July 03, 2015

oh hey, friday! | why i ran out of time to write

bad news bears this friday.

it's 10:35 pm on thursday night and my farmer and i just got home and the kids are finally in bed.

you see...our poor sawyer-muff-muff has had a fever for three days now. last night she woke up and was inconsolable and on fire. so we knew we had to take her to the doctor thursday.

i'm so so glad we did.

my gal had her very first ear infection. kaye has never had one, so i had no clue what the signs were.

long story longer - we snagged her prescription. we snagged some dinner. now it's too late to write a decent five.

but i hope you were able to throw something together!

you know the drill...

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  1. I knew something must of happen. I kept looking for the link. Ear infections are no joke. Take care of your baby. Take care of yourself and remember...Family First!!! Have a GREAT weekend and Happy 4th of July!! ~Lowanda

  2. Hope she feels better for both her sake and yours. So hard to see someone you love, especially a little one, in pain!

  3. I hope she feels better soon!

  4. I am so sorry sweet friend - our little EN has had a double middle ear infection this week! I know the raging fevers and screaming pain all too well x

  5. Oh no! Ear infections are so awful, I hope she is feeling better!


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