August 14, 2015

oh hey, friday! | party paper be like...

hey friday, hey.

where did the week go?

it's been another rough one.

kaye has decided that her ears don't work and it's soooooooo so hard to have patience with her.

you see...i find myself saying her name 10 times in a row calmly and then either shouting it (which doesn't work) and then finally taking her by the arm, facing her towards me and speaking to her nose to nose. it's exhausting.

why won't she just answer me when i say her name?

tell me it's a phase and she'll start listening to me like my words are the gospel truth.

but now it's friday, and everything is better on friday...even oh hey, friday! is better on friday...because it's friday.

let's get this link-up party started -

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

M Y  F I V E - P A R T Y  P A P E R

are you sick of me plugging party paper yet? i'm not! i get so excited with each and every e-mail i receive asking if i can help create a paper goodie for this or that. it's been SO FUN

1 | i got to design a birth announcement for tracy over at pineapple pete and her sweet annalee estelle.

tracy had the general idea that she wanted the arrows and the writing, and of course sent me the picture of her sweet gal. after i got the stats in place i glammed // girl-i-fied it with the sweet pink and gold.

2 | i'm working on a birthday banner, cupcake toppers and a 1st birthday t-shirt design for sarah and her little man over at life as a hughes. i can't wait to see the goodies in action. she's using the banner for his highchair. so cute!

3 | designing this 30th anniversary invitation for a gal who is planning a party for her parents later this month was so so fun. she wanted rustic // country, and i wanted it to be pretty // mature. i love the way this circular invite turned out!

4 | and of course i'm obsessed with the postcard birth announcement i put together for my sister and her reese-muff. the plan is to use the postcard as their thank-you's from the shower they had about four months ago...they should probably get

5 | which brings me to...I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! amongst various other little design projects i'm working on for friends of the blog...I WANT MORE! no seriously...

do you need help with any design goodies? we're talking invitations, custom thank you's, and basically anything that might make your party that much more special. 

i have yet to get a pricing sheet put together, but just know that my prices are what you would pay at the bargain bin. 
questions? send me an e-mail! i can't wait to work with you on your paper goodies! is the word. 


  1. GIrl - you are SO TALENTED! I designed a baby announcement ONCE for a friend... and it almost did me in... so you have MAD SKILLS. I'm totally keeping you in mind for future projects!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out girl! We loved our announcement and can't wait for you to design more for us. You are so talented!

  3. Your designs are awesome! I will definitely keep you in mind when it comes time for Cash's birthday!

  4. Working on birth announcements for our little and definitely got some inspiration here!!! :)

  5. Wow! I love your designs :) Have a great weekend!
    Waltz Me To Heaven

  6. LOVE the country/rustic 30th anniversary invite! Happy Friday! xx

  7. Girl, I am SO impressed with your talent! What you have going on right now is amazing - it all looks great! And of course, loving what you are working on for me as well;) Emailing you back soon!

    Happy Friday! Hope Kaye's ears start working soon, lol!

  8. Love, love, love your design work! I had to laugh when I read about Kaye. One time when my son was little, I was speaking right into his face after SEVERAL failed attempts to just speak normally to him. He was making weird faces and I asked him what he was doing. He said, "you're spitting in my face". Great -- proud mama moment there!

  9. oh my gosh that anniversary invitation is exactly like the decor I am hoping to pull together for Ellie's "big girl" room!! i love it

  10. I love your designs! I'm definitely going to have you help me with birth announcements once this little one arrives in December!

  11. Oh my gosh, Kaye is starting that already?! I have to make my stepdaughters repeat what I tell them to make sure that they were listening & most times, they were not. It is frustrating & I'll tell you, my girls are 17 & 13 - you have a long road ahead of ya yet. Ha!

    Have a good weekend!

  12. Love all the Party Paper designs! So cute!! :)

  13. oh i love your work! Once I nail down a theme for ahem...TWO December birthdays, I'm totally contacting you!

    And just FYI. I think the selective hearing gets worse. Not better. Ughh.

  14. These announcements are super beautiful. Love the one for the Mom and Dad Farmer. Adorable.

  15. LOVING all of these designs my friend - so so proud of you!!
    What program do you work in?

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  17. This is really nice and creative and indeed it is eager to use for my next event at local convention center. For now I need to plan out other things but after that I will definitely consider your wonderful idea.


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