets it from both of you!! Those dance pictures are amazing! What a great sport!!


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