September 03, 2015

gear we love for our gals

hi friends!

after yesterday's yellowstone post i received a few questions regarding the backpack we use for the girls.

i would have replied directly to the questions, but i didn't have an e-mail to respond to, so i'll just dedicate a post to -

osprey poco // bob running stroller // maxi cosi convertible car seat
if you have any other questions about any of this gear, let me know! i'm happy to help out, just e-mail me HERE.


  1. Can I ask you a question? I am having a local printing agency put together a wedding book for us, and I was trying to explain to him the layout wee wanted, which is similar to the layout style of your photos in this post. Did you use an app or program for this that he can take a look at? Thanks.

  2. Karli, thank you so much! I just realized that I am a no-reply blogger! I will have to check out the Osprey--it has such good reviews and that canopy is great! Thank you for the information on the crotch comfort factor! If it isn't comfortable she won't stay put! And we love our Bob Jogger too! We have the duallie and it is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

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