September 11, 2015

oh hey, friday! | family pictures + fitness challenge, etc.

happy friday!

things are good here. our family feels complete because it's reached a solid level of chaos again.

you see...we dropped kaye off with her nana and grandpa (in mccall...three hours away) on saturday...and i swear they were planning on keeping her. they looooove kaye, and kaye loves them. it helps that she's usually on her very best behavior for them. it also helps that i rarely hear them tell her no. she's basically the princessy-princess in their eyes.

so as i was saying, they had her from saturday - thursday...and the house was just a little too quiet.

however, bitty thrived. she napped like a champion. she learned to walk. she played all by herself for long strings of time. maybe bitty should have been an only child? well...that's just not in the cards, now is it...bitty? get on down off your high-horse.

but guess what...amidst all the chaos...

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M Y  F I V E

that's right. i'm about it get back on the tone it up bandwagon and get in on their fit for fall challenge. it's just so damn motivating when they are sending you e-mails every 27 seconds telling you to get your beautiful self moving. they use words like glow and sexy and and...i don't care if they are talking to thousands of women...i like it. but the tone it up gals are doing one better - this challenge is for charity! that's fun. read all about it HERE! #charitychallenge

so...our family // sawyer's 1 year pictures are scheduled and i'm sweating about how to make our family look perfectly imperfect. you know what i mean. i've blown it every year so i've got that going for us. luckily, this year, i reached out to ashley because she has incredible style (her little waverly is always dressed to perfection) and she was sooooo kind to pick out outfits for my girls. but before she did that, i had put together a little board of what i thought would look good...and as it turns out, it doesn't. i think maybe i should wear something different. that oyster colored sweater is going to do NOTHING for me. 
all this to say, i'm glad i threw this board together or i would have failed for the third year in a row.

hello namedropping. it's what i'm all about. regardless...i'm here to give her some shout-outs. the reason? well...i sat in on her little hugely attended webinar last week and it basically rocked my socks. there's a reason she's a killer blogger. girlfriend knows what she's talking about. 
well, she's doing another webinar all about instagram and i got in on the action...and i think you should too! i mean, really...we're all looking for the next angle when it comes to running a successful blog and growth. and let's be real here - sponsoring and group giveaways are only going to get us so far. so now, i'm giving this a shot - 
INSTAGRAM FOR SUCCESS. <-------check it out.

i think it's safe to say that i am probably the least likely person to ever be interested in anything motorcycle related. i'm just not that into it. but one day...i hopped on the treadmill...and i realized i didn't have a new series to watch. (i had just finished weeds.) sons of anarchy popped up as a suggestion and i thought, "why not?" i watched the first episode and i was hooked. not like...binge watching-hooked, but hooked enough to want to watch the next episode the next time i'm working out. highly recommend - plus that jax is so. damn. hot. add it to your list.



  1. YAY for the fitness challenge!! I need to get back on that bandwagon... but being out of our house while renovating is really cramping my style. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself to justify my lame-o non-exercising self.

  2. I'm so excited for Helene's Instagram e-course too! Also, I'm loving the looks for your fall family photos. I feel like every photo session you have with your farmer and the gals is beyond perfect though!

  3. Thanks for hosting the party. My birthday is this month too. Love the fitness challenge, I need to work on that!

  4. OMG SOA!!! I, like you, was also one to say I would NEVER be into anything motorcycle related but then I started watching Sons of Anarchy on a whim and now have dreams of running away to join a biker gang with Jax. Jax! That man and all those booty shots in that show! Have fun!

    PS: I finished the final season in June and still feel like I have a SOA hangover. I am thinking of starting all over and re-watching it again. Obsessed.

  5. You might not be binge watching hooked to SOA yet but you will be! That was one of our favorite shows ever!

  6. I am currently watching sons of anarchy too! I kept putting it off when everyone was telling me to watch it as it didn't seem like my type of show but I am glad I gave it a chance. I am slowly running out of tv series boo!

  7. I love Sons of Anarchy! I binge watched it though. I was sooo hooked. Tori:

  8. I like the choices on your board! I'm with you though, what I pick for everyone to wear never usually goes well together. Hope you get it figured out!! :)

  9. omg you will LOVE sons. So so so good...and addicting. And Jax? Seriously he's so yum =)


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